Best Jewelry Trends 2022: What's Out & In

Jewelry trends in 2022 have been modern, asymmetric, and bold. So don’t be afraid to stand out with statement stacks of bold pearls and pendants this season. We’ll cover the best jewelry trends you’ll want to wear this winter. So pick the trends that speak to you and reflect your personality for the ultimate reflection of your self-confidence and style.

The Best Jewelry Trends of 2022

Here are the best jewelry trends of 2022 that you need to incorporate into your look this winter to exude confidence and chic personal style.


Pearls are one of the biggest trends this winter. A statement of classic sophistication, pearls have always communicated old money glamor. This year is all about giant baubles and stacks of pearls around your neck and wrists. You can wear traditional white or mixed colors for a more bohemian vibe.

Chunky Chains

Chunky gold chains are for more than just OGs. This white-hot look has been at the top of jewelry trends for 2022. Made prominent by the runways of Valentino and Hermes, you’ll see chunky chains everywhere. Wear your chain as a statement, and keep all other jewelry minimalistic for the best look.


Stacking or layering your jewelry for a maximalist look is all the rage. You can stack necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings to create interest and variety in your glam look.

Mix and match styles for depth and variety. But pick one area to stack and keep the rest of your jewelry minimalist to keep the look clean and intentional. Layering lots of dainty jewelry can also be done for an everyday look.

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Abstract Shapes

Another dominant trend has been asymmetry. So it’s no wonder large abstract shapes are trending. Eye-catching pendants and earrings will make a statement and draw interest to compliment your look. There is no shape that is discouraged. So be brave and choose shapes that speak to you on a personal level.

Power Pendants

Bold statement pendants are the perfect statement piece for your outfit. Stack them with dainty chains to create more interest. You’ll want to pick pendants that reflect your inner power and style. There is no wrong answer here, so be big and bold this winter.

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Hoops have been dominating the ear this season. Huggies, hoops, studs, and cuffs stacked together for a truly modern look are a popular combination. You can mix metals and styles for an edgier asymmetrical look.


Chokers are making a revival, according to Marie Claire, this winter. So look out for metallic chokers that have punk rock vibes. Depending on your style, you may want to pair a fierce choker with your look to make a bold and daring statement. Or save the metallic choker for an evening look, creating a powerful silhouette.


Balance your energy and your look by wearing crystals. These uniquely shaped minerals can add variety, style, and a grounded naturalist vibe to your look. Crystal pendants, bohemian stacks, or chunky bracelets will create interest and natural sparkle.

Tennis Bracelets

No longer just for the country club, tennis bracelets are all the rage. For a more modern take, look for tennis bracelets that mix gems or stray from the traditional diamond and gold string. You can wear your tennis bracelet as an everyday piece or as a minimalist statement.


Inspired by the popularity of the hit series Bridgerton, Regency-inspired jewelry is having a moment. Embrace the opulence, gems, and maximalist style and bask in the glam. Look for gem-encrusted symmetrical pieces that shout your personality. Wear regency jewelry as a statement piece.


Birthstones are another trend that will be a must this winter season. Gems that communicate your personal energy and sign are a great way to show personality and pops of color. Zodiac signs and birthstones have been all over the runway and have a cosmic power that really makes a statement. Plus, they make great gifts for friends, partners, and loved ones.

What will be the Biggest Jewelry Trend in Winter 2022?

Chunky oversize gold chains will be the biggest and best jewelry trend this winter. You can choose your favorite chain style to make a bold statement. The more over-the-top, the better. You can stack chains or wear a singular large statement chain.

Is Silver in for Jewelry in 2022?

Yes. Silver jewelry has been prominent in 2022. Stacking silver pieces for an everyday look that is chic and modern is a great choice. That said, yellow gold will also be big this year, so layer the two together for the ultimate bohemian look.

Is Rose Gold Out of Style in 2022?

Rose gold is still having a moment, but it isn’t as popular as silver, yellow gold, and white gold. So if you love your rose gold pieces, don’t worry. You can still wear them, but stack them with other metals for a more modern look.

What Jewelry Makes You Look Younger?

If you want to have a more youthful look this winter season, try these trends to look like a younger fashionista:

  • Stack rings and bracelets. While many women stack necklaces, layering your rings and bracelets has a more youthful vibe. And it’s a twofer because those rings and bracelets can hide your hands which often are the first things to show your age.
  • Wear light hoop earrings. Earlobes are another body part that shows a woman’s age because the piercing hole can become elongated and large over time. To reduce the pull on your ears, opt for a light hoop that can be worn every day without creating more droop.
  • Choose metals that compliment your skin tone. If you have warmer skin, you’ll want to wear gold. If you have cooler skin tones, you’ll want to wear silver. 
  • Mix your jewelry sets. You’ll want to wear different jewelry that has a more cohesive look than a matchy look. Mix styles that go well together rather than jewelry all from the same style.

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