Ankle Bracelet Meaning and How to Wear An Anklet

Those cute ankle bracelets we all love to wear on a hot summer day at the beach may have more meaning than you might think. Anklets are one of the oldest known jewelry pieces and date back to Ancient Egypt. 

Fast forward to the current day, modern fashionistas are unearthing it from the fashion trove and pushing these cute anklets back into the mainstream spotlight. We're not upset about it; anklets are fun pops of style that can be worn for formal occasions and pool days. 

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Material Meaning 

When you're in the process of choosing an anklet, you might be curious if the material it's made of holds any significance.

Hundreds of years ago, a gold anklet equated wealth, status, and influence. However, in modern times, a gold-plated anklet is a cost-effective and fashionable option for shoppers on a budget. 

The material you select should be based on the look you're aiming for. If you're going for a beachy or urban vibe, consider a plaited or corded anklet. If you're trying to achieve a bohemian and luxurious style, then a delicate gold or silver chain with beads is the way to go.

Meanings of Anklets in Indian Culture and SouthEast Asia 

In Indian culture, anklets hold significant symbolism. They are worn during traditional weddings and are a big feature of any bridal outfit as they may bring good fortune. In India, you can find anklets in many styles, ranging from barefoot anklets with toe rings to intricate charm chains. 

Additionally, anklets sometimes represent the marital status of women. For example, married women wear louder anklets to make a sound while entering the room. 

Woman wearing anklet



Who Usually Wears an Ankle Bracelet?

In Asian culture, women wear anklets to indicate their marital status and may also wear them on their left ankles as a talisman against the evil eye. 

Anklets can also be worn as a personal style choice or a charm to remind one of their connection to nature. Additionally, anklets can symbolize friendship.

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General Anklet Meaning

Ankle bracelets, also known as ankle chains or anklets, have diverse cultural connotations. The implications of wearing an ankle bracelet can vary depending on the region or culture. For instance, in certain societies, it may signify a woman's social or marital status. Meanwhile, in some Western cultures, having an anklet on the left ankle might imply that the woman is in an open relationship.

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Right Ankle Meaning 

Wearing an anklet on one's right foot can hold different meanings for different individuals. While some may view it as a simple fashion statement, others associate it with one's relationship status. Specifically, there is a belief among certain groups that wearing an anklet on the right foot signifies being single and unattached. 

Additionally, within certain subcultures, married or committed individuals who wear an anklet on their right foot may be perceived as seeking an extramarital affair or a casual fling. You must consider the potential implications and interpretations of this accessory before donning it on one's foot.

L​eft Ankle Meaning 

But if you think you can switch the anklet to your left without considering customs, think twice! Some cultures can interpret switching up the anklet to your left ankle to mean that you're open for a relationship --- or at least for engaging in a casual romantic encounter. 

Can Men Wear Anklets?

Throughout history, men have worn anklets as a fashion accessory. However, in modern times, it is uncommon to see men wearing anklets as a fashion statement. Still, that doesn't mean you can't burst through fashion norms and conventions to fully express yourself. If you're a man and wish to decorate your ankle with a little bling, go for it. 

How To Wear an Anklet 

It's best to wear it where it can be seen, such as a location where it's appropriate to display your lower legs, like during the warmer seasons. While wearing an anklet under long jeans or pants is okay, it won't be visible. 

Opt for capris, shorts, or skirts to complement your ankle jewelry. To choose the perfect anklet to match your style, consider the style of your other jewelry and outfits. Rustic leather, boho beads or woven materials, and classic metals are all versatile options.

Also, remember to wear anklets only when it’s appropriate, which means don’t wear an anklet to a job or when you meet your partner’s parents for the first time. 

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Pay Attention to Your Legs

If you wear an anklet on your ankle, it's likely to draw attention to your legs. So, ensure that your leg skin is free of scratches and blemishes. 

Apply body cream or lotion to moisturize your legs for a smooth and shiny look. This effect is doubled up with tanned skin. Also, don't forget to take care of your toenails. Keep them clean, neat, and perfectly pedicured.

Pay Attention to Your Age

For those in their teenage or 20s, bohemian anklets with colorful beads, tassels, and small charms are a fashionable choice. However, mature women should elevate their anklet game by opting for silver, gold, or pearl anklets. 

Delicate and minimalistic anklets pair well with elegant high heels, making them perfect for summer evening parties. 


Anklet on the rocks


Final Remarks 

Anklets are a great look for a casual pool day or music festival. However, different cultures have different meanings. If you plan to visit a South Asian country, particularly India, you should refrain from wearing anklets during your trip. Once you are in the right place, buy some anklets to pair with any casual outfit

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