The Best Summer Jewelry for this Year

If you are having fun in the sun or just want to feel fabulous while enjoying a summer night out and about, this warmer season is undoubtedly the number one season and reason for fashion and jewelry. And just like summer, jewelry can be warm, colorful, fun, and bright. The perfect piece of jewelry can enhance any new bathing suit or complement your favorite summer ensemble.  

A person of color wearing hoop earrings.

What's Trending?

Say goodbye to that worn-out winter wardrobe and hello to the summer wear of 2022. It's time to put on a fun outfit and head to your favorite summer hotspot. But we can't leave home without the addition of your favorite jewelry to bring your look to the next level. Let's look at what types of summer jewelry will be hot this summer.

Bright and Colorful 

Bright and colorful pieces have always been a summer hit. Bright colors are an excellent way to add vibrance and personality to a summer look, and they can amp up a neutral monotone outfit and even add more zing to an already classic summer look.

You can go dramatic and dazzle with oversized statement pieces or highlight detail with more delicate, simple jewelry. Colorfully beaded jewelry looks great with a summer outfit, too, such as colored quartz necklaces and brilliantly colored stacked bracelets with a raw, organically tinted beauty. 


The most outstanding aspect of wearing simple jewelry is you are the focus, and this minimalist style of jewelry will never overcomplicate an outfit or weigh you down. Simple can be just a tiny touch of detail to a piece that makes a big statement with minimal effort. 

When keeping it simple, you can't really go wrong. A perfectly executed gold chain with a small charm or pendant can change your entire appearance. Wearing a simple stacked ring or bracelet will add something special to your look. Perhaps even put on a simplistic set of stud earrings that give you personality without being overdramatic. Dramatic and complex can be great, but it usually also means heavy and hot, so summer is the right time for more simple lighter jewelry. 

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Gold and Silver

When are gold and silver not appropriate when referring to jewelry? These precious metals have and always will symbolize wealth, power, opulence, and beauty. A unique but straightforward gold necklace can reflect the light from the sun into a rainbow of colors. A bangle dipped in 24k silver can shine just as bright like a diamond. 

Gold and Silver jewelry is classic and still popular today all year round. Not as well known is Rose gold, which has an aura of warmth that's perfect for summer. Its soft pink and golden tones give the feeling of a summer day coming to an end as the sun quietly sets in the west. 

Two simple gold rings.

Medallion Necklaces

Medallion necklaces are a classic style that can be worn during any season, but especially during the summer, as it creates an easy and effortless style that you can dress up or dress down.  You can choose from various medallions that match your mood, personality, or spiritual sense of life, and it’s entirely up to you.

You can choose a variety of medallion or pendant necklaces. There is always something for everyone, from sunbursts to dreamers to boho-themed

Feel free to wear these medallion necklaces by themselves or layer them with other delicate chains to create a wispy look for the summer. 

Charm Necklaces

There are so many different options to choose from with charm necklaces.  To start, you will want to decide whether you are in the mood for gold or silver.  Take, for example, our Love Lock Charm Necklace.  

The charm necklace comes in gold or silver and has a beautiful heart-shaped clasp to hold it together.  You can choose from various charms and then wear them by themselves or layer them with other necklaces.  

You can keep adding different charms as events happen throughout your life or simply keep changing the charms to match your mood and style. 

If you want to make your style more eclectic, then feel free to mix and match gold with silver and create a more edgy look!


Nature has it all, spectacular colors, the intoxicating beauty, and so many different shapes to attract the eye. Wearing natural jewelry in the summer has gained popularity again since its decline after the 70s. Necklaces, rings, and bracelets can be made from almost any natural material, and sometimes they are made with shells, wood, stones, and even bone

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Natural-looking beads are currently as hot as the summer can be, and their jewelry-making possibilities are seemingly endless. This type of stringed jewelry can also include pearls and crystals that people might wear for a significant reason. 

Hemp fiber is also a versatile material used for much summery jewelry. Hemp has long-lasting durability and can be used in high-quality jewelry and the more casual hemp cord pieces we often see on the beach. 

The tank tops and tube tops come out during the summer, and we bear our shoulders to the warming summer sun.  Summer is the perfect time to bring out layers of color to go with vibrant tops and summer dresses.   There are endless opportunities to experiment with new styles and different colored necklaces.

Getting away from the typical solid golds and silvers can be fun and give a sense of freshness to your wardrobe. Sprinkling in colors of raspberry into the mix or sporting a multi-color necklace adds playfulness to your summer wardrobe.3

Ocean Inspired

When you think of summer, you think of warmer weather. You think of lazy days spent by the pool. Or long walks along the ocean shore. Since so much of our summer is spent around sand and water, it should be no surprise that ocean-inspired jewelry starts trending every June. 

There are many options when looking for ocean-inspired jewelry, including but not limited to shell and pearl jewelry. Pearls have always been a chic way to add a natural but luxurious look to any outfit. Complete your favorite summer blouse with a pair of mermaid tear earrings made of sea glass. And perhaps a complimentary pink pearl necklace to feel as beautiful and unique as the sea. 

Body Jewelry

Body jewelry is a fun summer trend that compliments any bathing suit, especially bikinis. You can use body jewelry to add final touches of elegance to certain outfits as well and create a fun and flirty look that goes a long way.  

For example, jewelry such as belly chains and anklets can create an instantly eye-catching piece and bring that subtle glimmer to set off your outfit against the sun.

Bracelets Stacks

Many women love the stacked bracelet style, and we love it too!  You can stack bracelets however you would like, or you can buy a set of bracelets already inspired by the stacked bracelet trend. 

If you want to stack your own bracelets, a good starting point is to find a focal or centerpiece that you want to add additional pieces on top of.  Once you’ve decided on your focal point piece, you can then add gold-beaded bracelets or even a charm bracelet to bring out your unique personality and style.

If you prefer thinner jewelry when stacking, you are wide open to add as many as you would like.  Remember that you shouldn’t cover up more than one-third of your forearm.


Bold-colored gemstones are perfect for summer, such as amber-colored or rose quartz. Blues and greens are a good choice, like radiant turquoise and aquamarine. Gemstones tend to sparkle under the shining rays of sunlight and add luxury to a chic summertime suit. 

You can choose a glamorous pair of drop or dangle earrings adorned with your favorite gemstone (August's birthstone is peridot) for summer elegance and luxe. There are also various styles of gemstone bracelets and necklaces that come in a wide range of shapes and colors. Freshwater pearls in jewelry making are also quite popular in summer, and people often seek out gemstones and naturally occurring stones that are inspired by life and nature.

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What Type of Jewelry Shouldn't You Wear in the Summer Heat?

There are no set rules in summer fashion. Dress and accessorize as you please. Choose which jewelry is right for you and looks perfect with your style. However, here are some tips on what not to wear while enjoying the summer heat:

  • Don't overdo it! Layers of necklaces and bracelets look great in summer, but too many layers can weigh you down and become uncomfortable in the heat.
  • Chokers. Chokers can actually improve the look of a summer sundress. However, making sure the material is breathable is so essential. Don't sweat and irritate your skin!
  • Bigger is not better. In summer, size does matter. It's okay to go big, but you don't want to tip the scale. You want light, breezy jewelry on you and, most importantly, comfortably sized. 
  • Try not to bring expensive precious gems to your summer outing. There are some great expensive-looking pieces without all the risk of losing a real gold diamond ring on an open sandy beach. 

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Summer jewelry trends can become timeless ones. Flaunt the fiercest necklaces, adorn shining eye-catching bracelets, and shine as bright as the sun. Use a unique earring set to perfectly accompany any warm summery wardrobe and keep that playful, carefree vibe throughout the year. 

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