Tarot Card Jewelry: What Does it Mean?

Tarot card jewelry is a type of jewelry that has been gaining popularity in recent years. It is a form of jewelry that reflects the tarot card reading and its meanings, often used as a form of spiritual guidance

This style of meaningful jewelry is typically made with symbols and images that represent a specific card or meaning and often includes symbols of the four elements (earth, air, fire, and water). This type of jewelry is meant to bring spiritual guidance and enlightenment to the wearer and can be used as a tool for aiding in personal transformation. 

Tarot card jewelry can be a beautiful reminder of your spiritual journey and a great way to express yourself through jewelry.

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What Do the Tarot Cards Mean?

Each of the 78 tarot cards in a deck has meaning behind them. Here are some of our favorite tarot cards!


a hand holding up a Sun tarot card



The Sun

The Sun tarot card is a card of joy, vitality, and success. It symbolizes a fresh start, a new beginning, and a fresh feeling of optimism. It is a card of hope and faith, of stability and strength. This card encourages us to trust in ourselves and our own inner power, and to have faith that all will be well.

The Sun card often signifies a period of great happiness, abundance, and pleasure in one’s life. It is a card of good luck and good fortune, a sign that one’s efforts are being rewarded and that success is near. It is a reminder that we are in control of our own destiny and that our dreams and aspirations can be achieved with hard work and dedication.

This card can also signify the end of a difficult period, the end of a dark night, and the beginning of a new day filled with sunshine and warmth. It is a reminder that we are capable of achieving great things and that our potential for growth and success is limitless.

The Sun is a powerful symbol of positivity and joy. It is a reminder that no matter what our current circumstances may be, we have the power to create a brighter future.

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The Moon

The Moon tarot card is a symbol of mystery, illusion, and the unknown. It represents the subconscious, intuition, and hidden aspects of ourselves that we keep secret from the world. 

The moon is associated with the feminine, the unconscious, and the realm of dreams. The card is a reminder to keep a close eye on our hidden motivations. It is when we are aware of our innermost thoughts and feelings that we can make wiser decisions.

This tarot card is a reminder to stay true to ourselves and trust our intuition. It is a reminder that the unknown can be a powerful source of wisdom and knowledge if we are willing to face it. 

If pulled during a reading, this card often can indicate that something hidden is about to be revealed. It can suggest a time of transformation, a transition from the darkness of the unknown to the clarity of the conscious.

The Moon tarot card can also be a sign of deception, illusion, and misdirection. Due to this, this card can represent fears and anxieties that may be holding us back from achieving our goals. 

This card can suggest that we are being deceived, either by ourselves or by someone else. Many view the Moon card as a sign of a need for greater self-awareness and introspection.

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The Star

The Star tarot card is a symbol of hope, faith, and renewal. This is a card of optimism and a reminder to never give up, no matter how difficult life may seem.

This tarot card is associated with the zodiac sign Aquarius and the planet Uranus. It is a sign of enlightenment and a reminder to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. It encourages us to have faith in the future and to tune in to the guidance of the Universe.

This card is a reminder that, even in our darkest moments, hope is still possible. It encourages us to stay connected to our inner wisdom and to trust that the Universe has a plan for us.


a hand holding up the lovers card


The Lovers

The Lovers tarot card is a card that symbolizes the union of two individuals and the balance of their energies. It is often associated with choices, relationships, and decisions that must be made. The card can also represent a deep and meaningful connection between two people, whether romantic or platonic.

This tarot card is usually depicted with two figures, one male and one female, standing in front of an angel. This angel is a representation of divine guidance and is there to help the two people make the right decision. 

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The Lovers card encourages the individual to consider the consequences of their choices and to make sure the decision is beneficial to both parties.

The card also symbolizes the need to find balance in life. Love requires a delicate balance between two people in order to thrive, and the Lovers card encourages individuals to find that balance. It also serves as a reminder to always keep communication open and honest while listening to both sides of the story before making any decisions.

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Final Thoughts

Tarot card jewelry is a great addition to anyone's collection of jewelry. It is a unique way to express your beliefs and interests in the spiritual world. Tarot card jewelry is also a great way to show off your style and personality.

Whether you're looking for something to wear while performing a tarot reading or just want to add a special touch to your outfit, tarot card jewelry is a great option. With a variety of options and styles to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect piece to express yourself.