10 Affordable Minimalist Jewelry Brands You’ll Love

Best Minimalist Jewelry Brands

Minimalist jewelry appeals to many people for various reasons, providing elegance without ostentation. Some prefer to invest in quality jewelry that remains attractive for years to come, offering timeless appeal and versatility.

Others like to mix and match jewelry, experimenting with layering necklaces, stacking rings, and bracelets, and minimal jewelry styles offer endless possibilities. Still others embrace a minimalist lifestyle and seek out simpler styles or brands that share the same design philosophy.

Whatever your reason, you can confidently build your minimalist jewelry collection with stunning pieces from these affordable minimalist jewelry brands.


Founded in a Laguna Beach, CA apartment in 2004 and initially sold at trade shows, Gorjana has since expanded nationwide, boasting dozens of retail locations from California to Connecticut.

Their selection of minimalist gold jewelry features clean, simple designs that will always be in style. Diamonds and pearls appear in several of their pieces, and others feature natural gemstones for pops of color.

Popular items include chainlink and alphabet jewelry, and prices range from around $40 for simple gold pieces to $300-400 for diamond pieces.


Mejuri embraces the idea that jewelry expresses one's identity, encouraging customers to purchase it for themselves instead of waiting for it to be gifted.

Mejuri offers a wide selection of minimalist fine jewelry, including many iconic designs. For example, their Croissant design features a ridged swirl pattern, and their Heirloom collection features colorful stones.

Their popular items include croissant and signet styles and pavé diamond pieces. Prices range from $60–70 for studs and hoops to $500–600 for gemstone-studded rings and fine gold chains.


Missoma was founded to bridge the gap in quality, affordability, and fashion-forward jewelry. It has quickly become a worldwide brand, shipping to over 200 countries.

Their collection ranges from simple gold minimalist jewelry, like chains and hoop earrings, to more intricate pieces, many featuring colorful gemstones. Their unique "In Good Hands" design features two golden hands holding a central ring.

Prices range from $40–60 for hoops and simple rings to $400–600 and up for 14k gold and diamond pieces.


Bychari, catering to women who value luxury yet appreciate simplicity, is an ideal choice for affordable minimalist jewelry.

Some of their best sellers include simple gold hoops and chains along with jewelry featuring letters, often to honor the initials of loved ones. Their collection is mostly gold and diamond jewelry, with a few white gold and gemstone pieces.

Prices range from $60–70 for small initial necklaces or gold hoops to $200–300 for diamond and 14k gold pieces.

Above Average Studio

Above Average Studio is a Toronto, Canada-based company that aims to make high-quality jewelry affordable for everyone.

Charms are a popular item at Above Average Studio and are available on gold chains, pearl necklaces, silk ribbons, or cords. In addition, their collection offers more colorful accents than many minimalist jewelry designers.

They offer cheap minimalist jewelry that isn’t cheap in quality. Prices are as low as around $30 for colorful floral earrings and up to $100 for certain necklaces.

Oma the Label

Nigerian and Scandinavian influences uniquely inspire Oma the Label. Minimalist designs incorporate links and wavy patterns in pieces suitable for any time or event.

Best-selling pieces include classic gold chains and hoop earrings, along with pieces that are just slightly different from the classic designs for jewelry that is timeless but still unique.

Prices at Oma the Label stay under the $100 range, with some necklaces as low as around $40.


Yoj is inspired by the lines and curves found in nature and the human form. The name “Yoj” comes from the Hmong word for “wave.”

The brand has jewelry options for both men and women, with links and smooth gold featuring prominently in their collections.

Prices range from $60 for simple hoop earrings to around $200 for some of the more ornate necklaces.


Daphine was founded by two friends to honor the way the women in their lives adapted to many roles. They wanted to create timeless jewelry that could also adapt to life.

Their jewelry features simple designs with graceful curves, and some styles incorporate gemstones for an added pop of color. Daphine also features more silver jewelry than some other minimalist jewelry brands.

Prices start at £65–£75 for selected earrings and rings. At the higher end, there are some necklaces in the £230–£250 range.


Catbird started as a time-passer, selling clothing and other pretty things in a shop. Since 2006, the focus has been solely on jewelry, utilizing recycled gold and diamonds.

Popular pieces include delicate gold chains, simple hoops, pinprick diamonds, stackable rings, and letter jewelry. Catbird also offers wedding jewelry featuring cultivated diamonds in stunning settings.

Although some pieces are less expensive, most of the jewelry in their regular collection starts around $80–$100 and hits multiple price points up to around $1,200. Wedding and engagement rings range from $2,500 to over $5,000.


Nyrelle prioritizes ethical fine jewelry and aims for pieces to be 100% traceable from the mine to the jewelry box. Through their lifetime buyback program, they even buy back Nyrelle jewelry to be recycled into new pieces.

The designs of Nyrelle pieces are simple but classic and elegant, with small details that make them unique. Some of their best-selling items include their crisscross rings, smile jewelry, and infinity pieces with interlocking loops.

Prices for simple earrings are as low as $30, while more complex necklaces range up to around $600.

Minimalist jewelry brands review

Pieces for Your Personality

In conclusion, a variety of minimalist jewelry brands cater to diverse personal styles and preferences. From unadorned gold rings to vibrant bracelet stacks, there is a brand that offers pieces you'll love while prioritizing the qualities you value. 

Minimalism resonates differently with each individual, and whether you appreciate its aesthetics or wholeheartedly adopt the lifestyle, minimalist jewelry enables you to express your unique perspective and look stunning in the process.