The Best Gift Ideas For Guys To Get For Their Female Friends

 A woman holding a wrapped gift

Shopping for the guys is easy. Shopping for your female friends — not so much. Don’t stress, though; we’ll make it easy!

No matter what your female friends enjoy, we’ve got the nine best gift ideas for guys to get for their female friends. She’s sure to love one (or more!) of these great gifts:

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1. For the Earring Lover: Boho Earrings

Boho Earrings from LaCkore Couture

If your female friends don’t go anywhere with bare ears, they’d probably love a new pair of earrings to show off! Choosing the right pair of earrings isn’t always easy, so we recommend gifting them a pair that goes with any style and personality — like these boho-style earrings.

Available in 24k gold or silver, these LaCkore Couture exclusive earrings are handmade in the USA and inspired by nature and the latest trends. Get your female friends the perfect pair of earrings. Whether they’re at a party, enjoying nature, or relaxing at home, these earrings are perfect for any occasion.

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2. For the Reader: Kindle Paperwhite

If your female friend loves to read, there’s only one perfect gift: A Kindle Paperwhite. Unlike other Kindle tablets, the Paperwhite series is perfect for reading anywhere, from dark late nights to bright summer days. And it’s waterproof — she can read at the beach, in the bath, or anywhere she likes without worrying about ruining her favorite book!

Plus, the new versions come with Bluetooth so that she can pair her headphones or speakers and listen to her favorite stories from anywhere. With a single charge lasting for weeks and built-in adjustable lights for indoor and outdoor reading, it’s the perfect gift for your female friends that take their favorite books everywhere.

3. For the Bath-Obsessed: Bathtub Caddy or Bath Bombs

If you have a female friend who swears the bathtub is her #1 spot to relax, check out this bathtub caddy — you can make her favorite relaxing activity even better! It holds a wine glass, snacks, phone, tablet, book, etc., and it comes with two removable trays to hold all of her bathtime goodies.

However, you might not see her as often after giving her this gift; she may never leave the bathtub again. (Hint: This bathtub caddy makes the perfect follow-up gift for the Kindle Paperwhite, so your friend can read safely in the bath!)

If you’re looking for a smaller gift for your bath-obsessed female friend, bath bombs are an affordable gift that anyone will love! These bath bombs are 100% natural, super fizzy, and lots of fun. They combine natural organic ingredients with a mix of essential oils and moisturizers to create a great smelling, fizzy, and beneficial bath.

4. For the Writer: Leather Journal

Another great gift idea for your female friend is this cute leather journal. The leather is made from recyclable and degradable materials for your eco-conscious friends, and it’s durable enough to take anywhere.

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With high-quality, thick pages, cute animal footprint end sheets, and a built-in bookmark and pen holder, this leather journal is perfect for any writer to take on the go. And at just over $20, it’s a great gift that doesn’t break the bank.

5. For the Bracelet Lover: Rainbow Rock Candy Bracelet

Rainbow Rock Candy Bracelet from LaCkore Couture

Give your jewelry-loving female friends the perfect bracelet for the next holiday or special occasion: the colorful Rainbow Rock Candy bracelet! Let them get back to the basics with a stylish statement — this bracelet is designed and handmade in the US with high-quality quartz and gold accents.

It’s the perfect piece for any outfit; your female friends can energize their look by adding a splash of vibrant color. Any of your friends who frequently wear bracelets (or want to!) are sure to love this one-of-a-kind colorful rainbow bracelet.

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6. For the Adventurous: Instant Film Camera

You’ve heard it before: Pictures are worth a thousand words. If that’s true, then this gift speaks for itself. Sure, your female friends have smartphones with great cameras, but nothing beats taking a picture and printing it out instantly — just like the old polaroid cameras.

Whether she’s out hiking or camping, hanging with the girls, or anything in between, she’ll love having this instant camera by her side to capture all of the important moments. 

7. For the Scent-Obsessed: Perfume Spray

If your female friends love to smell nice and look great (hint: they do!), help them out by adding the Carolina Herrera spray to their collections. Not only is the scent incredible, but the bottle features a unique design, too. Or, if you know which perfumes she loves, you can get her a bottle of her current favorite!

This fragrance is powerful, aimed at women who live their lives as they please. One who loves her good side but celebrates her bad side. Does your friend sound like that? Then don’t skip out on this Carolina Herrera perfume.

8. For the Chocolate Lover: Chocolate Gift Box

Everyone loves chocolate, right? If you’re not sure what your female friend likes, it’s hard to go wrong with a chocolate gift box. This assortment has something for everyone with 19 different chocolates, including milk, dark, and Belgian-filled.

Inside the elegant gift box, you’ll find classic chocolate flavors like almond praline and cherry cordial, along with some chocolate-lover favorites like 50% dark demitasse and dark caramel.

9. For the Necklace Lover: Evil Eye Necklace

 Evil Eye Necklace from LaCkore Couture

Guys, help your female friends express their quirky side with one of the most timeless and unique necklaces around: the Evil Eye necklace. Handcrafted in the US with high-quality materials and dipped in 24k gold, this stunning necklace suits any style and makes for the perfect finishing touch to any outfit.

10. For The Animal Dog Lover: Just A Girl Who Loves Dogs And Fall - Personalized Tumbler Cup

Fall is here, and winter is shortly around the corner. If your female friend loves dogs and is a coffee drinker, she will love this personalized tumbler cup

This tumbler makes for the cutest gift as you can personalize it with her dog's and her own names. She will absolutely adore this cup all seasons because you can use it for hot and cold beverages. 

The coffee cup is unique because it uses magnetic power to keep the beverages from spilling and securely closed. The stainless steel tumbler has a highly durable coating that won't crack, peel, or fade from gripping and extended use.

Due to the double-wall insulation, these 20-ounce tumblers can keep temperatures hot or cold for 3 to 4 hours. 

11. For the Curious Friend: DNA Ancestry Kit

DNA Ancestry kits have exploded in popularity, and everyone who has tried them has had some great questions answered about their genealogy. If your friend is curious about her family's history, surprise her with a DNA Ancestry Kit from Ancestry DNA.

The DNA Ancestry kit has straightforward instructions to follow, and all she has to do is send a sample of her saliva to the company and wait for a few months to see the results. 

The DNA kit has three packages to choose from: the Ancestry DNA, Ancestry DNA & Family Tree, and the Ancestry DNA Traits & All Access Package.

The Ancestry DNA & Traits connects her with 35 of the most interesting traits that help her understand how her genes might have caused things like sensory, appearance, nutrients, and other personalized characteristics such as heart rate recovery, fitness endurance, and much more. 

One of the more exciting discoveries has to do with her ethnicity. The ethnicity findings will pinpoint her family's origins and provide insights into where her ancestors might have come from. 

All DNA kits are private, and Ancestry DNA takes strict security measures not to divulge any outcomes except with the provider of the original member. 

12.  For The Wine Lover: Personalized Portable Wine Bottle Chiller

If you have a friend who loves to drink wine, she will love this personalized portable wine bottle chiller. This wine chiller is perfect for taking on picnics or transporting and holding fine wines at the perfect and ideal temperatures for enjoyment. 

13. For The Outdoors Woman: Wise Owl Outdoor Hammock

Does your friend enjoy the outdoors? Give her a gift of relaxation to the woman who loves the outdoors. She can easily take this Wise Owl hammock anywhere she goes as it is lightweight, portable, and easy to carry. 

Whether she is sleeping under the stars, lounging around the campfire, or hanging out at the beach, this hammock has everything she needs to stay comfortable on her next outdoor trip or even simply hanging out in her own backyard with friends and family. 

This hammock will hold up to 500 pounds and is made of super durable parachute nylon to ensure the hammock lasts forever. 

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It comes in various lengths and is stunning on its own, or your female friends can pair it with any of their other favorite necklaces for an even more unique look! 

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