Is Swarovski Real Crystal? 9 Facts to Know

If you are a jewelry lover like we are, you have no doubt heard about Swarovski crystal. Whether you’ve heard about them through friends or acquaintances, been gifted Swarovski crystal jewelry, or walked by a Swarovski store in a high-end retail mall, you cannot deny their beauty and allure.

Looking to learn some fun and interesting facts about Swarovski crystal? Well, you are definitely in the right place for that. Let’s talk about Swarovski crystals and the facts that make them so unique!

What is Swarovski Crystal?

Swarovski crystals are man-made crystals that are created from glass that is made of quartz sand. Each piece of glass that will become a Swarovski crystal is cut and polished to maximize its shine and then coated with a special metallic chemical coating that can create different effects on the surface of the crystal by manipulating the way that it refracts light, such as a shimmering effect coating called Shimmer and a rainbow effect coating that the company calls Aurora Borealis. 

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This process turns a piece of glass into a stunning and brilliant crystal that can rival the shine of just about any diamond out there. Swarovski crystals are known for this signature sparkle which can look great in just about anything, whether it is in jewelry, decoration, or ornaments.

Although Swarovski crystals are made of glass, they are surprisingly durable. The durability of Swavorski crystals makes it a perfect choice for everyday wear jewelry or decorative items that may be used regularly. 

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Nine Facts About Swarovski Crystals

Whether you are already a well-established fan of Swarovski crystals or just beginning to learn about them, here are some facts that you may not know about these beautiful crystals.

It's Not Really a Crystal

Technically, Swarovski crystals are not crystals, they are glass. Since the glass is put through that Swarovski patented process, it creates a piece of glass that has a much higher refractive capability than most ordinary crystals can have. 

Crystals can occur naturally, but Swarovski crystals are man-made glass. So if you are wondering if Swarovski crystals are real crystals, they are not. 

Swarovski Crystals Cost Much More Than Glass

You may be wondering why Swarovski crystals are so expensive compared to other glass jewelry. Swarovski crystals cost more since they are made from higher quality materials and go through an extensive and lengthy process to turn them from the glass into Swarovski crystals. 

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Glass is made by melting sand and is cut and polished by a machine. Swarovski crystals, on the other hand, are made from a special mixture of quartz, sand, and minerals and cut with a patented electric cutting machine.

This allows Swarovski crystals to be cut with a higher level of precision to deliver intricate details that would not be possible in a normal glass piece. Due to the labor and the cost of materials involved, Swarovski crystals can cost much more than other glass pieces.

Swarovski Crystal Used to Contain Lead

Daniel Swarovski, the founder of the Swarovski family business, originally added lead to the quartz, sand, and mineral mixture to give the resulting crystal more brilliance. He discovered that adding 32% lead oxide created a beautiful, lustrous finish to the crystal.

In 2012, the Swarovski company introduced Advanced Crystal, which are Swarovski crystals that do not contain any lead. 


a Lamborghini Huracan covered in Swarovski crystal


There is a Swarovski Studded Mercedes Benz

Swarovski crystals have been involved in some extremely high-end collaborations, including a Mercedes Benz SL600 that is covered in 300,000 Swarovski crystals. Only one of the two created has been sold to date, with the price tag being reported to be over $4.5 million dollars.

Swarovski Also Makes Binoculars

The Swarovski Company took its glass-cutting expertise into the field of optics and created a unique glass blend that contains fluoride for binoculars and telescopes. Swarovski Optic, a division of the Swavoski family company that manufactures optical lenses and instruments, manufactures one of the most popular high-end binoculars available in the market. These binoculars are considered to be top-of-the-line and carry a price tag of over $2,000.

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Swarovski Crystals Were Worn by Many Cultural Icons

Swarovski crystals have been worn by some of the most recognizable pop culture icons out there, including Madonna, Elton John, Cher, and even Michael Jackson. In fact, Swarovski crystals were used to adorn the famous crystal gloves that Michael Jackson would wear during his performances. 


a statue of Marilyn Monroe in front of a store


Swarovski Crystals On the Big Screen

Swarovski crystals are no strangers to Hollywood and debuted on the big screen in 1932 in the movie Blonde Venus starring Marlene Dietrich. And although Marilyn Monroe sang a song called “Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend” in the movie Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, the beautiful sparkles that would catch your attention aren’t diamonds; they’re Swarovski crystals.

Swarovski Crystals Dazzled at the Oscars

Swarovski crystals took center stage during the 2009 Oscars, where over 87,000 Swarovski crystals were used to adorn an expansive stage that weighed over 3 tons. Years later, at the 2018 Oscars, 45 million Swarovski crystals were used to create a breathtaking stage that took over 3,000 hours to build.

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Often Imitated, Never Duplicated

Due to the famous brand and the lofty reputation that Swarovski has, there are numerous counterfeit products that unscrupulous retailers will try to pass off as genuine Swarovski crystals. Make sure to buy your Swarovski crystals from authorized distributors to avoid spending money on a cheaply made fake.