Discover the Meaning and Properties of Peridot

Peridot is a beautiful and vibrant gemstone that is one of the oldest gemstones known to man. It has long been treasured for its beauty in jewelry and its metaphysical properties.

If you’ve been wanting to discover the meaning and properties of peridot, you are definitely in the right spot! Let’s talk about the peridot, what it is, its history, its meaning, and its properties.

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What is a Peridot?

Peridot is a beautiful, green, semi-precious gemstone that has been prized throughout history and around the world. It is a type of olivine, a mineral that is made of iron silicate and magnesium. Peridot gets it’s name from the Arabic word for gem, “faridat”

Peridot is usually found inside igneous rocks, which are rocks that form when lava flow cools and hardens. This means that it can often be found in volcanic basalt near active volcanos. 

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Since peridot forms so deeply inside the earth, it is brought up to the surface with a significant amount of force, like during a volcanic eruption. This can lead to an incredibly rare phenomenon where it literally rains peridots after a particularly violent eruption. It seems that the peridot has a habit of making memorable entrances since it also is found in meteorites.

This stunning green stone has long been associated with wealth, royalty, and light. Peridot jewelry has been found dating as far back as 1500 BCE, which makes it some of the oldest pieces of jewelry that have ever been found. 

Cleopatra, a famous Egyptian ruler, is well known for her love of emeralds, but she was known to wear peridot necklaces as well. Ancient Egyptians called peridots “gems of the sun” and believed they brought good luck and protection to those that wore them, so it may be fitting that Cleopatra wore peridot necklaces.

Peridot is a popular choice to be used in jewelry since it rates a 7 on the Mohs scale. Although it is a durable stone, care should be taken not to scratch or crack it with impacts. Peridot can also be sensitive to heat and can fracture or break when rapidly heated or rapidly heated and then cooled.

Peridot is mined all over the world, with the world’s largest producers of peridot being the United States, Myanmar, Pakistan, and China.


green peridots with orange citrines


Benefits of Wearing Peridot

Peridot has been worn throughout history for its perceived benefits. One of the more common reasons why people wore peridot throughout history was for good luck and to ward off negative energy or evil spirits.

It is also believed that the peridot represents the beauty of the sun and earth together. This may be why many believe that it is known to bring balance to the wearer since the sun and earth maintain a perfect balance with each other. It is also known for its ability to bring balance to the wearer’s emotions and allow them to make decisions with better clarity.

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In more modern times, many people love wearing peridot not only for its striking beauty but also for its ability to enhance the creativity of the person that wears it. This, combined with its reputation for helping keep the wearer focused on the task at hand, improves their ability to complete their tasks for the day.

It is also believed that peridot can help to promote physical and emotional healing. Many people wear this stone to help them heal from many different physical conditions, such as stomachaches or skin conditions. Others wear them to help them heal from emotional pain so that they can move on from the past and move forward with positive energy.

If you are looking for a little bit of extra luck, or maybe just some positive vibes, wearing a peridot is a great way to feel a little more confident in your day-to-day activities. 


a bracelet with a heart-shaped peridot


How to Take Care of Peridot

If you want your peridot to stay in good condition for years to come, there are a few things that you should do. Peridot jewelry should be cleaned regularly using a soft cloth to wipe the stone clean, and carefully use a jewelry cleaner on the metal that the gem is set into.

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After cleaning, make sure that your peridot jewelry is completely dry before storing it away. Make sure that there is no moisture since peridot can easily be damaged by water. The best place to store your peridot is in a jewelry box in a cool, dry place that is away from the sun.

Make sure to avoid exposing your peridot to sudden extreme temperature changes since that can cause the peridot to crack or fracture. Try to avoid laying your peridot by the fireplace or by a radiator where heat can quickly build up and cause damage to your jewelry. 

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Final Thoughts

Peridot is an incredible gemstone that is both versatile and beautiful. It is no surprise that it's been so desired through the years with its many benefits and stunning appearance. Whether you need some positive vibes or you just want to look great, peridot is a great choice!