What is Malachite? A Buyer's Guide

Are you curious if malachite is toxic? You're not alone. Many people are interested in this mineral due to its unique green color. In this blog post, we'll look at the toxicity of malachite and what you need to know if you're thinking about wearing it as jewelry. Keep reading to learn more.

What Is Malachite?

Malachite is a mineral made of green copper carbonate hydroxide that develops in large, stalagmitic, botryoidal, and reniform growths. It is typically discovered in the worn regions of copper deposits and frequently coexists with azurite, cuprite, and limonite.

Malachite is sometimes used as a minor ore of copper but is more often used as an ornamental stone for decorative purposes. It is also used as a gemstone and as an additive in certain paints, varnishes, and ceramic glazes. Malachite is often used in jewelry and other decorative objects because of its striking appearance.

Is Malachite Toxic?

Malachite contains copper, a heavy metal that can be toxic in high doses. Copper is a vital element required for human health. Too much copper, on the other hand, can be toxic. When consumed, copper can produce nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and abdominal pain. It is lethal in high doses.

Copper can also be absorbed through the skin, so wearing jewelry made with malachite can expose you to high levels of copper. However, the amount of copper in malachite is not considered to be hazardous. So, is malachite safe to wear? The answer is yes. Wearing jewelry made with malachite is considered safe.

To some, wearing malachite jewelry is actually thought to have some health benefits, as the copper can be absorbed through the skin. While there is no scientific evidence to support this claim, many believe that wearing malachite can help fight off cancer cells and improve overall health. 


Another caution to take with malachite is that it can cause allergies in some people. If you have never worn malachite before, it is best to do a patch test on a small skin area before wearing it. This will help you to know if you are allergic to the stone and will prevent any reactions from happening in your body.

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The History of Malachite

Malachite has been used as a gemstone and ornamental stone for thousands of years. It was first utilized in Egypt around 4000 BCE and has been used by many cultures throughout history, including the Greeks, Romans, Aztecs, and Native Americans. Malachite was particularly popular in ancient Egypt, where it was used for various purposes, including jewelry, amulets, ornaments, statues, carvings, talismans, vases, bowls, cups, eating utensils, coffins, sarcophagi inner linings and mummy wrappings. Malachite continued to be popular during the Victorian era, when it was often used in mourning jewelry.

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Malachite's Physical Properties

Malachite is most commonly found in shades of green ranging from light green to dark green. However, it can also be yellow-green or even blue-green. The color of malachite is caused by the presence of copper in its chemical structure. Malachite is relatively soft for a gemstone—its Mohs hardness rating is only 3½ to 4—which means it can scratch easily.

It also has a relatively low specific gravity of 2.4 to 2.7. When heated above 176 degrees Fahrenheit (80 degrees Celsius), malachite will lose water vapor and turn white. If exposed to hydrochloric or sulfuric acid solutions without being promptly rinsed with water after contact occurs, malachite will etch or dissolve completely.

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Styling Malachite

Malachite is a stunning green mineral that has been used in jewelry and other decorative objects for centuries. Its unique banded pattern makes it instantly recognizable, and it's deep green color is eye-catching and flattering to everyone. If you're looking for some inspiration on how to wear malachite jewelry, try these styles.

Statement Earrings

Malachite earrings are the perfect way to make a statement without going over the top. If you're wearing a simple outfit, a pair of malachite earrings will add just the right amount of interest and color. They'll also draw attention to your face, which is always a good thing! 

A Pop of Color

If you're looking for a way to add a pop of color to your outfit, a piece of malachite jewelry is the perfect solution. Whether you choose a necklace, bracelet, or ring, it will add just the right amount of brightness. And since green is such a versatile color, it will go with just about anything in your wardrobe. 

Something Bold

For something truly bold, try layering several pieces of malachite jewelry together. A choker necklace with some dangly earrings and a few bracelets makes for a look that's both stylish and unique. It's also sure to turn heads! 

No matter how you choose to style it, we guarantee you'll love the way you look!

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Wearing Malachite

​​Whether you're looking for a new addition to your jewelry collection or simply want to learn about a lesser-known gemstone, we hope this blog post has piqued your interest in malachite! This unique green stone has a long history dating back thousands of years and has been used by many different cultures across the globe.

And thanks to its relatively low hardness rating and wide availability, it's more affordable than many other gemstones on the market today. So if you're looking for something different the next time you're shopping for jewelry, keep malachite in mind—you won't be disappointed!

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