Best Ring Materials for Everyday Wear

Whether you're trying to find the best material for your engagement ring, wedding ring, or just a lovely ring you'll want to wear every day; you will have to consider your lifestyle, work, and personal preferences in the choice of metal. Here, we'll discuss the various properties (including durability) and benefits of some of the most popular metals used in ring making.

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Of all the metals used for rings, gold is the most popular. It is a classic choice, especially for wedding and engagement rings. Gold comes in levels of purity from 24-carat gold (100% pure) down to 9-carat gold (37.5% pure). It is available as yellow gold - its most true color, but also as white gold and rose gold. Since pure gold is too soft and malleable to make jewelry, it is mixed (alloyed) with other metals to lend strength. Some of these metals are copper, platinum, nickel, zinc, or silver. These mixtures can also alter the color of gold, which is how we obtain white and rose gold.

For an everyday wear ring, 14-carat gold is strong and durable. Keep in mind that if you choose a gold ring, it will require cleaning and maintenance. And if you choose white gold, it must be re-Rhodium-plated every year to maintain its bold white color. 


  • Classic metal
  • Available in other colors
  • Easy to maintain
  • Tarnish resistant
  • Easy for jewelry making


Platinum is one of the rarest, most precious metals in the world. It has several industrial uses besides jewelry making, including dentistry equipment, catalytic converters, and laboratory equipment. Platinum isn't a single metal - it is a part of the group of six metals called the platinum group, which includes platinum, ruthenium, rhodium, palladium, iridium, and osmium.  

Platinum is dense and less malleable than gold, making it less susceptible to scratches and other damage than higher-quality gold. Your platinum ring will likely hold the setting far longer than a gold ring that might require re-tipping on the prongs over time. This means your precious stones will be safe in a platinum setting or with platinum prongs. Platinum rings are prone to little scratches that produce the ‘patina effect.’ This is when your ring takes on a slightly greyish, antique look. While many people love the look and allow it to continue, you may prefer that a jeweler re-polish it to restore the original smooth shine. 

This noble metal is one of the most expensive you'll find, but the longevity of jewelry made with it makes it well worth the investment. 

Unlike gold, when platinum is polished, it does not lose any metal. When gold is polished, you will lose a little of the metal every time.


  • Hypoallergenic
  • Strong and rare
  • Valuable
  • No plating required

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Don't let the fact that silver is one of the most affordable metals on the market today cause you to discount it for your ring. Silver was once more valuable than gold, and is still one of the oldest precious metals used for jewelry-making. In its purest state, it is too soft to make into jewelry, so we mix it will copper and other metals.

As attractive as silver is, it requires some upkeep. Silver jewelry is prone to tarnish and gets scratched easily. Your silver ring will look amazing, but you must keep it in a tarnish-preventive bag and clean and polish it often.


  • Affordable
  • Attractive
  • Durable

Tungsten Carbide

Have you heard of tungsten? Tungsten carbide is a durable metal that is even stronger than titanium. It is mixed with nickel, carbon, or titanium to create this amazingly scratch-resistant and inexpensive choice for wedding rings. Tungsten is hard (really hard), making it easy to maintain and tarnish-resistant, but it is also brittle. Your tungsten ring could become damaged if dropped or hit on a hard surface.  

If you opt for a tungsten ring, be careful of the sizing. These super-strong rings are typically difficult to resize or bend. 


  • Four times as hard as titanium and ten times as hard as 18-carat gold
  • Durable
  • Long-lasting
  • Perfect for the active man
  • Available in black, silver-grey, and rose
  • Low maintenance


If you want to make a statement about the strength of your union, you might want a titanium ring. Titanium is durable, strong, attractive, and, best of all, it’s affordable. This light grey metal has a smooth, polished shine or a brushed matte effect. Titanium's masculine look and feel makes it a favorite for men's wedding bands

Like tungsten, a ring made of titanium is so strong that it won't easily break or bend. It’s perfect for the more active person who is looking for a durable metal that requires little maintenance. Also, similar to tungsten, a titanium ring can't be resized.


  • Long-wearing
  • Unique appearance
  • Heat and impact-resistant
  • Low maintenance


Cobalt Chrome is another popular choice for men or women who love the bold statement this metal makes. Cobalt is corrosion and scratch-resistant, and it won’t bend. Despite that, it is lightweight and easy to wear. Cobalt is bright white, unlike titanium and tungsten's grey tones, making it look similar to white gold or platinum. It is also available as black metal. 


  • Hypoallergenic
  • Affordable
  • Low maintenance

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Best Material for Your Everyday Ring

Choosing the right material for your everyday ring is essential. Depending on your lifestyle and work habits, you may need a material that is exceptionally durable, lightweight, or corrosion-resistant. Think about your budget, how much time or expense you want to invest in maintenance, and finally, how important tradition is to you. If this ring is for making a bold statement with its color or finish, there are several metals that will do the trick. However, if a classic look appeals to you - gold or silver are always great options.  

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