The Complete Guide to Good Luck Jewelry

Some days, things go well, and you are able to live the life you want. Other days, fate just seems to work against you, and it feels like there isn’t anything you can do. 

Because of this, many people want a way to change their fate and improve their lives on a regular basis. They want lucky jewelry. 

However, there are many different reasons to wear good luck jewelry, and there are many different types out there. Knowing what to choose will impact what piece you end up picking. So, keep reading for our guide to good luck jewelry!


Reasons To Wear Good Luck Jewelry

Good luck jewelry generally provides positive benefits for the person who wears it. However, the exact nature of these benefits differs. There are many different reasons people choose to wear jewelry like this. 


The most basic reason to wear good luck jewelry is for luck. Everyone could stand for things to go their way a little more often. More luck is always helpful, whether you’re going after a promotion, hoping for a winning lottery ticket, or just want the weather to cooperate. 


Sometimes people aren’t really looking for an advantage in the way their life is going. Instead, they are just trying to stay safe. 


The healing power of jewelry has a long history to it. For thousands of years, people have sought specific crystals, rare gemstones, or even metals to seek healing. 

In some cases, the energy comes from the jewelry itself. In others, the jewelry is designed to activate the healing power within an individual.

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For many, luck is an extension of the religion they believe in. For these people, luck comes from the god or gods they believe in. Because of this, they wear jewelry that represents their religion or beliefs. 

For example, many Christians wear jewelry that represents a specific saint. Soldiers will wear a St. Michael the Archangel medallion in the hopes that he will protect them in battle. Meanwhile, those who travel regularly will often bring something that represents St. Christopher, the patron saint of travel. 

What is Good Luck Jewelry Made From?

While there are plenty of different reasons people seek out good luck jewelry, there are also plenty of different types out there. Some differ in their material while others in their design. This is important to know because the type of jewelry has a big impact on its purpose. 

Crystals and Stones

One of the most common methods of constructing good luck jewelry is to do so using specific crystals and/or stones. People choose specific crystals and gemstones and use them in the jewelry. These materials are said to have beneficial properties to them. 

For example, amethyst is reported to help clear one’s mind and boost immunity. Rose quartz is supposed to help bring love and joy into an individual’s life. Meanwhile, jade is believed to provide both protection and healing. There are a lot of different options out there, and their exact effect will depend on the exact crystal or stone. 

Crystals and stones have the added benefit of looking beautiful. Many people choose to wear gems like amethyst simply for their visual appearance. So, this type of jewelry is both practical and good-looking.



Symbols have power all on their own. This is why many people use symbols that are considered to be lucky when creating jewelry. 

Many of these symbols can be seen on a regular basis and are known for being lucky in pop culture. These include a lucky rabbit’s foot, a horseshoe, a wishbone, and a four-leaf clover. These all have origins in various cultures but are believed to be lucky by many. 

Numbers also have power to them. In many western cultures, the number 7 is connected to good luck. This is why you will see “Lucky Number 7” on advertisements and why the number is associated with big prizes in gambling. Meanwhile, in many eastern cultures, the number 8 is more associated with good luck. This is because the Cantonese word for eight sounds similar to a word meaning “prosper” or “wealth.” In general, both numbers are considered to be lucky. 

Religious and Spiritual

As already mentioned, a lot of luck jewelry is religious in nature. These pieces will have a direct connection to a religion or faith. 

The most common example of this is a symbol of the faith itself. Many choose to wear their faith’s most prominent symbol as a way to ask for blessings from their faith and to show that they are a believer. 

However, there is other religious and spiritual jewelry out there. For example, many cultures fear the negative influence of the evil eye and look for ways to protect against it. The hamsa symbol is one of the most ancient forms of protection against the evil eye. Therefore, many choose to wear a hamsa necklace as a way to ward off this negativity.

Type of Good Luck Jewelry

Because good luck jewelry is made for a variety of different purposes and comes from a variety of different places, the options out there are vast. 

Necklaces are a common type of good luck jewelry. A simple necklace can have a crystal, a stone, a symbol, or an aspect of religion at its centerpiece. This provides luck while also displaying the centerpiece in a nice way. 

In this way, earrings are similar to necklaces. Though they cannot hold as much weight as a necklace, they can be made from specific materials and display something small. 


Bracelets are a great option when the material is more important than having a symbol. Bracelets made entirely from amethyst pieces or jade are popular choices. These look great while incorporating a lot of lucky material. 

Those looking for all-around luck often opt for a lucky charm bracelet. These can incorporate a lot of different symbols and materials into a single piece of jewelry. 

Using Good Luck Jewelry

If you are looking to improve your odds and take charge of your fate, good luck jewelry may be a great place to start. Just make sure you pick jewelry that suits your needs and desires. Once you do so, you’ll be ready for anything!

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