Cobalt Blue: 6 Fashion Trends You'll Love in 2023

Pantone's Viva Magenta might be the color of the year, but cobalt blue is the name of the game when it comes to color this year. It's subtle enough that you can wear it on any occasion yet bright enough to help you stand out. This deep blue works for those who love color and even those who are timid about it. 

So how do you pull cobalt blue together with the hottest trends of 2023? Keep reading to find out!

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1. Sheer Clothing

Sheer clothing is becoming more and more popular. People are also wearing sheer clothing in increasingly creative ways. 

This opens up a ton of different options that work with cobalt blue. You can throw on a cobalt blue crop top underneath a sheer shirt. Or, you can throw on that same crop top and a pair of cobalt blue shorts underneath a sheer dress. 

In either case, cobalt blue works really well with sheer clothing. It is bright enough to shine through and impart some of its color into the overall outfit. This makes it unlike some other options, which tend to look like shadows when worn under sheer pieces.  

2. Cargo Pants

Right now, baggy pants, specifically baggy cargo pants, are in style. Part of this comes from K-pop fashion, where baggy pants give singers more maneuverability in dancing. Part of it comes from a focus on more comfortable clothing that still looks good. Another part of it comes from the fact that cargo pants are very utilitarian and helpful for holding things. No matter the reason, the end result is the same, cargo pants are in. 

You can mesh this with the cobalt blue trend by simply wearing cobalt blue cargo pants. These can be the foundation of many incredible looks. You can wear them with a baggy sweatshirt to maximize the comfort and carefree nature of the outfit. Or, you can wear them with a tight crop top for a sleek and stylish contrast. Whatever you end up pairing them with, just make sure the color of the top pairs well with blue

3. Maxi Skirts

Maxi skirts are in for the season as a whole. They have the sleek elegance of a long dress and look great because of this. However, they are also far more practical, as they are low-maintenance and often have pockets. Overall, they end up being a great mix of style and practicality. 

With a cobalt blue maxi skirt, you are ready to stun those around you. Skirts like these pair well with simple white tops. So, you can simply find your favorite blouse from your closet and throw it on with your new skirt. If you match this look with some elegant jewelry, you will end up looking like a true fashion star.  

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Woman wearing denim dress walking up stairs


4. Reimagined Denim

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Denim is a versatile material that can be used in a number of different outfits. Whether you're wearing some denim jeans or going for a bold denim vest, you can find something you like. Denim is also coming back in style in 2023. 

You can pair denim pants with a cobalt blue top to create a bold blue look. Or, you can look for denim that is cobalt blue itself, as denim is available in a wide variety of colors these days. In either case, it isn't difficult to make this style work. 

With denim, it is important to note that it is destined to fall out of fashion at some point in the future. This is the nature of the fashion cycle, as denim has often cycled from popular to unpopular over and over again. Because of this, we suggest picking denim pieces that will remain practical past the current season. By doing so, you won't be worried about wasting them when trends change again. 

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5. Daytime Shine

In 2023, people want to shine and shimmer. This is why outfits with sparkles and outfits with metallic shimmer to them are growing more popular. 

You can leverage this to work perfectly with cobalt blue pieces. This is primarily because metallic silver looks amazing alongside cobalt blue. A silver top with blue bottoms or a blue top with silver bottoms will end up looking incredible. This is true whether you're wearing pants, a skirt, shorts, or whatever else you want to wear. 

There are even ways to make cobalt blue shine on its own. There are a number of cobalt blue dresses or jumpsuits with a certain degree of shine. These are a great way to stun anyone and everyone who sees you. 

While doing all of this, make sure you consider how your outfit pairs with jewelry. You want to wear pieces that still shine but don't outshine the outfit itself. 

6. Color Pairings

Part of the appeal of cobalt blue is the fact that it goes well alongside a number of different colors. This is because cobalt blue is a brighter shade of blue, so it works with more outfits than other colors like navy. 

In particular, it ends up working really well with bright colors. These include yellow, pink, orange, silver, and white. However, it also works well with darker colors. These include black, other shades of blue, and the popular Viva Magenta. 

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In fact, cobalt blue works with so many colors that it may be easier to make a list of the colors it doesn't work with. Colors that don't work well with cobalt blue tend to be colors that are different yet have blue undertones to them. For example, greens with blue in them, like turquoise, tend to look a little off when paired with blue. Similarly, some browns can be like this as well. 

However, for the most part, cobalt blue pairs with a lot. You can experiment with different items from your closet and find something that works for you. 

Making Cobalt Blue Work

Cobalt blue is a trend all on its own and, because of this, will allow you to stand out whenever you wear it. However, cobalt blue works well with a variety of other trends. Because of this, you can take advantage of unique styles and be a true fashionista throughout 2023. 

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