5 Best Heart-Shaped Jewelry Pieces for Valentine's Day

Love it or hate it, Valentine's Day isn't going away anytime soon. The holiday has thousands of years of history behind it, and for many people, it's an important day to honor love. Sadly, it can be challenging for some partners to find the perfect gift for their loved ones on this special day.

Sure, chocolates and flowers are great. But what if you want to go the extra mile? For those that want to be different, consider investing in heart-shaped jewelry pieces this Valentine's Day.

In this guide, we'll go over five great heart-shaped products we offer here at LaCkore Couture. That way, you can make the holiday extra special for your lover. 

1. Heart Throb Necklace

Want to let the person you love know that your heart flutters whenever you see them? The simple beauty in the Heart Throb Necklace is their perfect product. This product takes a lot of inspiration from nature. 

The sun beams shining from inside the heart perfectly capture the rays of a sunrise. This style is only available in 24k gold and comes in sizes between sixteen to twenty inches. 

There are limited quantities of the Heart Throb Necklace, so if you're interested, invest in it before they're gone. 

2. Crystal Love Lock Charm Bracelet

Are you on a budget this Valentine's Day? Don't worry; we here at LaCkore Couture have you covered. The Crystal Love Lock Charm Bracelet is one of the most affordable heart bracelets on this list. This product is the perfect option for people that also collect charms. 

It's completely customizable, and your loved one can add as many heart-related charms to it as they want. This specific bracelet is available in both 24k gold and silver. 

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3. Love Bubble Bracelet

The Crystal Love Lock Charm Bracelet isn't the only heart-shaped bracelet that made this list. We also offer the infectiously happy Love Bubble Bracelet. Again this is an excellent option for people that crave simplicity. 

It features a strong of beads that are filled with real gold. This all connects to a straightforward heart pendant. 

The tarnish-resistant nature of this product means that you can wear it for years without getting any blemishes on it. As such, it's bound to last as long as your love this Valentine's Day. 


Love Bubble Bracelet



4. Future Wife Necklace

Ready to show your loved one that you want to keep their love on lock? Look no further than the Future Wife Necklace. This lightweight, gold necklace comes around to a Pavé Crystal Pendant. The pendant is a heart-shaped lock with a keyhole. 

It's a great way to show a potential future spouse that they have the key to your heart. However, remember that, like the Heart Throb Necklace, this one is only available in limited quantities. 

So if you're interested in the Future Wife Necklace, make sure to get it before it completely sells out.  

Think the Future Wife Necklace is perfect for your partner? You can buy it by following this link here

5. Piece of My Heart Necklace

The Piece of My Heart Necklace might not contain a heart. But we still think it perfectly captures the spirit of love this Valentine's Day. The envelope containing a love letter perfectly encapsulates the day of love. 

The necklace itself is made of 24k gold and brass detail. It comes in a standard sixteen-inch size, but it can go up to twenty inches. 

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How to Find Out Your Necklace Size

Finding the right necklace size is actually relatively straightforward. First, find a piece of string roughly the same size as the necklace you want. Then measure it so that it's the size of the necklace you want. 

Put the makeshift chain around you and see where it falls. If the necklace you wish to come with a pendant, make sure you think about where it will fail. This will give you a good approximation of how the chain will look on you. 



What to Look For When Shopping for Heart-Shaped Jewelry

Regardless of the type of heart-shaped jewelry you get for your loved one, you want it to last (just like your love). Unfortunately, a lot of the heart-shaped jewelry out there isn't built to last. So, how do you find something worth buying? 

First, make sure you pay attention to the material. Just because something says it's gold doesn't mean it's all gold. Ultimately, it depends on the carat. You can find out more about carats here

But basically, what you need to know is that 24k gold is the closest to pure you can get. Meanwhile, 18k gold is only 75% gold, while 14k is 58.3% gold. 

If you want to make sure your jewelry lasts, make sure you go with sellers that offer 24k metal grades. That way, you know exactly what you're purchasing. 

Need more advice on what to look for with heart-shaped jewelry? Contact us here at LaCkore Couture, and we'll help you find the perfect piece. 

The Importance of Finding the Perfect Valentine's Day Jewelry

The importance of finding the perfect Valentine's Day gift will ultimately depend on how important the holiday is to your partner. However, it's important to remember that for many people, this holiday is extremely important. 

That's why Americans spend roughly $5.5 billion on jewelry each Valentine's Day. So if the holiday is special for your loved one, show them by giving a quality heart-shaped jewelry piece.

However, as long as you go with one of the options found on this list, you shouldn't have a problem making your loved ones happy. 

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