Moonstone: 5 Surprising Benefits to Wearing

Moonstones are beautiful stones that have an otherworldly milky color that is treasured by jewelry lovers around the world. Besides being a stunning yet mysterious stone, there are several benefits that many believe that moonstone bestows upon its wearers.

Let’s talk about moonstone, what it is, its history, and some benefits that may surprise you.

What is Moonstone?

Moonstones, also called hecatolite, are a type of feldspar that has been used in many cultures around the world for thousands of years as an attractive adornment. These stones produce a uniquely ethereal effect that makes light dance and shimmer across the surface. 

This effect is called adularescence and is caused by the moonstone being comprised of alternating layers of albite and orthoclast causing light diffraction. Adularescence will be the most prominent when the moonstone is held up to a light source, which will let you clearly see the milky sheen that will shift as you move it around. 

Moonstones can come in a variety of colors, including blue, white, green, and pink, or can even be colorless or rainbow-colored. There are many places where moonstone is mined, including the United States, Australia, Armenia, Mexico, and Brazil, but the stones that are mined in Sri Lanka and India are usually considered to be the most desirable. 

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Moonstones are a popular choice for those that want to add a unique look to their jewelry, but many believe that these stones are powerful spiritual talismans, making these gorgeous stones highly sought after around the world.


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History of Moonstone

The history of moonstones dates back to ancient civilizations, particularly in ancient Rome and Greece. Moonstone gets its name from Pliny the Elder, an author and naturalist from ancient Rome, who believed that the moonstone’s hallmark adularescence shifted with lunar phases, a belief that was widely accepted for well over a thousand years.

Ancient cultures like the Romans and Greeks believed that moonstones were formed from concentrated beams of moonlight that had solidified. It was also believed that the Roman Goddess Diana, who was the goddess of hunters and the moon, could be seen inside the stone.

Many cultures during this time believed that the moon was a source of wisdom, good fortune, and even love, so many would keep a moonstone with them in the hopes of bringing these positive energies to life.

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In Europe during the Middle Ages, moonstones were used as a talisman or a mark of protection against negative energy and bad luck. Moonstones were also considered to be a sacred stone in India and was often passed on as a wedding gift since it was believed to have the power to bring harmony and reconciliation to lovers.

During the late 1890’s, the Art Nouveau period, the popularity of moonstone made a resurgence. Jewelry designers began working with moonstones more frequently, and they remain a popular choice today for those that want to a beautiful stone with a long and storied history.

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Five Benefits of Wearing Moonstone

Here are five of our favorite benefits that come with wearing a moonstone that may surprise you.

Helps With Sleeping

Since moonstone has such a strong connection with the moon and the night in general, it can help individuals that are having difficulty sleeping finally get some rest. Moonstone has a natural calming energy that makes it the perfect sleep aid stone

If you want to take advantage of the sleep benefits of moonstone, you will want to either wear it to bed in jewelry or in a pouch tucked away into the pocket of your pajamas. If you do not like having anything on your body while you sleep, you can place the moonstone close to you on a nightstand or dresser that is free from clutter. This will allow the moonstone’s energy to bloom and lull you to sleep.

Balances Fiery Emotions

Another benefit of wearing a moonstone is that it helps to balance out emotions. Moonstones can bring a calming and soothing effect which can help even out emotions that may be clouding your thoughts. If you are expecting to face some emotional turmoil and need to keep a clear head on your shoulders, make sure you pack a moonstone into your pocket for the day.

Sparks Creativity

Moonstones are great for tapping into the power of feminine energy and sparking your creativity. This can be the perfect stone for helping you break through a creative rut and find innovative solutions to the problems in your life, whether they are work-related or personal. Try to keep the moonstone close to your head by wearing earrings or a necklace with moonstone in them to boost your mind’s creative juices.


Moonstone is known to have a powerful calming and soothing effect which can be helpful when in a stressful situation. It is also great for driving those nightmares away while you sleep. If you want to reap the maximum calming benefits of moonstone, make sure you keep it close to your heart by wearing a necklace with a moonstone in it.

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There is also a healing benefit to wearing a moonstone that can help with headaches and nosebleeds. Moonstone is also believed to improve circulation and fertility as well as assist in regulating blood flow. 

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Final Thoughts

Adularescence gives moonstones a unique and beautiful milky shimmer that goes perfectly on any jewelry piece, but the benefits of moonstones are as impressive as the stones themselves. Start wearing one today to begin reaping the benefits of this ethereal stone.