Popular Beaded Bracelets To Add To Your Collection

woman wearing a silver and pink bracelet as well as a bracelet with a cross

A bracelet will turn an average outfit into a work of art. Accessories are how we express the endless details of our personalities, dating back thousands of years!

Bracelets are well-known for their bohemian and artful leanings, though they can accommodate any style depending on the one you choose. They’re an easy accessory that takes little effort and gives your outfit a real sense of complexity. Depending on your look, you can also combine bracelets with bangles and rings.

We love beaded bracelets for their handmade appearance and whimsical approach. Read below to pick up some ideas on popular beaded bracelets to add to your collection!

Bold Gold for Any Look: The Pop Champagne Bracelet

Do you have a variety of looks you cycle through every week? You need a bracelet that’s as flexible as you are. Our Pop Champagne Bracelet is poppy and cute, but leans toward the minimalist side.

The rose gold beads pair with deep gray stones for a result that straddles the line between elegant and simple. There aren’t too many bells and whistles, so you’ll be able to easily match this with your uptown outfits or cute casual ensembles. We love how the twinkly beads and dark stones hearken to pearl oysters. 

Wear This With:

  • Shift dresses
  • Tunic dresses
  • Flowy blouses

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Love your look with this beautifully hand-crafted and stylish piece. Made in the United States, our Rainbow Rock Candy Bracelet is made with the highest quality quartz and is embellished with beautiful gold accents.  

Add this bracelet to any outfit to create the extra pop and add a splash of color to your look. Pair this colorful bracelet with an all-black ensemble for a night on the town, or wear it with white for a whimsical, light feel.


If you’re going out for a night with the girls, the Midnight Glitter Bracelet will undoubtedly be a conversation piece.  With its unique black obsidian beads and spotted jasper, you won’t be able to take your eyes off this exquisite bracelet.

Scattered in between the beautiful beads are gold accents with gold-polished raw quartz. You can wear this bracelet on its own or stack it with other LaCkore bracelets of your choice. Wear this bracelet with an all-black dress to create a chic and sexy look.


Enjoy this beautiful Silver Lining Bracelet that adds a touch of elegance and grace to everything you wear. You will love how this bracelet looks against your skin. The blue druzy beads and silver hematite accents create a softer look that can be paired with a pair of jeans and your favorite crisp, white t-shirt. 

The three blue beads add a hint of sportiness to this striking bracelet so that you can wear it with casual attire or fancier attire any time of the day.


Look amazing with this one-of-a-kind Frozen Bracelet.   It will surely be a talking point when you are with your friends and family with its eye-catching design and unique material. The frosted white stones lay flat against your wrist and create a fashion statement to anything you wear.   

If you prefer the stacked-style bracelets, you can find the Frozen Bracelet Stack just as beautiful and elegant as wearing the Frozen Bracelet by itself.


You will love our hot pink Pure Drama Bracelet if you love a little flair with your outfits.  Not everyone likes to wear fuscia pink, but the fuscia jade beads can really help bring some zing to a summer outfit. 

Polished gold raw quartz stones make up these beads, and the bracelet has a beautiful 18k gold hematite accent piece. 


If you like the look of silver, you will love our Totally Savage Bracelet.  This stone beaded bracelet is made with the highest-quality silver nuggets quartz beads and has a beautiful silver druzy pendant as the accent piece.  

You can wear this bracelet with your favorite t-shirt and a pair of jeans, or dress up a cute cocktail dress to include this delicately-crafted jewelry piece. 

No matter how you wear it, we are sure you will love how you look at feel with this bracelet on your wrist.  Feel free to stack this bracelet with other favorites from the LaCkore collection.

A Regal Touch for Quiet Evenings: The Hot Cocoa Bracelet

Who says beads have to be round? Our Hot Cocoa Bracelet has a unique shape in the form of flat, iridescent hematite beads.

The rich brown of hematite gives way to iridescent glimmers depending on the lighting. This play between subtle and colorful provides an elegant look for your quiet evenings. Wear this bracelet on date night, dinner night, or when you just want to feel glamorous. The straightforward design ensures you’ll be able to mix and match this bracelet with ease.

Wear This With:

  • Evening gowns
  • Leather jackets
  • Low-neck dresses

Connect With Nature: The Driftwood Bracelet

Do you crave a little texture in your life? Our Driftwood Bracelet is a handcrafted work of art that hearkens to wood, marble, and precious stones. 

We love how this bracelet walks the fine line between rustic and refined. Each bead is crafted from jasper, situated carefully between pops of gold to add extra glitter. This bracelet is a must-have for fans of astrology, as jasper’s mottled and striped coating looks like distant planets. Pair this bracelet by itself or mix it up: you’ll love it either way!

Wear This With:

  • Floral dresses
  • Patterned blouses 
  • Knitted sweaters

A Dash Of Complexity to Level Up Any Outfit: The Royal Bracelet

If you need more color or complexity for your bracelets, the Royal Bracelet is for you. This showstopper is an intense vision of deep blue and bright gold.

We mixed blue druzy beads with chunks of raw gold quartz to give you a dash of complexity. This bracelet’s color scheme lends itself to attention, but can still be blended into a predominantly warm or cool outfit. The irregular chunk of stone provides an organic touch on a refined look. What can we say: contrast is one of our favorite things!

Wear This With:

  • Cocktail dresses
  • Sweater dresses
  • Layered ensembles

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We believe jewelry should be a personalized journey. We established our business to provide hardworking fashionistas with personal, handmade works of art.

a pile of chunky, jagged rose quartz

Satisfy Your Pink Cravings: The Clover Bracelet

Sometimes you just need to be as pink as possible. Our Clover Bracelet is vibrant, blushy, and just so adorable.

This bracelet’s beads are a buttery soft peachy cream, juxtaposed with tiny gold hematite beads for a rose gold finish. This is the kind of bracelet you wear when you’re feeling completely whimsical and need your outfit to show it. We’re big fans of pairing pink with gold or soft browns, though this bracelet can function like a ‘neutral’. 

Wear This With:

  • Patterned blouses
  • Sundresses
  • Oversized t-shirts

Can’t Choose? Try Our Beaded Bracelet Stacks

Bracelets are a ton of fun. Not only do they work well as a solo piece, you can stack them with other bracelets for a mesmerizing look. 

Astrology and Space Fans Will Love the Starry Night Stack

What goes great with astrology? Why, gorgeous bracelets that look like the night sky, of course! Our Starry Night Stack gives you a slice of the galaxy on your wrist.

This stack’s focal point has round obsidian beads with a chunk of gold quartz. This bracelet is framed by a thin gold hematite bracelet and a bracelet of gold stars. This bracelet stack is subtle enough to blend into your outfit, yet striking enough to draw a second glance.

Wear This With:

  • Starry leggings
  • Twinkly cocktail dresses
  • Glittering earrings

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Satisfy Your Love for Trees and Flowers With the Amber Stack

Are you the kind of person to go on long, dreamy strolls at the park? Do you love trees and flowers? Our Amber Stack hearkens to all the things that make nature so beautiful.

Ginger red crystal beads pair with olive green druzy beads for a look that’s pure autumn. We added a few glittery silver beads to give you some extra contrast. Who says you can’t have the best of both worlds?

Wear This With:

  • Chunky sweaters
  • Knee-high boots
  • Flowy cardigans

a woman wearing a plaid scarf and jacket looking at a bracelet on her wrist

Embrace the Ocean With Our Nicole Stack

Last but not least, embrace the ocean with our stunning Nicole Stack. These bracelets are a medley of silvers and blues, bringing back fond memories of your time at the beach.

We love how much color and texture contrast is in this bracelet stack. The focal point is a large silver stone framed by round, silver beads. We added chunky blue stones and tiny glittering beads to give the illusion of wearing the ocean on your wrist. Every time you look, there’s new complexity to enjoy.

Wear This With:

  • Sundresses
  • Shawls
  • Casual dresses

How beautiful can you make your next outfit? Contact us today to enjoy the best handmade bracelets, rings, earrings, necklaces, and charms.