10 Best Travel Jewelry Cases for Rings, Necklaces, & More

Throwing your jewelry in your makeup bag, or worse yet, just a Ziploc bag, shouldn't be an option if you're traveling. Your jewelry could get tangled and broken. Luckily, there is a wide variety of travel jewelry cases that keep your pieces safe and organized.

When choosing a travel jewelry case, you want one that is practical yet beautiful. Plus, you may be working on a budget. How do you choose? You could scour the Internet. Or you could let the experts help.

We looked at the options to help you choose the best travel jewelry case. You're sure to find an option that meets your needs. Take a look at our ten favorite travel jewelry cases!

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1. Large Jewelry Case from Leatherology

If you need lots of space to carry your jewelry, this is the option for you. In fact, you could carry up to a week's worth in Leatherology's large jewelry case! This case includes two pockets with zippers, a snapping panel for your earrings, a ring bar, and multiple snaps for necklaces.

You can choose from a variety of colors in full-grain leather. Or go with black croc or Italian leather. Each of these options adds a stylish twist to the classic jewelry case. Plus, add a debossed or hand-painted monogram to make it special.

2. Small Jewelry Travel Case from Teamoy

This is a great option if you're looking for a budget-friendly travel jewelry case. For under $20, you can choose from multiple designs, including solid colors and fun patterns. This case is compact, making it perfect for short trips.

Inside, you'll find three snaps, a ring row, a zipper pouch, and a strap for your earrings. The outside closes with a zipper. All of this makes organization a breeze. 

While this isn't the sturdiest case, it is great for the price and perfect for squeezing into your luggage. This makes it ideal when you are worried a more expensive jewelry case would be damaged. 

3. Away The Jewelry Box from Away 

Away luggage is known for its smart design. This jewelry case is no different. It includes a flat panel to hold earrings, a padded cord for rings, and necklace slip pockets. There's even a larger main compartment for any bulkier items. 

The look of this box is minimalist in the best way. It isn't going for insane embellishments but also isn't strictly utilitarian. Instead, it is simply sleek and stylish. 

You can choose from four colors on this leather box. This means you can easily pair it with the rest of your luggage. Plus, you can add a monogram, making it a perfect gift.

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4. Mini Jewelry Organizer from Levenger

Sometimes, you need a large jewelry case for a long trip. Other times, you will want something as small as possible. You might need to fit it into an already over-stuffed carry-on bag or a nearly full backpack. In these cases, a small jewelry organizer is key. 

If you're looking for a compact jewelry case that you can take anywhere, the Levenger Mini Jewelry Organizer is for you. It's wallet-sized but has pouches, panels, and straps that keep your jewelry organized. 

The interior is lived with suede to protect your precious pieces. The outside is made of a beautiful pebbled-full-grain level. This lovely case is available in a few color choices too!

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5. Jewelry Box in Tan Faux Leather from JTV


Some travel jewelry cases have better designs than others. This JTV case is our pick for the best design. It has many compartments to hold everything you need. Plus, the interior lid includes three straps that have holes for earrings. The way it is laid out means you can easily see all of your jewelry at once.

It also comes with tasseled zipper pulls that make opening it a breeze. Plus, it's made from vegan leather.

6. Jewelry Organizer from Leatherology 

Monogrammed travel jewelry cases make the perfect gift. This one even arrives in a beautiful gift box. The Leatherology Jewelry Organizer allows you to choose from a debossed or hand-painted monogram. It comes in various colors and can be small, medium, or a set of two. 

This case includes snapping earring flaps and a snap-on ring band. 

The Leatherology case is made with full-grain leather in a variety of colors, as you probably guessed. As a structured box, it's sure to keep your jewelry safe. 

7. Vegan Leather Jewelry Box from Pop of Confetti 

If you're looking for an environmentally friendly option, check out our pick for vegan leather options. This case is super fun with its bright pink and orange coloring. Plus, it's affordable, running under $30.

The organization is well thought out and allows you to find what you need easily. While there's no zipper closure, its small size makes it perfect for shorter trips.

8. Faux Leather Eyewear & Jewelry Case from TrendHim 

Sometimes you want to protect your sunglasses or glasses in addition to your jewelry. Our pick for a utilitarian travel jewelry case allows you to do just that. It's lined with velvet and has a PU leather exterior. Inside, you'll find lots of room, though no zippered pocket,

While it's only available in black, this option is affordable and perfect for protecting your valuables.

9. Jewelry Travel Organizer from Sapahn 

Our soft case pick is made from previous leather and comes in a few shades. It has an interior slip pocket, zippered pocket, and snap closure. You can fit up to eight pairs of earrings and three necklaces or bracelets in the loops. 

This compact option is lined with checkered or floral print cotton.

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10. Travel Jewelry Box from Easter Ahn 

It can be difficult to find a mirrored case that is still functional. Many mirrors don't reflect their surroundings well and are prone to damage. However, this particular option stands above the competition.

This Easter Ahn case includes a mirrored divider that also has earring holders. Inside, you'll also find a ring holder, snap-down taps, and an elasticized pocket.

While it's only available in ivory, this case is made from vegan leather.


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Choose the Best Travel Jewelry Case


It can be hard to travel with your jewelry without putting it at risk of getting damaged or lost. Luckily, the best travel jewelry case can protect and organize your collection. We love each of these ten options and know you will too.

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