Wearing Ankle Bracelets: Everything You Need to Know

Feminine feet balancing on a beach rock and showing off an anklet.

The most experienced fashionistas will tell you that you are never fully dressed with correctly arranged jewelry and accessories. 

However, most people misinterpret this advice. After all, it is not necessarily true that all jewelry is worn on the fingers, wrists, arms, head, neck, and ears.

One of the most underrated forms of jewelry is the ankle bracelet.

Ankle bracelets are fun, flirty, supremely stylish, and are not employed enough or appropriately as attention weapons when it comes to accessorizing.

The ankle bracelet can tie together a whole outfit and draw more attention to it when worn correctly.

If you don’t own an ankle bracelet, then you need to stock up on them now. 

So, let’s talk about ankle bracelets as jewelry - what you should wear, how to wear them, how to accessorize them properly, and when to wear them.

But first, let’s discuss the history of the ankle bracelet and how its aesthetic meaning has evolved throughout history. There is a reason why ankle bracelets elicit a primal response and instantly seize the attention of every eyeball in the vicinity.

The brain has been hardwired since ancient times to notice and respond to ankle jewelry instantly. So, always use this fact to your advantage whenever you accessorize and never forget when to wear ankle bracelets strategically.

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Ankle Bracelets Origins and History

No one really knows who invented ankle bracelets or when human beings started wearing them. It is fair to say jewelry has existed since the dawn of ancient humanity.

The inventor of ankle jewelry was lost to history long ago.

The closest approximation for an origin date for the invention of ankle jewelry is usually the first unearthed documentation of its use. 

Ankle jewelry was probably a style evolution of the leg and chain clamps that ancient enslaved people wore. The jewelry you wore publicly designated your identity, political, and social class.

The oldest ankle jewelry artifacts date back as far as 6,000 B.C.E., which is about 8,000 years, in ancient Sumeria.

Sumeria is a people and culture that lived in Mesopotamia, which is current day Syria, Kuwait, Turkey, and Iraq. The ancient Sumerians invented the concepts of irrigation and farming, and the prototype calendar, among a few other things. 

The ancient Sumerians probably invented the concept of the city. The Sumerian city of Uruk was probably the first city concept in the history of humanity.

Sumerian women wore ankle bracelets as a sign of marital and financial status. Any Sumerian woman who wore jewelry, but especially ankle jewelry, was announcing that she was off the market and well off. Sumerian women were also known to wear toe rings.

Announcing social status via jewelry was also common in ancient Egypt. Ancient Egyptian women who wore ankle bracelets made from precious metals like gold or silver were showing off their financial and marital status.

Meanwhile, poor Egyptians and enslaved people wore ankle bracelets made from seashells, cheap metals, or leather. And although they denoted poverty-stricken status de facto, poor people wore ankle bracelets as a superstitious utility; their ankle bracelets were served primarily as talismans and good-luck charms or amulets than as fashion statements.

Ankle bracelets are an inseparable part of Indian culture and history. Indian women wear ankle bracelets after getting married to flaunt their marital status to this day.

In modern India, indigenous women in the countryside wear heavy ankle bracelets while working to show off their courage to persist in life no matter the adversity.

In the epic Indian poem Shilappadikaram, a man falls in love with a woman who wears a magical ankle bracelet that makes any man powerless to resist her charms.

An Indian woman wearing anklets

Ankle bracelets did not become popular in the United States until the early 20th century. By this time, the popularity of the charm bracelet, which was all the rage in England at the time, had reached American shores. 

However, ankle jewelry is never as fully utilized in American fashion as rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings. American women don’t realize the attention-grabbing appeal of ankle bracelets or their history and don’t wear them as much.

Now that you have a basic history of ankle bracelet bracelets, let’s talk about how to wear them.

When, Where, and How to Wear an Ankle Bracelet

A barefoot woman stylishly wearing an anklet.

You can wear an ankle bracelet anytime. But if you wear them in the winter, who will see it when you’re more likely to wear layers of clothing?

Ankle bracelets have a fresh and flirty style energy that aesthetically demands they be seen at all times.

Wear ankle bracelets in the spring and summer when it is warm enough for you to wear lighter clothing and expose your ankles. 

Always get a pedicure before showing off your ankle bracelet. And never wear ankle bracelets under pantyhose or stockings. You will end up chafing your skin and destroying your leggings.

Make sure that you measure the circumference of your ankle before buying ankle bracelets. Your ankle bracelet should be taut against your skin, chafing your skin, or cutting off your blood circulation. 

Wear dresses, Capri-like pants, and outfits that show your lower legs, calves, and ankles. Wear your ankle bracelets with sandals, flip-flops, low-ankle tennis shoes, and footwear that draws attention to your ankles.

Strategically organize events or parties at home or in the backyard where you can safely and comfortably wear your ankle bracelet while barefoot in a cute outfit.

You could wear ankle bracelets in more formal settings like at the office. But ankle bracelets are more suited to backyard parties, informal gatherings like beach parties, and friendly get-togethers.

Wear one ankle bracelet at a time. Never layer multiple ankle bracelets on an ankle. Wearing an ankle bracelet on both ankles is overkill.

The material of the ankle bracelet does not matter as much as the setting you wear it in. An ankle bracelet made of gold, silver, birthstones, seashells, or leather should match your outfit and the setting you wear them in. 

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