Can You Wear Jeans to Church?

Don't get us wrong: we love denim. Denim jeans, denim vests, we'll even take denim socks if you throw them out there. 

Though our society widely accepts jeans, there are still some places where you shouldn't break out your favorite pair of denim pants. 

O​ne place? Church. That's not to say all churches abide by the same rules. Depending on where you live and what religion you practice, some places of worship can be more lenient with their dress codes. Generally speaking, wearing jeans to church is a bit too casual. Instead, opt for something more respectful, like nice slacks or a dress. 

If you're feeling lost, that's okay. Here's your complete guide to knowing what to wear (and what not to wear) to church this Sunday. 

General Guidelines 

T​here can be something deeply satisfying about dressing up for your day of worship. Allowing your outfit to reflect the respect you feel for your religion and the community that surrounds you can feel good. That's why so many church-goers take such deep pride in how they dress for church.  

I​n addition to jeans; there are other fashion no-no's to steer clear from. For example, make sure your outfit doesn't show too much skin. And if you plan to wear heels, always choose a pair that's not skyscraper high. 

For this reason, most women tend to choose flats. Sneakers are also much too casual — for both women and men. 

In a similar regard, any clothing item that's informal should be avoided, like crop tops, tank tops, or shorts. There is one rare exception: if the weather outside is sweltering hot and you're stuck in an AC-less church, occasionally, shorts will be okay. But you'll have to make sure they reach the knee, and you still may be the only one wearing them. 

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When In Doubt, Go Low 

Not too long ago, society demanded that women wear dresses or skirts that fell below the ankle. Nowadays, women have much more freedom and don't have to go through such extreme lengths. Because of this, women can wear shorter skirts and dresses — just make sure they don't go above the knee. 

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Dresses for church


Be Aware of Different Religions

Outfits that may be suitable in your local church may not fly in the temple across town. No matter where you are, it's paramount to show respect when visiting other churches. If you're visiting a church with a friend or loved one, consider asking for guidance before the service so that you can be as respectful of the church as possible. 

When in doubt, you can also visit their website for more specific directions. And as a last-ditch effort, it’s always better to err on the side of too conservative for your first visit. 

Use Jewelry

The problem many churchgoers have when choosing a modest outfit is feeling too plain and like not enough of their individuality is shining through. 

But sometimes, all it takes to transform an outfit from too plain or casual is to dress it up with elegant, sophisticated jewelry

For example, adding a bracelet to your Sunday outfit can make it even more stylish. To ensure a cohesive look, choose a bracelet that either matches your necklace or complements the colors of your clothes. It's best to avoid wearing acrylic bracelets, braided friendship bracelets, or anything in a bold color that could clash with your other clothing and become a distraction.

Additionally, try to avoid large statement pieces that are too attention-grabbing. Instead, choose softer, classic pieces like pearl bracelets, earrings, necklaces, or pendants.

Earrings are best to keep simple and not make them too distracting. For this reason, many women choose stud earrings. 

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Layer, Layer, Layer 

Sometimes fashion goes hand and hand with comfort. It's best to avoid short sleeves as it shows too much skin, so always come prepared with a sweater. This not only keeps you warm but keeps you church appropriate. We recommend grabbing your favorite shawl or sweater, though a light jacket can work, too. 

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Dressing for Man  

When you're a man, the aforementioned tips still apply; don't whip out any tank tops, baseball hats, or shirts with loud colors or obnoxious logos. For the most part, stick to wrinkle-free pants and a button-down shirt. Some people may choose to wear a tie or bowtie, but in today's day and age, men can get away with just a nice, crisp button-down. 

Can You Ever Wear Jeans to Church?

It's difficult to rule out if you can never wear jeans because there are millions of churches in the United States (there are 4,000 places of worship in New York City alone). 

And all of these churches adhere to different religions and intensities of practices. Furthermore, some churches offer weeknight services which are often much more casual. Other churches can have no problem with a more casual denim look even on Sunday morning services - though these churches are rare. 

Remember, this applies to Sunday school too. While Sunday School (whether you're teaching or a student) tends to be a bit more casual, most churches still require more formal clothing for those class sessions. 

Dress In Style and With Respect 

When it comes to dressing for formal religious services, it's all about balancing personal style and flair with respect for the institution and religion. For a casual look, consider plain slacks and a clean button-up shirt, and make it fancier with a tasteful necklace.

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