Choosing The Right Anniversary Jewelry Gift For Your Spouse

Anniversaries are a significant deal for couples in general, and each one is worthy of celebrating your relationship with the one you love. That said, milestone anniversaries, in particular, represent huge cornerstones in a romantic relationship, so it’s essential to acquire a suitable gift for your partner to demonstrate your love and appreciation for the role they play in your life. While traditional anniversary gifts have general themes people can follow- like paper, cotton, and leather for years one through three- anniversary traditions for metal and gemstones can also serve as a fantastic guide for jewelry gift ideas! Our artisan jewelry-making experts at LaCkore Couture can help explain those traditions while giving you ideas for the perfect anniversary gift.

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1st Anniversary Jewelry Gift Ideas

The Heart Throb Necklace from LaCkore Couture.


Naturally, the first milestone anniversary involves the first year of marriage and is typically represented by gold to symbolize the preciousness of your first year together in matrimony. Depending on your partner’s tastes and personal style, you can choose between either yellow gold, white gold, or even rose gold, leaving you with plenty of options when it comes to selecting the perfect piece of jewelry. Consider an elegant necklace or another ring to go along with their engagement ring and wedding band. 

5th Anniversary Gift Ideas

The traditional gift for one’s fifth anniversary is sapphires, which represent the loyalty and truth that form the foundation of your marriage since these gems are so durable. They also come in a massive range of gorgeous colors, not just the typical blue you may be familiar with! Sapphires look lovely in any jewelry setting, but they can be incredibly stunning in a pair of earrings or bracelet.

10th Anniversary Jewelry Gift Ideas

A decade of love and marriage is a significant cause for celebration, and there’s no better gem to represent such a tremendous accomplishment than a gorgeous diamond. It’s a common tradition to gift your partner a new diamond band, like an eternity ring on your 10th anniversary, though another kind of diamond jewelry- like a pendant or set of earrings- can work just as well.

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15th Anniversary Jewelry Gift Ideas

The fifteen-year mark of marriage is meant to represent a steadily burning yet fiery passion between you and your beloved, so it makes sense that a ruby would symbolize it. These gemstones make a stunning statement whether they’re featured on a ring, necklace, bracelet, or dangling next to your loved ones’ smile in a set of earrings, so you can’t go wrong with your jewelry choice here.

20th Anniversary Jewelry Gift Ideas

Another decade of love down? Then it’s time to celebrate with yet another beloved gemstone; emerald. Emeralds come in a range of stunning green shades. They are meant to represent growth, perfect for symbolizing the ever-growing love you and your spouse feel for one another as the years roll by. Like rubies, emeralds look gorgeous no matter the type of jewelry they’re used in, so whether you’re looking for earrings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants, or rings, you can’t go wrong with your choice. 

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25th Anniversary Jewelry Gift Ideas

The Fierce Necklace from LaCkore Couture.


The 25th anniversary of marriage is also often referred to as the silver jubilee, so it’s a common tradition to gift your special person a piece of silver jewelry or even a white gold or platinum piece that carries a silvery color. A quarter-century of love is a truly momentous occasion for someone’s marriage, so this anniversary can be yet another great chance to pick out a gorgeous new ring. However, necklaces are also a trendy choice!

30th Anniversary Jewelry Gift Ideas

Because pearls take years to form in the depths of the ocean, they are often used to symbolize beauty and lasting union, making them a perfect way to celebrate your 30th anniversary. There are many types and styles of pearls to choose from as well, so you’re sure to find a perfect gift to match your spouse’s unique style and preferences. Popular jewelry choices for pearls are earrings and necklaces. 

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40th Anniversary Jewelry Gift Ideas

Tradition indicates that it’s usually time to circle back with your gifts when it comes to your 40th anniversary, which is why it’s typically represented by rubies- much like your 15th anniversary. It can be a good idea to either replace the piece of ruby jewelry you gave during your 15th anniversary at this time, or you can try to find a new piece to match it. If you initially gave your beloved a ruby ring, try to find a similar necklace or some earrings that they can wear with it.

50th Anniversary Jewelry Gift Ideas

The Luxe Necklace from LaCkore Couture.


Your 50th anniversary is yet another year to circle back with your gifts, mainly because it’s typically referred to as your golden jubilee anniversary. So really, what better way to celebrate the milestone than with a gift of beautiful gold jewelry? It’s also a common choice for many people to include a gold piece that contains some diamonds or other beautiful gemstones to make the gift even more special. This year marks the perfect anniversary for another new ring or necklace!

How to Plan the Perfect Way to Gift your Anniversary Jewelry to that Special Someone?

You finally found the perfect piece of jewelry to gift your spouse on your anniversary instead of just expectedly handing them their gift in a typical store-wrapped jewelry box. Sometimes it can be even more memorable to create a special moment with the gift.

Try unusual ways to wrap the present, or hide the jewelry in exciting places for your loved one to discover. If you are unsure how you want to get creative or where to start, check out these three tips that will help you present your jewelry gift in a way they will never forget

couple having coffee together

Take a Walk Down Memory Lane Together

Take a walk holding hands down a familiar beach location or go on a romantic hike in the woods before giving them their gift. Location can set the mood for the perfect anniversary, especially if it is a unique location that may mean something to you both. 

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This surprise could be anywhere that you both shared a special moment or holds some significance. Take a stroll to where you first went on a date. Or maybe stroll past the place that you both said “I do” on that special day. 

Don’t be afraid to mention why the place is significant to you, and when the moment is just right, (you will know!) Pull out the stunning new piece of jewelry you selected for them. Now you’ve given the perfect gift and made even more great memories down memory lane together. 

Set up a Scavenger Hunt or Hide the Jewelry

Try presenting the gift in a fun and exciting way. It really shows your spouse how much you are still committed to their happiness and devoted to giving them your time. An activity like a strategically planned scavenger hunt for your partner can actually make a simple gift have an even bigger impact.

Whether it is around your hometown or even the home, you both share that scavenger hunts are great for gift giving and building up anticipation for when they finally find it. However, setting up can also be a lot of work, time, and prep.

So if you are short on time or a scavenger hunt is not your thing, no worries, simply hiding the jewelry in a unique special spot to surprise them will really add entertainment and make it more exciting. 

Plan the Perfect Anniversary Dinner Date

Another excellent time to present your spouse with their anniversary jewelry is during or after a lovely date and dinner. Plan a date filled with activities they will love and food they enjoy, and find an exciting way to present their gift during the date.

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Utilize the food presentation during your meal as a unique way to display the new necklace, earrings, or another jewelry item. A diamond watch glistens brighter next to a plate of deep red chocolate strawberries and roses. Or a ring placed safely inside a delicate chocolate shell for dessert can create a culinary surprise. A gold bracelet wrapped around the neck of a champagne bottle sets the mood and makes the date one to remember.
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Final Thoughts and Considerations to Keep in Mind

We hope that the above guide has provided you with a range of suitable gift ideas that can help you and your loved one celebrate some of the most critical milestones in your romantic relationship. If you’d like even more quality gift ideas for other special events like birthdays, holidays, and more, please don’t hesitate to explore the massive selection of handmade artisan jewelry provided by our experts here at LaCkore Couture today. From bracelets to rings and from necklaces to earrings, we offer access to specialized collections of unique and gorgeous jewelry that you can use to say “I love you” no matter what occasion you’re celebrating. 

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