Buying Meaningful Jewelry for Your Friends

Purchasing jewelry for someone else can be a daunting challenge. Jewelry gifts are unique because you’re not just buying a coffee mug or sweater that sits in a closet or cupboard; you’re purchasing something very personal that will potentially be worn on someone else’s body.  

A gift of jewelry is significant because you need to take into consideration some factors about the friend you are buying for, including:

  • Personal style
  • The relationship’s status quo
  • Desired meaning or symbolism

Once you have decided that your friendship has reached the point to justify a trip to the jewelry store, the hardest part will be deciding which piece of jewelry you will choose to cement your friendship. 

This article will explore how jewelry has been used in friendships and review some popular friendship jewelry choices that you can leverage to help ensure you’re getting your friend the best gift possible.

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History of Jewelry in Friendship 

Jewelry has adorned the human body for thousands of years. Originally made from local items, including shells, stones, bones, wood, and feathers, the evolution of jewelry into what it is today has been an interesting progression that spans the breadth of human history.

Today, we still use a lot of the same simple elements used in ancient times, but we have become more sophisticated in mastering other materials. Now, we skillfully meld many of Earth’s elements, including gold, silver, and other precious metals, together into intricate chains, pendants, and other jewelry. 

We’ve also mastered methods to perfectly cut diamonds and other gemstones into geometric shapes. While different cultures worldwide display unique preferences and styles in jewelry, one thing has remained consistent: jewelry holds a symbolic significance.

As beautiful and eye-catching as it can be, Jewelry has never just been about making a fashion statement. Personal adornment symbolizes relationships and beliefs and carries a multitude of meanings & symbolism.

While it is unclear when jewelry was first used to represent friendship, it is likely a very old tradition.

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 Bracelet with locket and key and beads

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Do’s and Don’ts When Buying Jewelry for Your Friends 

Friendship jewelry can be very powerful. The last thing you want to do is buy a gift for your friend and then have the friendship fall apart because the gift was not well-received. Instead, the goal is to enhance your relationship and show your friend how important the friendship is to you by selecting the perfect piece to represent your friendship.

There are several Dos and Don’ts that you’ll want to keep in mind when selecting and presenting the ideal piece to help ensure that the jewelry you choose will enhance rather than hinder your relationship. By following these essential guidelines, you should be able to find a stellar gift that your friend will cherish. 

When buying a piece of jewelry as a friendly gift;


  1. Take your friend’s personal style into consideration 
  2. Consider a high-quality piece for a long-term friend to celebrate a special occasion
  3. Choose a symbolic piece that represents something unique to your friendship


  1. Buy expensive or designer jewelry for an acquaintance.
  2. Rush into picking the first thing you see
  3. Purchase without a reason or occasion
  4. Buy jewelry to make up for a fight or disagreement
  5. Purchase jewelry that is significantly outside of your friend’s price range

And although it can be hard, try not to get upset if you don’t see your friend wearing your new gift as often as you’d like. Wearing jewelry is a very personal decision, and likely the reason your friend may choose not to wear it has nothing to do with you.

They could be saving it for a special occasion or the perfect outfit, or they haven’t figured out the best way to incorporate it into their signature style. Please don’t assume that them not wearing your gift is a sign of anger towards you or a failing friendship. There are a thousand reasons you may not see them wearing your gift.

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Symbolism Pieces 

Symbolism is everywhere in jewelry. Celtic jewelry, in particular, is known for symbolizing relationships. This is a great place to start looking for the perfect jewelry to represent your unique friendship. 

Some examples of Celtic symbolism in jewelry include:

  • Claddaugh: This is a symbol shown as two hands holding a heart with a crown on top & represents friendship, love, and loyalty. 
  • Celtic Knot: This is a more abstract-looking knot symbolizing interconnectedness
  • Trinity Knot: This symbol represents the holy trinity (father, son, holy spirit) as well as love and honor
  • Triskele: This can symbolize an acknowledgment of the past, present, and future

The Irish aren’t the only ones who enjoy symbolism. There are many other symbols found in jewelry. Here are some common well-wishing symbols you may want to consider for your friend: 

  • Arrows: Strength, courage, protection
  • Doves: Peace, divinity
  • Scarab: Renewal
  • Horseshoe: Luck
  • Dragon: Strength, prosperity, protection
  • Butterfly: Beauty, joy, longevity
  • Evil Eye: Protection

If you’re looking to send your friend the gift of energy and strength combined with clarity and intuition, consider one of our favorite symbolic pieces that we recommend for friendships: the LaCkore Couture Over The Moon Necklace. This alluring necklace showcases a beautiful gold chain that links a moon and lightning bolt together. 

If you’re looking for that special piece to cast protection over your friend or friendship, they just might love our elegant gold-dipped LaCkore Couture Dreamer Necklace, which features an evil eye with a moon and rays of light.

Additionally, our gorgeous Protection Necklace features a modest-looking, gold-dipped eye pendant adorned with a few evil eye charms, making it a perfect match for our other Evil Eye Necklace. If you buy one for your friend and they end up loving it as much as we do, you can get the other one for an additional gift later, so your friend can double up for some extra love and protection.

Take a peek at our LaCkore Couture Lucky Charms, which can also add custom flair to any piece of jewelry. A few unique charms we offer include:

  • Star
  • Wishbone
  • Lock
  • Evil Eye
  • Sun, Moon
  • Lightning bolt
  • Pop-can top

Friendship Bracelets

Are you looking for something a little more traditional and less symbolic? Consider a pair of friendship bracelets. Friendship bracelets are identical bracelets that are worn by each friend to honor the relationship. This long-standing tradition began in Central America and made its way into the United States about half a century ago.   

Friendship bracelets come in lots of different styles and materials. While one of the best known is the embroidered string, LaCkore Couture offers several sophisticated options for friendship braceletncept. 

2 women smiling on a beach in warm clothes

Our Signature Initial Charms include any sparkling letter of the alphabet that can be added to our LaCkore Couture Love Lock, Link Lock, or Safety Pin Charm Bracelets. These combinations can be used as a classy set of friendship bracelets and customized with the letters of your choosing. 

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Friendship necklaces are another great gift option alongside more traditional friendship bracelets, and there is a massive range of fun and unique styles for you to choose from! Whether you select matching necklaces that depict both of your names, customizable charm necklaces, or specialized pendants that can interlock when put together, friendship necklaces can be a great way to showcase the closeness of your relationship.

Alongside the specialized charm bracelets noted above, LaCkore Couture also offers a great selection of charm necklaces, like the Throwback Love Charm Necklace, the Star Charm Necklace, and the Crystal Lock Charm Necklace. Each option comes with the base necklace and your choice of a single free charm to get your friend’s new charm collection started.


If your friend prefers rings over necklaces or bracelets, that’s ok! That still offers an excellent opportunity for you to provide them with matching friendship jewelry that they’re sure to love and will help them feel closer to you. 

At LaCkore Couture, we’re currently offering a selection of gold Signature Stack Rings that you can pick and choose from as a mutual gift for yourself and your good friend. The best part? The stack rings are a gift you can keep giving for quite a while!

Start off with getting two of a single ring so you and your friend can match from day one, and then add each of the others one at a time until you and your friend have a complete matching set to show off exactly how close you are to one another. Add another ring during birthdays, holiday celebrations, or other special occasions, and you and your friend will be rocking quite the collection of gorgeous friendship jewelry in no time at all.

Final Thoughts

There’s a lot that goes into the decision to pick out the perfect jewelry for your friends, and it’s important for you to put a lot of time and dedication into your choice to ensure you’re giving them a gorgeous accessory that they're likely to love and cherish for years to come. Do it right with LaCkore Couture by your side to help guide you through that process so that you nail it when your friend opens her incredible gift!

The designers at LaCkore Couture would be honored to help you pick out the perfect handmade set of friendship bracelets; reach out today!