10 Necklace Styles You Should Know About

Model wearing layers of pearl necklaces.

A good necklace fashionably glams up the right outfit without doing too much aesthetically. The right necklace speaks for itself and the outfit.

However, if you wear the same necklaces without variation while showing off your wardrobe, you are telling everyone that you don’t understand necklace fashion.

There are many necklace styles you can take advantage of.

Here are five necklace styles you should know about.

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Classic Pearl Necklace

Pearls are not just objects for your grandmother to clutch in frustration as you espouse modern ideals that conflict with old generational thinking. The pearl is often characterized as an outdated, prudish, and matronly fashion style because it is an ancient gem.

Did you know that the pearl is basically a defense mechanism for the mollusk? When foreign substances or unfinished food gets stuck in the shell, the mollusk will treat it as an invader like how the human body’s immune system treats an infection.

The mollusk will gradually begin coating the invading substance with conchiolin and aragonite, which are the materials its own shell comprises. And then, the mollusk will secrete a material called nacre in between the layers of conchiolin and aragonite to create a high-luster and shiny pearl finish. And this process can take as long as three years to accomplish.

Ancient Japanese cultures mythologized pearls as the tears of gods and mythical creatures. They were crushed and used as medicine. In the Dark Ages, pearls were kept in homes for good luck.

In American culture, pearls become infamous in the fashion culture of the early 1920s. This is the era that you probably think about when pearls—that, or when your old-fashioned mother and aunties were wearing them for church.

But pearls are elegant, chic, and very classy. They are regally fashionable, command attention when you walk into a room, and there are many modern ways you can wear pearls.

A choker pearl necklace is fashionably casual. Your favorite T-shirt, jeans, and casual wear pair well with a pearl choker.

Or overlap several pearl necklaces of varying lengths. A choker and princess pearl necklace are 16” and 18” in length, respectively. 

The matinee pearl necklace is 22” to 24” in length. And the opera pearl necklace is 30” to 32” inches in length.

Or wear a pearl necklace that scales up the pearl sizes from small to oversized.

And don’t forget to vary the color of the pearl as well.

Charm Necklaces

Model wearing two charm necklaces.

The first ancient charm bracelet artifacts discovered by archeologists date back to 400 B.C.E. or over 5,500 years ago. 

Ancient humans wore charm braces to ward off bad luck and evil spirits or make themselves good luck magnets.

The charm bracelet may be the fashion precursor to the military dog tag I.D. necklace or bracelet. Ancient humans may have worn charm bracelets to identify their family lineage or alliance with a ruler, religion, or political party.

Queen Victoria, who ruled England in the late 19th century, is probably the modern originator of the charm bracelet and charm necklace as a fashion statement. The Queen wore them openly and gave them as customized gifts to family and friends. She created a fashion style that is still enjoyed today.

Your imagination is the only limitation for how to wear a charm necklace.

First of all, how you customize the charm or pendant on your necklace is up to you. You can design a symbol to wear. Or you can wear your family crest or design one if you don’t have one.

If you are a shorter person, wear your charm necklace above your collarbone like a choker. And if you are taller, wear the charm necklace below your collar bone, so people pay attention to the necklace and not your height.

If you layer your charm necklaces, try not to wear more than two, so your neckline does not look too showy. And make sure the charms are minimalist.

Coin Necklaces

Charm necklaces are personable, customized, subjective, and a little mysterious. Someone else may not even realize that you are wearing a charm necklace or its own personal meaning to you.

Or they may just assume a meaning behind charm aesthetic that has a more profound emphasis on you than just fashion. Charm necklaces are attention grabbers, but they may or may not be conversation starters depending on how you wear them.

You won’t get away with such ambiguity when it comes to coin necklaces. You can see a coin necklace from across the room. Coin necklaces aesthetically elevate formal wear and add fashion gravitas to well-accessorized casual wear.

In the 1600s, coin necklaces adorned with symbols were given as gifts to attract good luck and fortune to the wearer. WW1 and WW2 soldiers wore coin necklaces as “love tokens.” The coin necklace may have been engraved with messages from and images of a girlfriend, fiancé, wife, mother, or other loved ones. 

The love token gave them the courage to fight and survive to go home.

Many coin tokens are just coins or round talismans that were repurposed as necklaces for good luck or fashion. You could wear a coin necklace bearing the image of a saint, historical figure, or a symbol that suits your personality.

Layer up to two coin necklaces of varying lengths with bead necklaces to create a visually dramatic look. A solo coin necklace paired with a favorite sweater, shirt, or formal top elevates the look.

Choker Necklaces

Model wearing a diamond choker with a pendant necklace.

Chokers are not a necklace style that should stay banished in the 1990s.

Just don’t take the name “choker” too literally. Your choker necklace should not be too tight or chafing your skin. Your neck skin bulging out from above and under the choker defeats the entire fashion purpose of wearing one.

Pair your choker with a necklace of longer length for visual fashion dynamism.

Instead of attaching a necklace or pendant to the choker, let the choker speak for itself.

Wear chokers made of varying materials, like precious metal chains, velvet, pearls, etc. And keep your choker thin; otherwise, it may look like a wide collar covering your neck.

Don’t pair your choker with ultra-extravagant earrings – keep the fashion focus on your choker.

Lavalier Necklaces

Lavalier necklaces are “Y-shaped” string necklaces. Other lavalier necklaces feature ornate, floral, and artistically crafted pendants.

Lavalier necklaces were popularized by English royalty in the 19th century. 

In the early 20th century, radio announcers sometimes wore a brand of microphones around the neck called “Lavalier,” which was then adapted to the fashion necklaces.

Lavalier necklaces are perfect for sundresses, open collar blouses, and formal wear. Wear a lavalier when you want to make a sophisticated fashion statement.

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Collar necklaces are similar to chokers, but there are a few key differences that set this style of necklace apart. Collar necklaces typically have a thicker band that wraps snuggly around your neck. 

Leather is a very common material used for collar necklaces, but you can also find collars made with diamonds or other precious jewels. Collars can be worn for any occasion, and they’re a great way to highlight the contours of your chest and face. 


This style of necklace was popularized in the 1920s and is largely due to the influence of Queen Alexandria in the UK. She wore a collar necklace to hide a small scar on her neck and inadvertently created a new fashion trend!


If you’re looking for a necklace that never goes out of style and looks great with every outfit, then you need to check out chain link necklaces! There’s the classic paperclip style, along with chunkier chain links that truly make for a unique necklace.

These necklaces are great to pair with a grunge look- they did become popular in the 1980s, after all! They were part of the unisex jewelry movement of that time period, and have remained a popular choice for men and women to this day.



Most little girls growing up coveting this style of necklace. Necklaces with a locket pendant were incredibly popular during the 90s, and there’s still a place for them in our hearts in 2022. 

Locket necklace chains can come in gold or silver, and the locket itself comes in an enormous variety of shapes and sizes. You can get a colorful necklace that exudes youthful energy like this Young Love Locket, or you can find a more elegant style studded with diamonds. 


Beaded necklaces were the joy of most little girl’s childhoods, but they can be worn way past adolescence! This style of necklace became popular in the 70s with the rise of the DIY subculture. 

Beaded necklaces present a unique opportunity for fully customizable and individualized jewelry. You could contact a jeweler and ask them to create a beaded necklace in a certin style or with certain beads.

If you’re looking for something gorgeous that’s already made, then you’re in luck! There are beaded necklaces, like this Green Goddess Necklace, that perfectly captures femininity and power. This necklace would pair well with any outfit and is guaranteed to be the centerpiece of your ensemble.


Minimalism has been around since the 20s, but it didn’t really take off until the 60s. This movement then gained serious momentum in the 90s when people became more aware of environmental issues and the need to lessen our carbon footprint.

If you love minimalism, then you’re going to love minimalist jewelry! Minimalist necklaces look dainty, cute, and are often a subtle addition to your look that won’t overpower your outfit. 

These thin chained and lightly adorned necklaces look best when layered, and they’re perfect for someone who needs a necklace they can throw on for any event.

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