Amber Bracelet Benefits: What to Know

Amber is the resin from ancient pine trees that have hardened over tens of thousands of years and turned into a gorgeous warm hue that is prized by jewelry lovers around the world.

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However, did you know that besides being beautiful keepsakes, wearing amber on your bracelet can give you some surprising benefits? Let’s talk about amber and what benefits wearing an amber bracelet can bring you.

What is Amber?

Amber is an ancient tree resin that has fossilized over tens of thousands of years or more and has been used for thousands of years as ornamental pieces or as jewelry. This results in a beautiful gem material that comes in varying shades of brown, orange, and yellow that is perfect for jewelry of all sorts.

Tree resin that is exposed to oxygen and other environmental factors slowly turns into amber over time, ranging from tens of thousands to even millions of years. This means that owning a piece of amber is owning a piece of history, especially if there is an inclusion. These inclusions can include drops of water, leaves, and even perfectly preserved insects.

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Amber is a relatively soft material, ranking between two to three on the Mohs hardness scale. Since amber is soft compared to other gemstones, it is easily manipulated and worked, which could be the reason why some of the earliest jewelry and decorations that have been discovered are made out of amber.

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What Are the Benefits of Wearing Amber?

There are a few potential benefits of wearing amber. Here are some of our favorite benefits that amber brings.

Promotes Healing

Just like trees use tree resin to help heal any wounds in their bark, it is believed that wearing amber close to your wounds can help them heal much faster. Amber has long been used in many different cultures for its possible healing properties for thousands of years. 

A reason why amber has such powerful healing properties may be due to the succinic acid that it contains. Succinic acid is an effective anti-inflammatory and has the potential to soothe the skin, which makes an amber bracelet a great choice for those painful paper cuts that you might pick up at the office.

Pain Relief

If you are dealing with pain that is caused by inflammation, wearing an amber bracelet can bring you some relief. Since succinic acid may have anti-inflammatory abilities, wearing an amber bracelet that stays close to the skin where it can be warmed can allow it to be slowly absorbed through the skin. This can reduce the inflammation at the injury site and reduce the pain that you are feeling.

Common conditions that many people wear amber bracelets for include arthritis, muscle pain, and joint pain. If you want to use your amber bracelet to give yourself some pain relief from conditions like these, make sure that the amber stays close to your skin so it can heat up from your body warmth in order to activate the succinic acid.

The pain relief potential of amber is even used for babies that are going through their teething phase. An amber bracelet made specifically for babies that are teething is popular among many parents that believe that they soothe their babies when they are in pain. Make sure that if you give a baby an amber teething bracelet, you keep an eye on them while they are wearing it so it does not become a choking hazard.

Anxiety Relief

Many people wear amber because it can help control their anxiety and keep their stress at manageable levels. Amber is believed to have calming and grounding energy that can help with feelings of stress and worry. 

Amber is also believed to bring a sense of balance to your body and its energy, which can help promote relaxation and bring a sense of inner peace. If you have been dealing with anxiety, try wearing an amber bracelet throughout the day and keep it on, if possible, as you sleep. You may find your worries slipping away and find yourself thinking much more clearly.


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It Also Works For Your Pets!

The benefits of amber can also extend to your pets. There are amber collars for pets that are believed to repel insects such as ticks and fleas while offering the same pain and anxiety relief that amber gives to humans.

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The natural smell of amber is extremely unpleasant to insects, which may be a survival instinct since resin usually meant death for the bugs that touch it. This makes amber a natural repellant for pests that can keep them from biting and bothering your furry friends. 

If you are looking for an amber collar for your pet, try looking for one that is made of raw amber instead of one that is polished. Raw amber will have a stronger natural odor and be more effective at repelling pests.

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Final Thoughts

As you can see, amber is quite a versatile gemstone. Not only can it help you with physical and anxiety symptoms, but it can also help keep your furry companions pest free as well. So the next time you want to wear a bracelet, remember that you can not go wrong with choosing an amber bracelet!