Design Your Dream Jewelry with the Best Custom Options

Did you know custom jewelry represents nearly 25% of the market share? We live in a world of mass-designed jewelry. That's why there's something magical about finding a piece that's handmade. This isn't always possible. 

At a bare minimum you need to find a seller that offers personalized options. Or, you'll need to hire a designer to make your idea come to life from scratch. Here at LaCkore Couture, we know that the world of custom jewelry can be confusing. 

We want to help you. We'll explore your different options when it comes to personalizing your jewelry. Hopefully by the end you can finally make your dream piece a reality. 

What Are the Best Custom Jewelry Options?

If you want light customization from your jewelry, the best place to shop is online. The wide selection of options allows you to add subtle personalization to whatever your order. You can find some custom options in person. 

However, they will likely be more challenging to locate and more limited in their selection. In this option, we'll be going over the best options when it comes to slight customization online. 

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Name Jewelry

Many online jewelry sellers will allow you to add your name or similar text onto a piece of jewelry. This is an excellent option for bracelets, necklaces, and rings. 

For example, our Bussin Name Bracelet allows you to identify yourself with your jewelry quickly. It might be subtle. However, these custom options are a great way to make your jewelry one-of-a-kind. 


Charms are another method of adding flair and individuality to jewelry that's uniquely your own. You start with a blank canvas charm bar. Then, you can customize it with charms that are unique to you. You may identify heavily with your zodiac sign. 

There's a custom charm for that. Or, you might really love romance. Heart charms would be great for conveying this. If you get enough charms on your jewelry, it will transform it into your own unique creation. 


No two pieces of handcrafted jewelry are the same. As such, it's another excellent way to get custom jewelry. For starters, there's a good chance that the jewelry is already unique. 

On top of that, handcrafted jewelry makers are more likely to allow you to customize your jewelry pieces. As such, we recommend seeking them out if you want access to the best custom jewelry. 

Want to discover more about how LaCkore Couture prioritizes handmade jewelry? Please read this guide to discover how we make all of our pieces. 

How to Design Your Dream Jewelry

We've gone over some ways to get custom choices in personalized jewelry. However, what should you do if you have a piece of dream jewelry in your head that hasn't been made yet? Well, one option is to learn jewelry making and go the DIY route. 

That being said, if creating is different from your speed, there are other ways you can design your custom jewelry. 

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Know What You Want

Vagueness is the enemy of custom jewelry. Provide the professional with as much detail as you can. That way the jewelry designer has a better idea of what to make. Of course, you can be vague in your description. 

Just don't be surprised if the piece of jewelry you get is different from what you've envisioned in your head, so before you do any contracting, right down precisely what you want out of your design. 


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Find a Custom Designer

Next, it's time to find one of the 50,000 jewelry makers in this country. Sadly, this can be harder than you might think for custom jewelry. Why? Because most jewelry makers either work for themselves or large corporations. 

As such, they can give a lot of time to custom orders. As such, we recommend researching professionals that specialize in this type of custom jewelry making. 

For starters, they'll have more experience with making your idea become a reality. What's more, they'll also be more available for custom orders than creators who don't take them on as much. 

Hire Them to Help You

Once you've found a custom jewelry designer, reach out to them. Ask if they're currently accepting commissions. If they are, settle on a price and share your design. However, don't be surprised if you're put on a waitlist or rejected outright. 

Custom jewelry is in high demand right now. As such, many custom makers are currently swamped with orders. 

Are you interested in learning more about personalized jewelry? Contact us today, and we'll help you find your dream jewelry. 

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The Importance of Custom Options for Jewelry

Now, most people think that luxury jewelry automatically provides people with a confidence boost. However, believe it or not, the opposite is true. One study found that many people feel insecure when they put on this type of jewelry. The reason? 

They often feel like imposters because it doesn't match their sense of style. That's why custom options for jewelry are so important. They allow people in this category to get what they want from their jewelry pieces. 

In this way, the jewelry becomes an extension of their personality and look. So if you aren't drawn to the traditional jewelry on the market, consider designing or personalizing your own. It can go a long way toward making you feel more confident in your skin.