10 Best Crystals to Wear Daily

You may have noticed some of your friends and family wearing beautiful crystals in necklaces or bracelets and have wondered why they wear them. Wearing crystals are a great way to channel some positive energy into your life, but it can be intimidating when you are completely new to the world of crystals and their energies.

Whether you are a seasoned expert or a complete beginner with crystals, you can benefit from reading this guide. Let’s talk about the ten best crystals to wear daily!

What Are the Reasons People Wear Crystals Every Day?

If you’re wondering why people would wear crystals every day, there are a variety of reasons why! Some believe that crystals bring protection and calm an overactive mind. Many people wear them simply because they love the way that they look. 

One of the more common reasons why people wear crystals daily is because they believe that they can bring healing energy to the person that wears them. Each crystal or stone can have different healing properties, but they all work to bring harmony and balance to an individual’s chaotic life.

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Another reason why many people wear crystals is it helps them focus on an important task. Wearing a crystal or crystals on a necklace or bracelet gives wearers a quick and easy-to-reach reminder about the things that they want to accomplish. There are certain crystals that are believed to bring focus and productivity to their wearers, and wearing these can bring the benefit of a physical reminder and the benefit of productive energies.

Our favorite reason to wear crystals is that they are beautiful and make great jewelry and other fashion accessories. There are so many different crystals that come in just about every hue and shade, making it easy to find the perfect one for any outfit.


a collection of different crystals and stones


Ten Best Crystals to Use Daily

If you are looking for a crystal to wear every day, you can’t go wrong with choosing one of the ten below!


If you have been holding onto some negative energy that you want to get rid of, malachite is a great choice for you to wear. Malachite is a gorgeous green crystal that is believed to help people let go of negative energy or behaviors that hold them back. It also is known to bring new and innovative ideas out of the people that wear it, so many wear it as a way to encourage transformation by letting go of the old and welcoming in the new.


Have you been feeling stressed out? If so, amethyst is the perfect choice for you since it is believed to relieve stress and everyday mental strain while keeping your anxiety at bay. People have been using amethyst for tens of thousands of years, which means that it was used by some of the earliest humans. Wearing amethyst can feel comforting since it is known to repel the negativity you have while leaving you with a sense of clarity and calm.

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Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s eye is a stone that is known to bring courage and confidence to those that keep it close to them. This stone is perfect to wear when you start feeling self-doubt or if you need to project an aura of strength. Try wearing this the next time you have an important presentation to give or if you have a big meeting or interview to nail down.

Smoky Quartz

Smoky quartz is known for its ability to calm the mind down and to keep the wearer grounded, even during tumultuous and stressful times. If you feel your mind start to race and make it difficult to concentrate, try taking a few moments to hold the smoky quartz and clear your mind. This stone is great for clearing your mind before settling down for a meditation session as well.

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If you have had a difficult time communicating in your professional or personal life, amazonite can sharpen your ability to understand and convey ideas to other people. Many people believe that amazonite enhances intuition, allowing you to see the truth in any situation and make the best decision. 

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Many people know pyrite as fool’s gold, but this stone can bring great abundance and prosperity into your life. Wearing pyrite can make you lucky when making financial decisions, but business owners should keep a piece of pyrite by their cash register to bring wealth to their store.


a collection of different green and purple crystals



Another stone that is known to bring luck and prosperity to its owner is jade. It is also believed to be a powerful stone for protection, so it is often used in amulets or talismans used to ward against bad luck and negativity.


Are you finding yourself having trouble sparking your creative juices? Try wearing a piece of jewelry that contains citrine since it is reputed to enhance creativity and help you ignite your enthusiasm.

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Rose Quartz

If you want to strengthen the love and trust in your life, try wearing rose quartz. Rose quartz has been referred to as the “stone of love” and is believed to bring love into any situation in life. It is also known to create understanding and bring harmony to relationships, allowing those that wear rose quartz to form powerful bonds with each other.


Moonstone is a beautiful stone to wear, which will help see through clouded emotions to reveal what you are really feeling inside. If you are feeling conflicting emotions, moonstones can calm your overactive emotions down and relieve the tension that may be weighing down your day.