What Are Semi Mounts Rings?

Is your wedding day getting closer? Then you'll need a ring certainly! 

Choosing the "right" ring can be overwhelming, especially if you don't know much about carat size, gemstones, etc. Also, the type of diamond shape ring you choose says a lot about you.

But fear not! We are here to help you out and make you feel more at ease so things can run as smoothly as possible. 

In this article, we will break down what semi-mount rings are. Also, we'll give you some great stone options that will look amazing so you can look your absolute best on your big day!

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What is a Semi Mount?

A semi-mount ring is an unfinished ring that lacks the center stone but includes the other accents and delicate embellishments.

The term semi-mount comes from the procedure of mounting a ring, which entails placing the formal gemstone on the ring band.

The nature of this partially finished ring is described by the word semi, which means half. A semi-mount ring is a halfway point between a fully customized ring and a store-bought ring.

You have more options with a semi mount ring setting since you can select your chosen center stone, diamond cut, carat weight, band style, and more.

What is a Ring Setting, Exactly?

Three girls wearing silver rings

There are two types of ring settings. The first one can refer to the metal that holds the diamond or gemstone, and the second one most usually refers to the semi-mount ring.

The most popular ring setting is a prong setting. It has four or more prongs that grab the diamond and secure it. 

However, some of the most popular setting types include:

  • Bezel
  • Pave
  • Channel


Bezel settings for engagement rings are pure elegance. An outer casing or metal complete surrounds the stone, thus creating a secure setting. This is a practical option for diamond cuts with sharp edges such as a marquise, princess, or pear shape. Stones in this setting also appear more flush to the band rather than sitting higher as they would in a prong setting. 

A full bezel setting means that metal surrounds the center stone from all angles. The stone has greater protection, but more of it is hidden, thus appearing smaller than its actual size. As light reflection is restricted, the diamond could seem to have less brilliance. A major benefit of a full bezel setting is that the stone is at reduced risk of damage.

A partial bezel setting means the ring of metal only encloses a portion of the stone. The diamond is more visible and can even appear to be larger than its true size. Greater light reflection means more brillianceyet the exposed areas are more vulnerable to damage.


A pave semi-mount ring embodies the concept of diamonds being a girl’s best friend. These stunning bands appear to be “paved” with diamonds as the stones cover the entire outer rim of the band. The center stone can be secured with a prong setting or bezel set, with diamonds surrounding the focus stone in addition to the band. The ring itself can be a singular band or feature a split setting in the front with two support structures for the center stone per side rather than just one. The unique criss-cross semi-mounts are especially eye-catching, as are vintage-inspired octagon designs!


Channel cut semi-mounts are pure sophistication. A carefully cut channel is hollowed out of the mount to hold smaller diamonds or some other stone. As this is a very smooth, prongless design, it will not get snagged. The channel features a small lip that barely wraps over the channel to secure the stones, and there are often hidden grooves to further anchor the diamonds in place. This design beautifully sets off a center stone but it can be difficult to size and clean.

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Different Semi Mount Diamond Rings Styles

Semi mount diamond rings come in many beautiful styles. Three of the most beautiful (and popular) styles include:

The Solitaire Semi Mount: This semi mount ring only has one gemstone to focus on, which is incongruent. However, its complex band with delicate filigrees, etching or a figural pattern keeps it fashionable.

The Bridal Semi Mount Set: Bridal sets come with a beautiful setting and a matching wedding ring. Only a center stone is required to turn this semi mount into a stunning piece of jewelry.

The Accented Semi Mount Rings: This is the most prevalent among the semi mounts. It contains attractive accents that can be combined with the couple's choice of the center stone. Princess cuts, baguettes, emeralds, and round stones are examples of different accent stone forms.

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Characteristics of a Semi Mount Diamond Ring

Silver-colored ring inside a box

The majority of engagement rings you'll see in stores have a focal stone set in a designed setting. The background design is there is a half mount ring; however, the center stone is missing.

There are many different sorts of backgrounds to choose from. Semi-mounts for solitaire stones are embellished with engravings, filigrees, or figural motifs, and you choose the lone stone to go on it.

The band of an accentuated semi mount has little stones on it. Semi mounts are also available in a variety of gold types and styles. 

A couple can choose the mounting that appeals to them and match it to the diamond of their choice; nevertheless, keep in mind that the stone must also fit in the setting.

Semi mount diamond rings are great for creating uncommon and gorgeous rings since they are made to suit the preferences of specific consumers. 

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Vintage semi mount diamonds are attractive because they are one-of-a-kind and difficult to duplicate.

Semi-mounting allows the gemstone to get the necessary quantity of light.

Because these diamond rings do not require the services of a designer or customization, they may be purchased at a reduced cost. Semi mount diamond rings come in a variety of colors and styles.

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The Benefits of a Semi-Mounted Diamond Ring

A semi mount ring allows you to customize your band without putting too much effort or money into it.

It could also be ideal for getting a ring with a colorful gemstone or a unique diamond-cut like an Asscher or Cushion, which are generally overlooked as focal stones by ring designers.

When you consider that this may be the only piece of jewelry you wear for the rest of your life, personalization is crucial.

It's even more crucial that you can use a semi mount to improve your ring.

You can keep the stone you adore without dragging about a ring design you don't like if you take the central diamond from the original ring and place it on a different background.

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A Semi Mount Diamond Ring's Drawbacks

Semi-mounts aren't without their flaws. If your fingers get longer, they're difficult to resize, and buying the diamond separately from the mount isn't usually cost-effective.

They can also be difficult to get by, as just a few retailers have them. Also, they're more prevalent during restyling events.

However, knowing that you have options when it comes to ring design is comforting. Before deciding on a favorite, make sure to check out all of them.


So there you have it! Now you know what semi mount rings are. We also touched on its characteristics, different styles you can find, drawbacks, and their benefits. 

A semi-mount ring is an unfinished band with all of the additional highlights and tiny embellishments but no center stone. The only thing that you would need is the stone! 

It would be best to find good jewelry where they can show you a variety of ring cuts. Ask them about the different possible options you can insert into the mount.

Ask them about the following ring cuts: single, brilliant, Portuguese, oval, round, cushion, trilliant, heart, radiant, table, pear, emerald, princess, french, Peruzzi, Asscher, lozenge, baguette, or marquise.

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