5 Jewelry Birthday Gifts Every Girl Will Obsess Over

jewelry makes the best gift for a birthday present

When it comes time to give the perfect birthday gift, you want to choose something your girlfriend (or gal pal) will adore. There are many options on the market for that ideal jewelry birthday gift. If you want to find something that a girl will love, consider her tastes and style. Once you have that in mind, you can choose the right gift that will put a smile on her face. Here are our top five jewelry birthday gifts that girls will obsess over. 

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1 - Necklaces

When it comes time for that perfect birthday gift, you cannot go wrong with a dazzling necklace. If you are unfamiliar with necklaces, they come in all shapes, styles, and sizes. It can be hard to choose the right one for a girl. Think about her personality. Is she bold and flashy or dainty and elegant? 

Women can wear a necklace with various tops, dresses, and other outfits. Heavily stylized pieces are great for big, bold-colored dresses. Remember that a large necklace will draw attention. Smaller chains are perfect as those everyday jewelry pieces. Your girlfriend can wear them at a black-tie event or casual function. Once again, there are many options for your next birthday gift. 

Think about the dreamer necklace, the perfect blend of daring and elegance. While you think a sophisticated piece must be boring, the Dreamer necklace is anything but that. This handcrafted necklace is dipped in 24K gold, and it will become a favorite necklace in your friend's collection. 

If you want something more unique, make sure to peak at the Shore Vibes necklace. You don't have to live near the beach to capture the beauty of the ocean. This piece is the perfect way for your girlfriend to add that finishing touch to her look. The necklace features a turquoise nugget pendant with a freshwater pearl accent. This necklace will make her feel like a goddess. 

If you’re looking for something classic and elegant to gift, then we recommend going with a gold necklace. Gold pairs great with nearly any outfit. A gold necklace can bring life to a neutral outfit, and it can help tone down a more colorful outfit. 

If you’re looking to show your girlfriend how much you love her, you can buy her a heart-shaped necklace. Whenever she wears the necklace, she’ll be reminded of your love for each other. Another great way to show your love is with a protection necklace, which can be worn alone or paired with other accessories.

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2 - Earrings

Like necklaces, there are plenty of birthday gift ideas for those earrings. While you could go with a plain pair of golden studs, those earrings will be quickly tossed in the back drawer and never worn again. Your girl pal will appreciate earrings with a bit of style and color. There are many types of designs and colors for your next gift. 

Think about the trendy Totally Fetch earrings if you know an on-the-go girl. These handcrafted earrings are made with high-quality materials, dipped in 24K gold and lined with pave crystal. These beauties are guaranteed to bring some bling to your girlfriend's ensemble

For those girls who love to make a statement, don't miss out on giving her the Miami Beach earrings. These earrings are about to become your girlfriend's next obsession. The earrings embody the chill vibes of the ocean while providing a slight nod to that exciting Floridian nightlife. Your girl can go from day to night with these earrings. The Miami Beach earrings are dipped in 24K gold and are surrounded by hematite, pink jade, and pink jasper accents. 

 the right jewelry gift will put a smile on your girlfriend's face

If your girlfriend has an untamed spirit, consider gifting her the Hippie chic earrings or the wild earrings. These earrings have a lot of personality and go great with boho looks. 

Pink pearl earrings are a great option if you plan to attend an elegant event with your girlfriend. Pearls will never go out of style, and even though they’re typically associated with formal wear, they can also be used to dress up a more casual outfit. While a classic white strand of pearls is typically a popular gift, a pair of pink pearl earrings will offer your girlfriend something unique to wear. 

Lastly, consider gifting your girlfriend Mermaid Earrings. These colorful earrings are perfect for anyone who likes to stand out in the crowd or add a little flair to their outfits. 

3 - Bracelets

Bracelets can be worn solo or paired together. Think about a design or color that will give your girl's wrists a bit of a pop. These bracelets can go from a casual day to a stunning evening look. Most bracelets are slim and dainty, while others are bold and eye-catching. 

Consider the Iceberg bracelet if you are searching for a one-of-kind piece. This jewelry piece is the perfect finishing touch to any look or outfit. You can style it by itself or pair it with another type of stacking bracelet. No matter how your girlfriend wants to wear it, the Iceberg will look gorgeous. The white and silver glass crystal beads are a nod to the beauty of those dazzling icebergs. 

For those girls who are a star in your life, think about the You're a Star bracelet. This is a lightweight and stylish bracelet that your girl can take from daytime to nighttime look. It has cream-colored crystal beads with bronze hematite chips. There are also dark pewter accents that make the beads stand out on the necklaces. The You're a Star bracelet is made with tarnish-free materials, making it a gift that will remain beautiful for years to come. 

Finding the right-sized bracelet can sometimes be tricky. If you’re worried about choosing the wrong size, we recommend buying an adjustable bracelet for your girlfriend. This way, she can easily adjust the strap so the bracelet perfectly fits her wrist. 

Heart bracelets are also a great option if you’re looking for something a bit more romantic. If you want, you can pair the heart bracelet with a heart necklace (as mentioned above) to gift your girlfriend a complete jewelry set. 

Or, you can give your girlfriend a charm bracelet. Charm bracelets first became popular in the 90s and early 2000s. But now, they’re considered a classic pieces of jewelry.

If your girlfriend has more eclectic tastes, consider buying her some stacked bracelets. Stacked bracelets come in a wide array of colors and designs, and they’re perfect for anyone who likes to show off their personality through clothing.

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4 - Rings 

One of the most common types of jewelry is rings. Women love to wear them as an everyday item to complement their looks. 

Today, a stylish way to wear a ring is to stack them. The Signature Stack rings are dipped in 24K gold. Your girlfriend can wear them as a single ring or stack them on the finger. These rings might be light and dainty, but they can make a big statement on a girl's hand. 

Signature stack rings also pair well with bracelets and necklaces, so if you’re looking to take your gift to the next level, you can buy a bracelet and ring or bracelet and necklace set. If you’re unsure of what bracelet or necklace to pair the rings with, we recommend going with something simple, such as a gold necklace or gold bracelet.

 girls will be obsessed with these gift ideas

5 - Charms

If you want to buy a charm, there are plenty of options for your gift needs. You can purchase a charm from one of those well-known retailers. But those charms are mass-produced, and you might not get a unique birthday gift for your girlfriend

The Lucky charms are fun, interchangeable, and trendy. Your girl can add these charms to many types of bracelets. These charms are chic, dipped in silver (or gold) and lined with pave crystals. 

Many women want to wear their initials on a necklace or bracelet. The Signature Pave Initial charms are sparkly and gorgeous. These timeless charms are lightweight and comfortable to wear. No matter your friend's initials, you can find the perfect one to add to her jewelry collection. Or, if you’re looking to do something extra romantic, you can select charms with her initials and your initials. This way, she’ll think of the two of you any time she wears her charm bracelet. 

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Treat the Birthday Girl!

With these ideas, you can find that perfect jewelry birthday gift that will become the next obsession for your girl. 

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