How To Wear Vintage/Antique Jewelry, But Make It Modern

Vintage and antique jewelry pieces are a great find for your collection. While you may want to store them away, wearing them with your favorite outfits is acceptable. These pieces have withstood the test of time, and you can find a way to give them a modern look. Here are a few ways to wear vintage jewelry with a modern flair. 

Have Fun with These Pieces

Think about when you made your purchase. Why did you choose this piece? Don't take it too seriously when it comes time to wear a vintage or antique piece. Some of these items may seem overly elaborate for a modern look, but you can find ways to remain fashionable and not flashy. If you have an ornate necklace, make that the center of your accessories. You can pair it with small, subtle earrings. Wear these pieces with a simple top and jeans for a more modern flair.

Layer Simple Pieces

Long and dainty necklaces were all the rage in the Georgian and Victorian eras. Many of these vintage chains are still around and are the perfect pieces to layer together. You can wear these items together in varying lengths. Add those items to the chain if you have a pendant or locket. However, if you want to keep things simple, gently knot your vintage chain, allowing it to dangle down your body. 

If you are searching for another way to wear your long vintage chains, double them and add a brooch. Take the piece and carefully slide it through the clasps. Don't think you must set the brooch at the bottom of the chain. Wear it to the side for a chic look. You can add more than one brooch and cluster them on your necklace.

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Use Various Colors

Colored gemstones were popular options for vintage jewelry, especially for necklaces. You can wear them with your modern clothes. You will want to match the tones and hues of the gemstones. While you can stick to one color, consider being a little daring by adding a second color of gemstones. Chokers have always been a popular style for necklaces; many contain a colored stone. You can wear the choker with a long chain or just wear it as a singular piece. 


accessorize with old and new pieces


Mix Old and New

If you have a beloved contemporary necklace, can you wear it with a vintage piece? Of course! It is perfectly acceptable to take those new and old pieces and wear them together. Add vintage earrings and complement them with an understated bracelet or necklace. Take those vintage gold pieces and kick your store up a level with modern chains. 

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Add Statement Pieces

As you may already know, earrings can draw attention to your face in a chic way. Any type of vintage earring will make a statement in a big way. Some of these pieces are very intricate and can create a romantic sense of motion. If you have antique statement earrings, make sure to keep them the center of focus. If you wear chunky rings or necklaces, they can overwhelm the appearance of your earrings. 

Some of these vintage earrings may have detachable tops that you can easily switch for daytime wear. As you may have guessed, these popular earrings will work double duty for you. You can detach the bottom half of the earrings for a subtle look for your daytime activities. After that, reattach the bottom of the earring for extra elegance for any evening function. 


antique jewelry can be worn for many occasions



Stick To a Theme

For those with several pieces of jewelry in their vintage collections, you will want to stick to a specific theme. Otherwise, your pieces will look disjointed and could come off as too overwhelming. Remember that many modern styles focus on simplicity. Theming of your vintage jewelry and modern pieces ensures you will not have a fashion faux pas. How do you stick to a theme? If you want to stack a few bracelets, choose pieces that may have the same color or elements, like a buckle. 

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Rings Can Be Focal Points

Rings have always been a stylish feature, whether in the Victorian age or modern times. You can wear a vintage ring on any finger. Some of them are bulky. In those cases, make sure to keep the piece as a focal point of your look. Once again, adding too many pieces makes your accessory border on the tacky side. 

If you want to wear multiple rings on your hand, stack rings from one time period to another. You can even wear vintage engagement rings to add some antique sparkle to your hand. However, you might notice a big difference with those older rings: antique rings often have a larger shape, meaning some bands do not always sit flush with other rings. You can always wear the rings separately so that your fingers will not look overcrowded. 

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Wear Your Antique Jewelry With Pride

Whether you are wearing a family heirloom or purchasing vintage pieces, you can easily incorporate these jewelry items into your modern look. Many of these vintage and antique pieces continue to get better with age and never fall out of style. Take time to experiment with colors, styles, and lengths. Make sure that one piece is the focal point, or you could overdo the accessories. Take a page from Coco Chanel. The fashion icon would look in the mirror before leaving her house. Anything that stood out, she would take off. 

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