5 Best Promise Rings for Valentine's Day!

Did you know that over 1.6 million people get married every year? If you think marriage might be in the future of your relationship, you're likely considering different ways to show you're serious. One solution might be a promise ring, especially since Valentine's Day is coming around. 

But precisely what is a promise ring? And how is it different from a purity ring? This guide will walk you through everything you need to know about these types of rings. 

We'll also be going over some of our top picks for the best promise rings for Valentine's Day. That way, you can show your loved one that you really care. Let's get started!

What Are Promise Rings?

A promise ring is a ring that's typically given by someone in a couple before an engagement ring. The circle symbolizes a promise to stay committed to that person. Giving it is a sign of devotion to the individual, as is accepting it. 

Promise rings are often confused with purity rings. While some people use them interchangeably, it's important to remember that they refer to different concepts. A purity ring typically refers to abstinence before marriage. 

Promise rings, on the other hand, are usually meant to represent a commitment to the relationship—giving people rings as engagement goes back thousands of years. 

But the promise ring is a relatively new concept. Its popularity can be traced back to when the Jonas Brothers mentioned promise rings in a famous interview a decade ago. 

1. Pandora Sparkling Wishbone Heart Ring

We love the Pandora Sparkling Wishbone Heart Ring because it's one of the more affordable rings out there. That's because it's made of sterling silver and clear cubic zirconia instead of diamonds. Still, it's a cute design. 

The heart-shaped arrangement in the middle dip into a 'V,' which makes it perfect for Valentine's Day. Moreover, it also comes in multiple colors to fit your partner's preferences. This is the type of metal jewelry that you can easily mix with other styles to significant effect. 

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2. The Double - Diamond Double Ring with Chains

The Double-Diamond Double Ring with Chains is undoubtedly a costly option. But it does feature a standout design that is sure to impress your partner. 

The diamond-encrusted ring is attached delicately to a set of small gold chains. The chain then wraps around the finger giving the piece of jewelry a truly modern design. 

3. Personalized Greenwich 2 Birthstone & Diamond Ring

If you need help determining which ring to get your partner, you can't go wrong with the Personalized Greenwich 2 Birthstone & Diamond Ring. This is a simple ring that still manages to say a lot. 

A diamond is backed by two gemstones that reflect your spirits or birthstones. The ring itself is made of 14-carat gold. It also represents a good midpoint range in terms of budget. 

4. Stack Rings From LaCkore Couture

Here at LaCkore Couture, we proudly offer five different rings you can choose from. Each of these rings has a different style, like a blinking eye, a sun, or elegant designs. We recommend this option if you're on a budget and only have a little money to spend on a promise ring. 

Each ring is only $29. Best of all, if your partner likes the handmade style, they can purchase more. These rings are meant to be stacked on top of each other. 

It's a style trend that millennials are obsessed with right now. So not only are you getting a great value but also a beautiful design. 

Want to learn more about how LaCkore Culture's jewelry stands apart from the competition? Please read this page to learn more about how we make our products. 

5. TJ Craft Goods Pinky Promise Ring

If you want to support a small business on Etsy, consider purchasing the TJ Craft Goods Pinky Promise Ring. 

This set of rings features an image of a pinky promise when pressed together and a heart with your initials. Moreover, you can also pay more to have a message engraved inside the rings. You can get them in a variety of different colors too. 

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When Should You Give a Promise Ring?

People typically give promise rings early on in a relationship. This typically happens six months to a few years after a relationship begins. This ring should precede your engagement ring by a year or two. 

The specific time of the month to give a promise ring is up to you. If you want, choose a memorable month for the two of you. An anniversary might be an appropriate time to give it to them. Or, you could choose a classic holiday like Valentine's Day. 

This is a good option because people are already expected to spend $23.9 billion this year on the day of love. As such, it's an excellent excuse to spend money on two birds with one stone. 

Want to learn more about rings or any style of jewelry? Contact LaCkore Couture, and we'll teach you everything you need to know. 


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The Importance of a Promise Ring for Valentine's Day

We hope this article helped you find some of the best promise rings for Valentine's Day. The importance of a promise ring ultimately comes down to the personal meaning you put toward it. 

If you want to get married to someone, but you're too young, or you don't have enough money, a promise ring can be a great way to show your commitment. 

That being said, you shouldn't feel pressured to give someone a promise ring unless you're ready to commit to that promise. So make sure you think about it carefully before you purchase one. 

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