5 Best Jewelry Brands for Teens [2022]

While you could give your teenager makeup or skincare items, jewelry is really a gift they will love. Jewelry is a great gift whether you are a teenager or a teen at heart. These brands showcase the best styles that teens will love. Plus, the price tag will not break the bank. If you are ready to give something special to that teenager, here are the five best jewelry brands that your teen will love. 

#1 - LaCkore Couture

Erin LaCkore took her hobby of jewelry making and turned it into a passion. Every piece of jewelry in the line adheres to those traditional artistic qualities. If you want a piece that is a true work of dedicated craftsmanship, then make sure to check out LaCkore Couture’s products. You can purchase handmade pieces of jewelry, fully inspected by team members - all delivered straight to your door. LaCkore Couture understands that every teenager is unique. Therefore, their pieces are created for every personality, from big and bold to demure and dainty.  

teens want brands that focus on their values


LaCkore Couture celebrates the style of everyone. Many teen brands just focus on the latest craze, but LaCkore Couture is one of the most fashion-forward and on-trend brands. Whether you choose rings, necklaces, earrings, or bracelets, these handcrafted jewelry pieces will make your teen the center of attention. Teenagers deserve to wear fabulous jewelry that extends beyond those bargain items. When you want to choose an exceptional piece for your teen, make sure to visit LaCkore Couture. 

Do you want to give a special present to your teenager? At LaCkore Couture, we have an extensive line of products, including rings and necklaces. Visit our shop today!

#2 - Mejuri

Mejuri is another excellent brand for teens. Many of these pieces resemble some of the more expensive pieces on the market but at half the price. This jewelry brand focuses on self-expression. They work with a master jeweler to create pieces that embody the style of their clients. These pieces are meant to be worn daily. 

Since 2020, the company has committed to working with various women’s groups worldwide to give them the tools and resources to become leaders. For Mejuri, sustainability is the key. All of their jewelry pieces are crafted from sustainable materials. Often, they use recycled gold to craft their pieces. With that, the company wants to reduce its impact on the environment. Mejuri carries all types of items, from rings to charms. If you have a teenager who wants ethically sourced jewelry, you may want to look at the product line from Mejuri. 

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#3 - BaubleBar 

Your teenager would love a gift from BaubleBar. This fast-fashion jewelry company has an extensive line of accessories that come at reasonable prices. This brand has been featured in several high-profile magazines. Even a few celebrities have been seen wearing their items. If your teen loves Disney movies or NFL teams, then you may want to choose a gift for their product line. 

BaubleBar has launched major partnerships with those companies to produce jewelry based on those intellectual properties. In the shop, you will find one-of-a-kind items. Teens love to accessorize, and BaubleBar is there to help. This line was created for those who love the look and prestige of jewelry. Fine jewelry does not have to cost a fortune; its pieces are beautiful and affordable for every budget. BaubleBar prides itself on creating jewelry for everyone. 


give the gift of jewelry to your teen


#4 - Frasier Sterling

This jewelry brand is known for being a trend-driven company that creates affordable pieces. Teenagers are not looking for those traditional jewelry styles but want something more funky and personalized. This company offers plenty of custom pieces, often setting them apart from other brands. Individuality and self-expression are essential to Frasier Sterling and its customers. Over the past years, these jewelry pieces have been worn by celebrities and trendsetters across the globe. Like the other brand, Frasier Sterling is female-owned and -operated. This brand focuses on the Gen Z value of self-love, confidence, and kindness. With every piece, Frasier Sterling hopes to lead by those values. 

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#5 - Catbird

Finally, you may want to treat your teen to some jewelry from Catbird. This line works with some of the world’s best jewelry makers. But that is not all. The company also designs and creates its own designs in the exclusive Catbird line. They are dedicated to making resources that will look great and last for many years. Catbird wants your teens to wear their unique gifts daily. If your teen worries about the impact of the jewelry-making prices, Catbird uses only ethically sourced gold and conflict-free stones. All of the pieces are designed and created in a Brooklyn-based studio. Like the other brands, Catbird has also received national press about its exquisite line of necklaces, rings, bracelets, and earrings. 

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Give Your Teen the Gift of Jewelry

Whether your teen wants something colorful or loud or dainty and simple, these brands have a great selection of items. Many of these companies focus on creating exceptional pieces that will not cost a lot of money. Today, teenagers want to patronize smaller companies

Along with that, they search for brands that focus on similar obligations and values as them. These companies understand the needs of the next generation by committing to using conflict-free stones and gold in their products. Also, they are making sure the proceeds go back into the hands of the artists and craftspeople. If you want to truly bring a smile to your teenager’s face, purchase jewelry from one of these five fantastic brands. 

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