5 Best Ways to Wear Silver and Gold Jewelry Together

Mix those metals! Fashion experts have said mixing silver and gold jewelry is a faux pas for years. But now, experts say combining the two can make your accessories stand out and provide great colors and textures to your wardrobes. 

Yet you shouldn’t grab the first gold and silver jewelry you see and slap them on yourself. To create the best wardrobes, examine the best ways of wearing silver and gold jewelry together. Here are five great ways to do that. 

1. Stack Rings

Silver and gold rings are amongst the most popular types of jewelry. By stacking rings on your fingers, you can create a clever combination of colors and textures without being too provocative. 

Consider wearing a rose gold ring. Rose gold has a softer hue than pure gold, which helps it complement silver jewelry. It is an alloy of gold and silver, so it’s a subtle way to combine the two metals. You can wear gold, silver, and rose gold rings to create a balance of materials.

Do not wear rings with diamonds, pearls, or other features. These features will distract from the combination of metals in your jewelry. If you only wear rings with accessories, select a gold and silver ring with the same ones. 

You can wear multiple rings on one finger, spread them across different fingers, or put rings on both hands. One hand can have only gold rings, while the other has only silver ones. Whatever you do, make sure your jewelry seems coordinated. If you have one hand with gold and one hand with silver, match your rings; you can place diamond rings on your middle fingers and simple bands on your ring fingers. 

If you don’t like wearing rings, you can stack bracelets with gold and silver. Bracelets are more conspicuous than rings, giving you more freedom to move your fingers. You can also try stacking armbands or wristbands.

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2. Layer Necklaces

Layering necklaces can create a striking aesthetic that is perfect for formal events and trips to the office. However, layering necklaces can be more complicated than you think. In addition to the colors and materials of your jewelry, you have to consider their lengths and textures. Wearing three or more bunched-up accessories around your neck will look awkward. 

Vary the necklace lengths. You can wear one very short piece and one very long piece. One should be a statement necklace with a bold feature like a gemstone or an attractive shape. You can wear three or more necklaces, but remember that most people will look at the top and bottom ones. Keep the middle piece simple, putting a pendant on the bottom.

You should also vary the styles of necklaces. Pair a pendant necklace with a choker. If you have an engraving on one necklace, pair it with a simple piece. To pull your different pieces together, select a lace color they all have. It’s okay to choose necklaces that don’t have the same hue but are very similar to each other. 

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Your necklaces should catch the light so that people can see them. Clean and polish your jewelry before going out. 

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3. Wear a Watch

A watch can add a sophisticated element to your appearance. It can also add a modest amount of gold or silver without being too over the top. 

If you have a gold or silver watch, you can pair it with a wristband or bracelet of the other metal. Select a bracelet that is thinner than your watch; this will give you room to move your hand and wrist and keep your hand from appearing too cluttered. To create a balance of textures, wear another bracelet on your other hand. 

You can also buy a watch with gold and silver features. You can buy one with a band or a watch face with both metals. 

4. Mix Your Earrings

You can wear earrings with both silver and gold in them. Gold hoops stand out when they are paired with silver hooks or studs. If you prefer earrings with jump rings, select silver rings with gold motifs hanging from them. 

You can also find mixed tube hoops with silver and gold features. Ensure the hoops hang off to the sides so the gold and silver are visible. You can lay them against the side of your face, but make sure they don’t spin around; if one side faces toward you, it may be hard to notice, especially in limited light.

Wearing a gold earring on one ear and a silver earring on the other can be difficult for others to see. If you’re going to try this out, wear hoop earrings that are easy to see from a distance. 

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5. Select Pieces With Mixed Metal


Rose gold is just one alloy with gold and silver in it. Electrum is an alloy of gold and silver that you can find in nature. Green gold is artificial electrum, and it can be cheaper than natural electrum. Electrum can be pale or bright yellow, while green gold is green, so you have options for different colors. You can buy rings and necklaces with electrum and green gold. 

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Pieces of jewelry with two types of metal are called “bridge pieces.” If you choose to wear a bridge piece, make sure that the hues of each metal match your skin tone. If your skin tone is light, find lighter hues for your metals; rose gold is a great option. If you have a darker skin tone, look at darker and cooler shades.

Bridge pieces can be compelling statement pieces. But they can also be a little too flashy. Start with smaller pieces, then, as you develop your sense of fashion, wear bridge pieces.