Evil Eye Jewelry: What Does it Mean?

evil eye jewelry with purple crystal Chances are, you've seen eyes on various types of jewelry. Maybe this is on a pendant or a charm for a bracelet; it's not uncommon to see these eyes on bracelets either. But what do all of these even mean exactly? Why have they been increasingly growing in popularity over the last few years? While there is no denying that this eye, commonly known as the "Evil Eye," has become quite the fashion statement for both young and old, it's also essential to know its meaning. There are various styles of eyes on jewelry, such as our Dreamer necklace

While the average person may be wearing evil eye jewelry for aesthetic purposes, it's also very symbolic. So let's explore the meaning behind the Evil Eye and its significance in jewelry. 

What is the meaning behind the Evil Eye?

There is a lot of superstition about the evil eye, and it's considered one of the world's most vital and symbolic images. Multiple cultures worldwide have adopted this symbol, but interestingly enough, the meaning is similar throughout these various cultures. So what does it mean? What is the purpose? Well, the evil eye is just that; it's evil; it's meant to intimidate.

 The evil eye is meant to inflict harm and cause fear. The superstition behind the evil eye is that it's supposed to be powerful enough to prevent disaster, striking fear with its terrifying glare. While one could see it as a way to scare others, the point of the evil eye is to protect the wearer itself; it's meant to protect them from harm. 

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The history of the Evil Eye

There is a lot of rich history regarding the evil eye. Some of the first recordings of the evil eye go back to ancient Greek civilization. This eye was believed to be one of the most significant threats around. More specifically, if someone were to receive too much attention, praise, or admiration, they would "get what they deserve," which means they would meet their doom to the eye. 

It was essentially depicted that the Gods or Goddesses were punishing those there were too proud of themselves, and the eye was meant to show that the Gods were the strong ones, not mortals. The ancient Roman civilization also has similar depictions of the evil eye. 

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While both ancient Greece and Rome feared the Evil Eye, it wasn't very different for Jewish and Islamic cultures. Too much praise was considered wrong, even praise to others, as it would leave people vulnerable to the eye. There is even a Yiddish phrase, "Keyn aynhoreh," meant to protect against the evil eye. Throughout the world, there were similar ideas about the evil eye. Each country and religion has slightly different views of the eye, but it was primarily meant to be something to fear, not embrace.

Blue evil eye necklace

Are there different types of Evil Eyes?

While each religion will have its take on the evil eye, most cultures have three different types of evil eyes. These would be the Unseen Evil Eye, the Conscious Evil Eye, and the Unconscious Evil Eye. Here is the breakdown of the differences between the three: 

  • Conscious Eye: The conscious eye intends to create bad luck and cause harm to those who lay their eyes on it. 

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  • Unseen Eye:  The unseen eye represents the hidden evil within. It's considered the most dangerous out of all the Evil Eyes. 
  • Unconscious Eye: The unconscious evil eye is meant to cause harm to people unintentionally.

Why is the Evil Eye Worn on Jewelry?

The point of Evil Eye Jewelry is solely meant to protect the wearer. You'll find people from various backgrounds, including celebrities such as Meghan Markle. While one could see this as a fashion accessory, this symbol is meant to ward off bad luck and instead directed at those who want to create harm. Those who wear the symbol will wield power and protection from the forces of harm and evil. 

While the evil eye is meant to be feared, it's meant to be a positive force for those who wear it. While it's true that in many cultures and religions, the evil eye is meant to create fear and harm, for those who wear it as a charm, it's meant to signify wisdom. This means that it's meant to teach the one wearing the charm not to be envious of others but not to praise oneself and others too much. A symbol is a charming form of jewelry meant to channel lousy energy and send it back to the recipient. Our Hamsa Evil Eye Necklace is gorgeous and can be worn to keep you safe. 

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Is it appropriate to wear the Evil Eye in Jewelry?

While the Evil Eye has a heavy religious connotation, you don't necessarily need to have any religious affiliations regarding this symbol. Likewise, there isn't any need to worry about cultural appropriation of the piece as long as you're correctly wearing or displaying the charm. It’s believed you should only wear this on the left side if you’re wearing the charm as a ring or bracelet. This is the most appropriate way to display the Evil Eye charm, as the left arm signifies protection from vulnerability.

evil eye bracelet with colorful beads

The Evil Eye Color Meanings

When it comes to the evil eye jewelry, various colors are offered. These colors are not about style. Instead, each color is going to have its meaning. Some spiritual purposes and meanings are associated with each of these colors. Here are the colors and the meanings behind each of them. 

White: This color is associated with cleanliness, purity, and goodness. 

Blue:  Blue, incredibly dark blue, is a prevalent color regarding the evil eye charm and amulets. This is meant to signify good luck. However, it's also meant to create motivation as well. 

Yellow: The same color as the sun; this is meant to symbolize energy and strength. The gold color is also quite common; our Protection Necklace features the evil eye in gold. 

Pink: This color is meant to create relaxation

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So, is it okay to own evil eye jewelry? Of course, it is! Own multiple jewelry pieces, such as amulets that feature the evil eye, are lovely. It's all about what resonates with you and your lifestyle. In general, the evil eye charm is not meant to be about aesthetics; instead, it's about bringing good fortune and protecting yourself from harm's way.