How To Style Your Charm Necklace Like a Pro

Model wearing a charm necklace.

Charm Bracelets exploded into fashion popularity with the general public in the early 1950s. They dipped in popularity in high fashion circles a few decades later. 

But the charm bracelet and necklace are currently enjoying a fashion renaissance in popularity.

Charm necklaces are intimately personal, elegantly fashionable, and underrated as a necklace fashion choice. 

The charm bracelet, the precursor to the charm necklace, is usually seen as the kitschy, gaudy, and tacky costume-level fashion jewelry alternative to legitimate jewelry by non-fashionistas.

But we, and you, know better, don't we?

And if you don't, we will fill you in on what you need to know.

Here are fashion tips on how to expertly style your charm necklace like a pro.

But before we do all of that, let's first talk about the origins of the charm bracelet and necklace.

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Origins of the Charm Necklace

A charm necklace is a necklace or bracelet that carries an intimate personal charm, trinket, pendant, or small stylized symbols, logos, or characters.

The "charm" that you wear on a necklace may not have any intimate meaning or significance. It isn't a necessary prerequisite, but then, what would be the point of wearing a charm necklace then?

A charm necklace allows you to wear your beliefs, politics, religion, or familial affiliations without anyone knowing. 

Your charm necklace could be a pendant, animal-shaped jewel, familial sigil, or coat-of-arms that you can wear close to your heart while simultaneously looking absolutely fabulous. 

There are so many ways to style your charm necklace like a fashion pro while avoiding aesthetic gaudiness and kitsch.

But first, let's discuss the history of the charm necklace through its fashion precursor, the charm bracelet.

Jewelry is not a modern invention. Ancient human beings wore jewelry. However, jewelry had a more utilitarian use in ancient times. 

Ancient Charm Jewelry

Archeologists and historians discovered ancient charm bracelets artifacts that date back to 400 B.C.E., or over 5,500 years ago. Human beings have probably worn jewelry since the beginning of time.

But ancient charm brackets were amulets, trinkets, and animal-shaped carvings or engravings made from wood, stone, animal bones, seashells, or gems meant to ward off evil spirits and bad luck as much as being fashionable. Ancient charm bracelets may have been soft metal bracelets or animal hide strands around a wrist or waist.

Ancient charm bracelets may have been hidden in clothing as a good luck charm to attract good luck or validate superstitious beliefs. The ancient charm bracelet was also used as a kind of precursor to the dog tag I.D. necklaces used by the military.

Ancient charm bracelets were also used that way sometimes. A charm bracelet may identify the wearer as a family clan member, loyalty to a ruler, or religious ideology.

Queen Victoria's Influence

In the late 19th century, Queen Victoria publicly repurposed the charm bracelet and necklace as high fashion jewelry. The Queen would personalize charm bracelets and necklaces accordingly relative to the personality of those who received them as gifts. 

When her partner Prince Albert died, she commissioned the creation of charm jewelry that contained his picture and a lock of his hair.

Meanwhile, the era's population mimicked the fashion stylings of royalty and started wearing charm bracelets and necklaces. 

Tiffany and Co. in New York city began selling their signature charm bracelets in 1889. But by the time of the Great Depression, working-class and poverty-stricken Americans started making gaudy, kitschy, and ad hoc charm bracelets from whatever items they could scavenge. 

The gaudy and overly busy charm bracelet aesthetic as we know it in the modern fashion sense was born in this era.

Now with this little history lesson out of the way, let's talk about a few ways to style your charm necklace like a pro.

Customize It

Tree-shaped charm necklace.

A charm bracelet is a very personalized and subjective fashion statement. The charm, pendant, or trinket that you wear on your necklace can be anything. It can be an engraving, a logo, an animal or object shaped out of bone, engraving, or a motto in another language.

And if you are going to rock a charm necklace, why not rock one that features a charm designed by you or an expert jewelry crafting expert. 

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Don't Overdo It

Charm bracelets developed a reputation for being overly gaudy and kitschy, and in some circumstances, it's deserved. Gaudy charm bracelets feature too many disparate and unconnected charms.

Don't make this mistake with your charm necklace. 

Wear one charm per necklace. 

Keep your charm necklace look signature and simple.

Try Overlap

A charm necklace is worn with two other necklaces of varying lengths.

You can create a striking necklace visual by wearing a choker charm necklace above the collarbone and then a longer one that hangs below it.

Overlapping charm necklaces create aesthetic dynamism and will help elevate your outfit.

Try not to wear more than two or three tasteful charm necklaces at once. (Try to keep it at two.)

And only wear minimalist charms or pendants if you overlap necklaces. You will escape the gaudiness problem and make the charms look more interesting and mysterious. And the look will unite an outfit while standing out on its own.

Wear a Long Charm Necklace By Itself

If you wear a long-length charm necklace, don't overlap with other necklaces and keep one charm on it.

Wear it with a turtleneck, gown, elegant blouse, or a special formal wear outfit. The minimalist look of the long charm necklace will make your outfit grab more attention.

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