Really Unique Gift Ideas For Hipsters!

A hipster holding a record album up to her face

If your friend calls themselves a hipster (or they don’t but only wear plaid shirts and listen to obscure indie bands), finding a unique gift that they’ll actually like can be challenging. But we’ve got you covered. Check out these 12 unique gift ideas that the hipster in your life is sure to love.

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1. Rockstar Bracelet

Rockstar Bracelet from LaCkore Couture

Hipsters love to make a statement, and this Rockstar Bracelet with spiked black howlite stones lets them do exactly that. Handmade in the US, it’s the perfect piece of hipster jewelry inspired by nature and the latest trends. This design is exclusive to LaCkore Couture—you won’t have to worry about them accidentally wearing the same piece out as their other hipster friends! Limited quantities are available, making this Rockstar Bracelet an irreplaceable addition to their jewelry collection.

2. Record Player

A record player is an obvious gift—if we know hipsters, we know they love their vinyl records! AKA those things they hang on their walls that look like massive CDs. You might as well gift them a record player so that they can put those decorations to use. We know what you’re thinking: Doesn’t everyone use their smartphone for music these days? Well, yes. However, nothing compares to how their music sounds on vinyl to your hipster friends. Don’t argue with them; just get them a new record player!

3. Vegan Cookbook

If your friend is a genuine hipster, there’s a good chance they enjoy eating vegan food. And while it might be challenging to take them out for a dinner that gives them more options than a salad, they can eat their way at home with their new vegan cookbook. If you’re feeling adventurous, you could even invite them over for dinner and prepare one of the meals for them! And you get bonus points if the recipe uses kale (hipsters seem to love it for some reason).

4. Andy Warhol Posters

Wait, who’s that? Andy Warhol, the pop art king and one of the first-ever hipsters—he’s likely your hipster friend’s favorite artist. If you frequently befriend hipsters, you’ve probably seen his work before (likely on their t-shirts underneath all of that flannel!). You know, the one with all of those bright colors—It’s that one. Look for his most popular and iconic works, like his Marilyn Monroe drawings or other ones with those cheesy Andy Warhol quotes.

5. Handmade Journal

Journals are a hipster essential. Where else will they write down their existential poems, dreams, or every other thought they have? With their phone? Obviously, you don’t know your hipster friend too well. This handmade journal is made with a vegetable-dyed hardcover and non-tree, sustainable paper that any hipster would love—hipsters love nature, right? Band together that passion for nature and your friend’s irresistible urge to write down their whimsical thoughts with a handmade journal gifted from the heart.

6. Mermaid Elle Earrings

Mermaid Elle Earrings from LaCkore Couture

If we know hipsters (and we do), they can’t resist the colorful mermaid style. These trendy (but not too trendy for the hipster in your life) are handcrafted in the USA, and we know your hipster friend can’t help but love all things local. With eye-catching shapes, bright shifting colors, and a dash of glamor, these Mermaid Elle Earrings will keep them looking their best, whether it’s daytime, nighttime, the weekend, or a weekday.

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7. Beers From Around the World

Your hipster friend likely loves beer, and they probably always know just what to order when you go out with them. “I’ll have (seemingly gibberish about a complicated and sophisticated-sounding drink).” Sound familiar? Switch it up and introduce them to some new brews. You can get a six or twelve-pack of worldwide beers in a metal bucket, complete with sausage, cheese, and other snacks from Gourmet Gift Baskets.

8. Custom Flask

Speaking of drinks, no hipster can claim the namesake without their very own flask. You can customize it with their name, favorite strange hipster saying, or anything else you want. Our opinion? We like “Don’t Drink and Ride” for our hipster friends that prefer biking around the city rather than taking more modern methods of transportation. Their other hipster friends will be jealous, and they’ll remember to drink and ride responsibly.

9. Tree Growing Kit

Your hipster friend loves nature, and between their various houseplants and endless weekend hikes, what’s left to get them? A tree growing kit, of course! Help the hipster in your life add one more to their collection with a kit containing everything they need to grow a tree, even a little greenhouse. 

10. Smokey Eye Makeup Kit

You’ve seen it: the smokey eye look—every hipster’s go-to when it comes to makeup. You can help them stand out in the vast sea of neutral-toned faces with this kit from Tarte, which includes everything that your hipster friend will need to get the perfect smokey eye. There’s nothing quite like a sultry black shadow and a winged liner to complete their long-haired hipster look. Here’s a tip: If they ask you if their liner is even on both eyes, say yes (always).

11. Hamburger Phone

Basically everyone on the plant uses a smartphone now, but your hipster friend has to be a little different—they’re probably the only person you know that still has a landline in their home. Well, if they want to be unique, what could be better than a hamburger phone? Not much. And if it seems slightly familiar, you probably noticed one in the movie Juno (a classic hipster favorite).

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12. Level Up Necklace

Level Up Necklace from LaCkore Couture

Every hipster wants to own their own narrative, and the Level Up Necklace lets them do just that. Sporting unique chips of moonstone or obsidian and handcrafted with tarnish-free materials, your hipster friend won’t ever receive a gift like this necklace. It’s smart and subtle, matching the hipster style while leaving everyone around them wondering what’s going on behind the mysterious look. The handcrafted layered Level Up Necklace will leave their friends’ imaginations running wild.

13. Pure Copper Lotus Rain Chain

Rain is a beautiful thing, and what better way to create a relaxing and peaceful environment when it’s raining than to add this pure copper lotus rain chain from Monarch

These copper rain chains are a beautiful addition to an already hipster home. Each ring allows water to cascade gently down and creates a beautiful piece for everyone to enjoy. 

The copper chains on this water feature are durable and should stay in good shape for years. As they patina, the rain chain will change colors and form its own unique natural look. Monarch makes several designs, including a rain chain with lotuses instead of leaves.

If your hipster loves the idea of rain and wants to harness it, you can give them this beautiful rain capture barrel to store water in. You can use the extra water for dry seasons when your garden needs some water. Becoming more self-sufficient is a great hobby, and you can encourage your hipster to start learning by giving them this unique gift.  

14. BioLite Camp Stove

Finding the perfect gift is all about having the most trendy and hip items. Does your hipster like to get out in nature and camp? If so, they will love this BioLite Camp Stove. This little stove is designed exclusively to turn any fire into electricity.  

The extra heat created is converted into electricity and cleverly stored in the 2200mAh Lithium-ion battery, which can also be used to charge portable phones and other devices.  

Many preppers and survivalists own these stoves because if going “off-grid” is what your hipster wants to do for the weekend, this is a perfect gift to get them through. 

This camp stove also sports an LED dashboard that will light up and tell you how much power you have left. 

And since we are talking about a camp stove, your hipster friend will probably want to do some cooking. The Biolite Camp Stove comes as a complete Starter Kit that includes a grill, kettle pot, and coffee press. This gift will surely impress anyone you choose to give it to! This is a must-have gift for anyone who loves the outdoors.

15. Himalayan Salt Lamp

Self-care is essential to hipsters, and Himalayan salt lamps have become extremely popular worldwide. Himalayan salt lamps claim to purify the air, reduce allergy symptoms, increase energy levels, improve your moods, and have several other benefits.  

Whether these claims are valid or not, many people buy these salt lamps because of their ambiance and the calm and relaxing mood they can bring to a room. They certainly look trendy, and if the health benefits are true, the more, the better!

You can buy these lamps in many different shapes and sizes. The Himalayan salt bowl is just as popular as the regular salt lamps you usually see in stores. The salt bowls have hand-carved salt chunks resting inside the bowl, adding an even more dynamic look to an already hipster house. 

Don’t quite see the perfect item for your hipster friend on this list? View the LaCkore Couture collection—You’re sure to find the perfect hipster-friendly gift!