Feeling Messy? Try These Jewelry Organization Hacks

Do you have a habit of taking off your necklace and just throwing it in a drawer? Then when you want to find it again, you're not quite sure where you put it. While keeping your jewelry organized may not come second nature, using a few jewelry organization hacks can make it much easier.

Keep reading to learn simple ways you can change how you store your jewelry.

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Untangle Necklaces with a Necklace Tree

No one wants to deal with a tangled necklace. By throwing a necklace in a drawer, it is often tossed around and, when finally retrieved, ends up tangled. Then, you have to spend time untangling it. Sometimes, time spent untangling a necklace may cause you to be late or even prevent you from wearing the necklace entirely. 

Necklace trees fix this problem. Necklace trees are a practical way to keep all of your necklaces organized and untangled. Each of your necklaces hangs from one of the tree's branches. 

Necklace trees also have the advantage of being decorative. This means you can set the tree out as an accent on your dresser, turning it into a beautiful centerpiece when you add jewelry.

Use Ring Bowls

Ring bowls are similar to necklace trees in that they look cute and serve their practical purpose well. Instead of searching around a drawer for your rings, you can find them all in one handy place.

Ring bowls are also ideal for placing throughout your house. For instance, place one in your kitchen for when you are cooking or cleaning. This gives a designated place for your rings to go when you need to take them off, reducing the risk of losing or damaging them.

Make a Jewelry Corkboard

If you're looking for an affordable option, creating a DIY jewelry organizer from a corkboard is the way to go. You can follow along with a YouTube video to create yours. You'll have a cute place to hang and organize your jewelry when you're done.

We recommend using fabric to cover the board and a picture frame to finish off the edges. But if you don't want to take the time to do this, you can just use a regular corkboard and a few hooks instead.

Corkboards have the advantage of being multi-purpose. The board's main purpose may be to hold jewelry. However, it may also be a place to display important pictures. You can even turn the board into a full vision board.

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Store Small Items in Ice Cube Trays

Earrings and many other small items are easy to lose if you don't have a dedicated place to put them. If you want a budget option to store your small trinkets, it's as easy as picking up an ice cube tray!

These are usually very inexpensive and come in fun colors and shapes. You'll be able to easily choose one (or a few) that will meet your needs.

Just make sure to place the tray where it won't be bumped. Otherwise, the jewelry may spill out. If this is a problem, look into ice cube trays with covers, as they will keep everything more secure. 

Repurpose Purse Hangers

Long statement necklaces get tangled and damaged if they're just thrown in a drawer. It's much better to hang them where they won't be at risk. Unfortunately, it might be too much for a small necklace tree if you have quite a few.

Repurposing a purse or scarf hanger is an easy solution. These are typically much larger and can hold much more than a necklace tree. This will provide plenty of space to hang your necklaces and put them on display. Plus, it will be much easier to see what options you have when you're accessorizing your outfits.

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Don't Forget the Classic Jewelry Box

If you don't have a lot of jewelry but still want somewhere nice to put it, a classic jewelry box may be the best choice for you. This will allow you to organize and protect your pieces without cluttering up a drawer or your wall. 

Plus, there is a wide variety of styles, sizes, and options to choose from!

Do Double-Duty with a Mirrored Jewelry Armoire

Want your jewelry storage to serve two purposes? Consider a mirrored jewelry cabinet. On the front, you'll get a full-length mirror. But once you open it up, you'll have plenty of space for all of your jewelry and accessory storage needs.

Go Vintage with a Tiered Tea Tray

A tiered tea tray is a beautiful way to organize your jewelry. You can quickly toss smaller items such as rings, barrettes, and bracelets on it without worrying that they'll be lost. 

Plus, you can find a tea tray at a low price at a garage sale. Keep your eyes out for one that you find good-looking. We recommend one with three tiers to give you optimal organization ability.

Store Your Earrings on a Cheese Grater

A cheese grater may seem like an odd choice for jewelry organization. But it's a quirky and fun way to store dangling earrings.

Look for a free-standing grater. If you don't see a color you like, remember you can always change the color with spray paint. You can even attach stickers, flowers, or other decorative pieces. 

Then, once you have your grater looking the way you want, all you have to do is place your earrings in the holes. They will stay secure until you need them!

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DIY or Buy a Bracelet Holder

If you easily lose track of your bracelets, it's time to invest in a bracelet holder. These stands typically have a wide bar and are specifically designed for bracelets. Despite this, many of them also work for a few smaller necklaces.

If you want to go the DIY route, making one yourself is quite simple. A DIY bracelet holder can be a cardboard tube from a paper towel roll on the most basic end. On the more elaborate end, you can make a DIY bracelet holder out of a wooden rod, which you can then stain and decorate in any way you want.

Which Jewelry Organization Hacks Will You Use?

Organizing your jewelry and keeping it from getting damaged doesn't have to be difficult. By following our jewelry organization hacks, you'll soon be on your way to eye-catching and practical jewelry displays.

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