Sea Glass: Beach Treasures Guide

Sea glass is highly sought after by beachcombers and collectors alike. It is unique, beautiful, and can be a great addition to any collection. However, finding sea glass can be difficult, especially if you don't know where to look.

In this guide, I will teach you everything you need to know about sea glass so that you can start finding your own pieces of paradise. Happy hunting!

The Origins of Sea Glass

The vast majority of sea glass originates from bottles, windows, and other household items that have been discarded and ended up in the ocean. However, natural sea glass can also be found, although it is much less common. Natural sea glass is created when lightning strikes sand, fusing it into a natural piece of sea glass.

In either case, it can take years—sometimes even decades—for a piece of glass to fully transform into sea glass. The waves and sand wear down the edges of the glass and round them off. Over time, the color of the glass will also change as it is exposed to sunlight and salt water.   

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The Colors of Sea Glass

Sea glass can be found in various colors, but the most common colors are white, brown, and green. White and brown sea glass is usually made from bottles that previously contained milk or beer, while green sea glass is usually made from bottles that contained medicine or soda. Blue and red sea glass are also fairly common, but they're not as easy to find as the other colors.

As mentioned, one of the most common colors of sea glass is green. Green sea glass is found in shades of light green, dark green, and everything in between. Green sea glass is said to represent nature, growth, and new beginnings. If you find a piece of green sea glass, it may be a sign that you're about to embark on a new journey.

Another common color of sea glass is brown. Brown sea glass is found in shades of light brown, dark brown, and everything in between. Brown sea glass is said to represent stability, reliability, and hard work. 

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How to Find Sea Glass

The ideal time to search for sea glass is immediately following a storm when the waves have stirred up the sand and brought the glass closer to the surface. Additionally, as people frequently drop pieces of glass while walking, you might search for sea glass in locations with high foot traffic.

Another good place to look for sea glass is near river mouths since the river water can wash the glass down into the ocean. Finally, you can also look for sea glass in areas where there is construction since construction workers often drop bits of glass while they work.

Once you've found a good spot to look for sea glass, it's time to start searching! The best way to find sea glass is to use your eyes and scan the area for any glints of color.

Once you've spotted something that could be sea glass, bend down and pick it up to take a closer look. If it's smooth and has rounded edges, then it's probably sea glass. If it's sharp or has jagged edges, then it's probably not sea glass. 

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Where to Find Sea Glass?

The best place to find sea glass is on beaches that are known for having a lot of coastline erosion. These beaches are usually located on oceans or large bodies of water where there are high winds and waves.

Some of the best places to find sea glass are: 

- California: Big Sur, Carmel-by-the-Sea, Monterey Bay 

- Oregon: Cannon Beach, Bandon Beach 

- Washington: Rialto Beach, Second Beach 

- Maine: Acadia National Park, Ogunquit Beach 

- Florida: Sanibel Island, Amelia Island 

- Hawaii: Maui, Kauai

How Can I Tell if a Piece of Glass Is Sea Glass?

There are a few ways to tell if a piece of glass is sea glass. First, look at the shape of the piece of glass. If it is smooth and rounded, it is probably sea glass. Second, look at the color of the glass.

If it is faded or has a milky appearance, it is probably sea glass. Finally, feel the surface of the glass. If it is rough, it is probably sea glass. 

The Popularity of Sea Glass

Sea glass is popular because it's uncommon. Not everyone lives near the ocean, so not everyone has access to it. In addition, sea glass takes years to form. So, when you find a piece of sea glass, you know that it's unique and has a story to tell. 

How Can I Use Sea Glass?

Of course, you can simply keep your piece of sea glass as a souvenir or display it in a pretty bowl. However, many people also like to use it in jewelry or other crafts.

Sea glass can be made into pendants, earrings, bracelets, and even mosaics. If you're feeling creative, there are endless possibilities for what you can do with your sea glass!

Prices of Sea Glass

The average price of sea glass ranges from $2-$8 per ounce. The price depends on the rarity and color of the sea glass. The rarer the color, the more expensive it is. For example, red sea glass is very rare and can cost up to $8 per ounce. Whereas white or clear sea glass is more common and therefore costs less, around $2-$3 per ounce.

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Finding Beach Treasures: Sea Glass

Sea glass is a beautiful and unique item to find on the beach. It can be used in jewelry, crafts, or simply kept as a souvenir of your time at the shore. Now you know where to look for sea glass and how to identify different types.

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and start looking! And when you do find some beautiful pieces of sea glass, be sure to checkout our site for hand-crafted jewelry for inspiration for your beach treasures.

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