What do Emeralds Mean?

This year, emeralds are a white hot trend that everyone will be wearing. But emerald gemstones are always in fashion and have been highly valued for thousands of years.

The unique deep green gem is valued worldwide and signifies different things in different cultures. We’ll dive into the cultural significance of emeralds, their meaning, and what they communicate today.

The Meaning of Emeralds

Valued throughout history, emeralds are precious gems admired and valued by religions, royalty, and cultures for their beauty and strength. Many associate emeralds with the following meanings:

  • Royalty and Class: Because emeralds were rare and unique in color, royalty throughout history has valued, worn, and gifted emeralds as a symbol of wealth and power. Cleopatra was known to wear and gift emeralds as a display of her wealth.
  • Sophistication: The rich, luxurious deep green hue conveys sophistication and subtlety. An understated jewel, the emerald carries a quiet sophistication valued by high society. 
  • Love and Trust: Many believe emeralds can dispel illusions and strengthen a lover’s commitment to their partner. The opposite of lust, emeralds symbolize the depth of a partner’s commitment and love. A true symbol of trust in a relationship.

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What Do Emeralds Mean Spiritually?

For those who value crystals and their ability to act as talismans, many people believe emeralds have these mystic powers:

  • Fortune: Those that wear emeralds emulate class and sophistication. But wearing an emerald can bring good fortune in attracting wealth, power, and eloquence.
  • Memory: For others, wearing an emerald can strengthen your memory and heighten your awareness and wits. 
  • Fertility: Anciently believed to promote and enhance a woman’s fertility.
  • Future Prediction: Historically, some believed that people who wore emeralds could possibly predict the future. For some, the gem could heighten your third eye. 
  • Healing: Some actually use emeralds after a long day to rest against their eyes to reduce eye strain. 

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Cultural Meaning of Emeralds

Valued around the world as a precious gemstone, the emerald means different things to different cultures:

Western Symbolism 

In the West, emeralds are considered precious and are often connected to the planet Venus. Many who follow astrology connect the deep green of the emerald with the Greek goddess Aphrodite because she emerged from the deep sea. 

In Catholicism, emeralds are considered foundation stones referred to in the Bible’s Book of Revelation and are often connected to the original twelve apostles. An ancient archbishop wrote that the emerald signifies the strength of a person’s faith through adversity.

Eastern Symbolism

In India, emeralds have always been considered a gemstone of wealth, luck, and virtue. Ancient stories and legends describe entire temples and palaces made of emeralds and other precious metals, signifying its treasured value.

Hindus also believe that offering emeralds to the god Krishna will bring good fortune because Krishna will reward those that donate so generously with knowledge of the soul and the eternal. They also consider the emerald as one of the nine gems in the Navaratna, which has deep cultural significance and symbolizes status and wealth. The East connects the emerald to the planet Mercury.

What Does Emerald Green Symbolize?

The color emerald green symbolizes many things:

  • Life: Naturally, green is associated with nature and living things. So it’s no wonder people connect the deep green to vitality and renewed life.
  • Harmony: Embracing emerald green signifies your willingness to live in harmony with others and your environment. 
  • Balance: In nature, life needs balance. And the soothing deep emerald green color represents finding balance with one’s self and natural environment.
  • Intelligence: Deep green is often associated with intelligence because those with higher IQs often gravitate toward emerald green as their favorite color.

Are Emeralds on Trend in 2023?

Yes. Emerald green is the “It color” for 2023. So buying jewelry, accessories, and clothing in this color will show your style and class. Whether you prefer a pop of green or wearing a bold statement piece, emeralds will enhance your look for everyday elegance.

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Do Emeralds Bring Good Luck?

Yes. For those that subscribe to living feng shui, emeralds enhance and encourage harmony, love, wealth, and healing. So while you may not believe in creating cosmic balance, emeralds can soothe and inspire a fortuitous life as you strive to live in harmony with others and your environment.

What Does Wearing Emeralds Do?

In astrology and Hinduism, wearing emeralds symbolizes strength and intelligence. It can open your capacity to reason and discern, making better decisions and improving one’s fortune. Wearing emeralds also empowers the individual because they promote confidence, giving the wearer better communication and social skills.

Some also believe that wearing emeralds can have actual healing properties, guarding against skin conditions and nervous system disorders. But keep in mind that no studies can verify that wearing an emerald can protect your health. So an emerald may be more placebo than a medical solution.

Emeralds Are Always In Style

Whether you wear emeralds for religious, cultural, or fashion reasons, emeralds will always elevate your look with their deep hue, quiet sophistication, and natural connection. An emerald can bring harmony and cohesion to your look. And in 2023, emerald jewels and tones will be the color to wear, so hop on this sophisticated trend and some of our best-selling emerald pieces.

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