Where Should I Buy Jewelry? 8 Reasons to Shop Online

Online shopping has revolutionized how consumers shop for goods and services. When it comes to shopping for jewelry, it is no different. The days of standing at a jewelry counter looking through the glass are long gone.  

Like other clothing retailers, Jewelry retailers have moved to selling fine jewelry online and helping consumers by providing guidance and convenience in one spot. Diamond dealers, for example,  have illustrations that show different cut diamonds and guides that help shoppers choose the perfect wedding bands and rings.

The internet has made it much more convenient for everyone to buy jewelry online, and there are several benefits to shopping for jewelry online which we will discuss below.

So let’s dive in!

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8 Reasons To Shop For Jewelry Online


1. Large Selection To Choose From

The sky's the limit for buying jewelry no matter where you live. It used to be more challenging for small, rural towns to access the same jewelry types that larger cities such as New York and Los Angeles had. 

But now, anyone can find the perfect jewelry using thousands of jewelry maker websites, social media pages, and collections using the world wide web.

The easiest way to find exactly what you’re looking for is to go to any major search engine and type in “emerald ring” or “diamond cut engagement ring .”Any website with those keywords on the webpage will pop up, and you can start searching to find exactly what you’re looking for!

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2. Better Prices, Discounts And Comparison Shopping



Pricing is one of the most important factors when shopping for jewelry online. One advantage to jewelry retailers selling online is their costs are reduced because they don’t have the high overhead of running a brick-and-mortar store on places like 5th Avenue or Rodeo Drive.

Jewelry retailers don’t have to hire salespeople to help customers or security guards to watch over their precious jewelry. Many of these things are built into the price of the jewelry they sell in their stores. 

Many credible online retailers price their jewelry fairly because they know they are selling it online. 


It’s a competitive environment when selling jewelry online, and retailers know this, so they offer special discounts during the holiday seasons when consumers sign up for newsletters or opt-in to receive text messages. Checking out an online retailer’s social media page can also reveal special discounts not otherwise advertised on their websites.

For example, Jack Weir & Sons have an Instagram page that plays games where customers can receive $500 coupons off specific jewelry items. 

Comparison Shopping

When shopping for a specific item, you can choose and compare multiple pieces from several dealers simultaneously. 

One of the best things about shopping for jewelry online is that you can simultaneously compare several pieces of jewelry from various dealers. If you keep multiple tabs open in your internet browser, you can look at things like carat weight, quality of gemstones, condition, price, and total weight all at the same time.

You can take your time and make your decision, and when you’re ready, you can buy the perfect piece.  

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3. Credibility And Reputation

The jewelry dealers online are incredibly transparent about the pieces they sell, and everything about the pieces you are looking for is listed in the description on the web page.  

You can usually find a ton of information about the pieces you are looking at, reviews from other shoppers, ratings, etc. You don’t have to worry about salespeople and advertisements for a particular store.

4. Quality

Online jewelry retailers understand the importance of clarity. You will be able to find information on gem quality, carat weight, metal purity, metal weight, craftsmanship, and more. 

Retailers selling jewelry online know it’s important for consumers to understand metal purity, gem quality, craftsmanship, and much more. Because of this, they will provide grading certificates from gemology labs such as AGL and GIA, for example.

Their goal is to provide their customers with the best information possible to ensure they choose the right piece for themselves and get the quality they deserve. 

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5. Safety and Convenience


Shopping from the safety and convenience of your home adds an extra comfort level to the shopping experience. It’s been a nice bonus, primarily due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the changing hours that typical retailers have incurred. 

6. Various Payment Options

Many online retailers will offer various forms of payment such as Paypal, layaway options, debit cards, credit cards, and custom payment plans. You have the freedom to choose whatever payment option is best for you.

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7. Service

Service is an integral part of any online retailer’s success. That’s why jewelry dealers that sell online offer complimentary appraisals and ring sizing and send you all the important documents you need when purchasing from their website. 

8. Custom Designs

You can use your computer to find inspiration for the perfect piece of jewelry you are looking for, and Pinterest is an excellent platform for finding some of this inspiration. You can call over the phone and talk to a representative who can also help you with designing your perfect piece.

Not every online jewelry retailer will offer the same services, but most will if they want to please their customers. 3D technology is one of the most significant ways jewelry dealers can help design a custom jewelry piece for you.

Buying Jewelry Online

We hope that we have shed some light on all of the fantastic benefits of buying jewelry online and why you find the perfect piece of jewelry without having to leave your home.

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