Find the Perfect Gift With Our Top 10 Jewelry Gifting Ideas

58% of women prefer to receive jewelry as a gift. It’s true that holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries are excellent times to give your partner jewelry. Unfortunately, this process can feel a little stale if you've been with someone for over a decade. 

You must keep things fresh by thinking up new jewelry gifting ideas. Maybe it’s a piece of jewelry you’ve never given them before. 

Or it’s a unique way of giving it to them. If you’re scratching your head trying to think of jewelry gift ideas, you’re in the perfect place. In this guide, we’ll go over ten ideas that can make the gift-giving process a lot more memorable. 

1. Know the Person You’re Shopping For

Think about the individual you’re getting the jewelry for. This will help inform both which piece is best for them and how you should give it to them. 

The jewelry you get for your mother on Mother’s Day is going to be a lot different than a wedding anniversary. Make sure you don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach. 

2. Hide It in a Surprising Place

Human beings love to be surprised. In fact, a recent study found that we need surprises in our life to feel alive. No one looks forward to bad surprises. However, the opposite of a nasty shock is finding a piece of jewelry where you least expect it. Give it a try for your loved one. 

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3. Combine the Jewelry Gift With an Experience

A recent market report found that more people value experiences than luxury jewelry. So instead of spending thousands on something, get them a simple piece of jewelry instead. 

Then combine that gift with a vacation or concert, or similar type of experience. Sharing a beautiful moment in time together can often be more valuable than a shiny diamond. 

4. Use the Holidays as an Excuse

The holidays are a great excuse to get someone some nice jewelry they’ve been eyeing. Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and birthdays are all great options. You shouldn't give them jewelry for each of these holidays. 

However, getting them something special on at least one of them is a great way to show your feelings. 


Person receiving a necklace at dinner



5. Go the DIY Route

Can’t afford expensive luxury jewelry? That’s not a problem! Consider making your own from scratch. Jewelry kits are relatively inexpensive. Most of these kits cost under $10. It will likely take some time for you to learn the skills. 

And the finished product might not be what you expected. However, the more time you spend on something, the more it shows the person you love them. And handcrafted, homemade gifts always feel more special than mass-produced ones. 

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6. Lean Into Romantic if It’s Your Anniversary

If you’re celebrating love with your partner, don’t be afraid to lean into your romantic side. Find a fabulous heart-shaped necklace. Then plan a romantic date to give to them. Gestures like this can show that you still value the love of your favorite person. 

7. Find Some Family Jewelry

If you’ve been in a relationship for decades, there’s a good chance you’ve given your partner dozens of pieces of jewelry. Eventually, you hit jewelry fatigue. When this happens, consider looking for work that has more sentimental value. 

Maybe there’s an old ring or necklace that your grandma wore hiding in the attic? If you can’t find anything, make your family jewelry. Include pictures of you and your kids to make it extra special for the person. 

8. Make It Personal With a Charm

Charms make great jewelry gifts. If the person already collects charms, look for something that represents an inside joke between you. If they don’t collect charms, get them a charming bar and a charm to start. It’s a simple way to start a tradition that can last for years. 

Are you tired of the same cookie-cutter jewelry? Explore our charms section to personalize the jewelry gift you get for your partner.

9. Pair the Jewelry Gift With Another Gift

What’s a more classic combination than jewelry, chocolate, and flowers? People love receiving little gifts with significant gifts. It doesn’t take much. Their favorite candy or a new book would both be great options. 

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10. Give Them the Latest Trends

If the person you’re giving a gift to is fashion-forward, they likely care about the latest trends. Researching what’s popular is a great way to show that person that you also care about their interests. If you’re unsure what they’d like, consider asking one of their friends. 

Not sure what the latest trends are? Don’t panic. Head over to this resource to discover everything you need to know. 


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The Importance of Finding the Perfect Jewelry Gifting Ideas

Your partner, friend, or family member will likely love their jewelry gift regardless of what you give them or how you give it. However, if it’s a special day (like an anniversary milestone or a birthday), it’s worth putting some extra effort into creating unique jewelry gifting ideas. 

Doing so helps show the people in your life that you care. As long as you follow the advice in this article, you’re sure to impress the individual you love. Remember that the effort you put into giving them the gift can also be just as important as the gift itself.