5 Best Tarot Necklaces: Find Your Lucky Charm

Tarot cards date back to the 1440s and 1450s, when they were used as part of a card game. However, soon after this, they took on cultural meaning as the cards became connected to fortune. This made them a key part of fortune-telling and bestowed each of the cards with additional significance. 

Many people choose to take advantage of these ancient artifacts by connecting themselves to specific cards. To do so, many people wear tarot necklaces. 

This guide will walk you through tarot necklace options. By the end, you’ll be able to pick one out for yourself. 

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1. Il Sole: The Sun

It doesn’t get much better than The Sun when it comes to tarot cards. This is a card that represents happiness, joy, optimism, and success. Essentially, it represents many of the most positive aspects of life. 

This makes a lot of sense. After all, the sun is the source of life and a major source of energy. It is the center of the solar system, and nothing on Earth would live without it. 

A Tarot Sun Necklace embodies many of these positive qualities. Some people choose to wear one because they feel it represents their personality. These people are energetic and full of life, so they choose to wear a necklace that represents these qualities. Others choose to wear this necklace because these are qualities they aspire toward. They may not be the most energetic or happy people, but they want to be and, thus, wear a tarot sun necklace to remind them of this goal. In either case, having a constant reminder like this is helpful. 

2. La Luna: The Moon

The moon has massive significance in cultures across the world. Most people are familiar with the role it plays in Greek mythology, where the popular god Artemis represents an aspect moon alongside hunting, wilderness, wild animals, and concepts surrounding childbirth. However, the moon is present in Korean mythology, where it is viewed as a sibling to the sun; in Chinese culture, where the moon is an important part of the Mid-Autumn Festival; and in Hindu and ancient Egyptian religions. It seems that the moon is important across humanity as a whole, even across time. 

The Moon tarot card represents intuition, mystery, and secrets. It is less bright than the sun but is more mysterious and, because of this, has some unique allure. 

Many people wear a Moon Tarot Necklace as part of a journey of discovery. These people seek the moon’s guiding light to help them navigate the uncertainty. They could be in this uncertainty to learn about themselves or to learn about others. In either case, the light of the moon is helpful. 

3. Le Stelle: The Stars

People have been tracking the stars for thousands and thousands of years. Across time, these stars have been grouped as constellations and given additional meaning. 

For tarot cards, the stars represent light peeking through the darkness. This calls up thoughts of positive energy, hope, and the potential for a fresh start. 

People wear Stars Tarot Necklaces as a symbol of these concepts. Often, these people are struggling and are looking for a light in the darkness. The darkness could be a rough time emotionally, financially, physically, or something else. It could even represent the darkness that someone else is dealing with. However, people who wear a necklace like this have a reminder that the light of the stars will always find its way through this darkness. 

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4. La Forza: Strength

When people think of strength, they often think of animalistic qualities. They think of a bear capable of toppling a tree or a lion capable of chasing down its prey. 

However, in humans, true strength comes from overcoming these tendencies. True strength is a battle of the mind as much as a physical battle. 

Because of this, people often wear Strength Tarot Necklaces to strengthen their minds. They want to have a greater degree of control over their actions, to have better willpower, or to increase the courage they feel. Those struggling to overcome addiction, who want to further a commitment to their studies, or who are working toward changing their behavior will find a strong connection to this card. 

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5. La Ruota: The Wheel of Fortune

The rest of the cards on this list are about things we can control in our everyday lives. However, we can’t control everything. Sometimes, luck and fortune dominate lives in a way that feels more important than anything else. 

Because of this, many people choose to wear a necklace with the Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card. This card represents the spinning wheel of fate that sometimes dispenses good luck and sometimes dispenses bad luck. Ultimately, we can’t fully control where the wheel will land. However, people hope that by wearing a necklace like this, they can get into the wheel’s good graces and even influence it slightly. 

Often, wearing this necklace is part of other efforts to influence fate. For example, some people try to do as many good deeds as possible to increase their share of karma. They hope this karma will allow good luck to shine on them at some point in the future. In this way, a necklace like this can remind you to do good deeds and work toward karmic realignment. 

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Find Your Lucky Charm with a Tarot Necklace


A tarot necklace is a great way to keep your lucky charm close to your heart. Whether you want to invoke your intuition, build your courage, or manifest more joy in your life, you have options with these top tarot necklaces! Which will you wear?

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