Gold Jewelry Trends for 2022: Yellow Gold is Back!

Considered a classic style, yellow gold has been a traditional metal for jewelry since the dawn of civilization. But yellow gold has ebbed and flowed in popularity with fashion trends. In 2022, yellow gold saw a resurgence because of its ability to enhance the clarity and sparkle of diamonds.

We’ll cover the latest yellow gold jewelry trends you’ll want to shop this next year to stay on trend and pick up some beautiful pieces that will be as timeless as the precious metal.

The Hottest Yellow Gold Jewelry Trends

This year's hottest gold jewelry trend that continues to be in style is mixing yellow gold with brilliant diamonds. The yellow gold complements and accents the diamonds for a perfect pairing that can’t go wrong. Here are the best yellow gold jewelry trends to follow this year:

Yellow Gold Earring Trends in 2022

Here are a few earring trends you have to try this year:

Bar Pendants

Bar pendant earrings have been in style for a while, but pairing vertical diamonds with yellow gold will draw all eyes to you. They have just the right sparkle to accent your look without overpowering it. Making bar pendant earrings a great every day jewelry piece.


Another hot trend is to wear mismatched yellow gold earrings. This modern, cohesive pair of earrings makes your lux look unique and a statement worth noticing. You can play with weights, style, and gems to create a look unique to you and your personality.

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Yellow Gold Necklace Trends

When it comes to necklaces, small yellow gold chains encrusted with your favorite pendants or diamonds ooze subtle elegance. Look for these trends:

Bezel Set Pendants

A trend that continues to grow this year is the bezel set diamond pendant on a yellow gold necklace. For a more modern twist, you should pair a uniquely shaped bezel set diamond to contrast the common round diamond pendants. The pendant will create enough interest without being too much of a statement, making it perfect for everyday wear.

Mixing Round Brilliants with Baguettes

Because emerald-cut diamonds can be very expensive, a new trend is to mix round brilliants with baguette diamonds to create an illusion of a large emerald cut. Plus, the round brilliants add asymmetry, which fits with the mismatch trend that’s modern and unique. Wearing a mixed diamond pendant on a yellow gold chain will create interest and appeal.

Yellow Gold Ring Trends

Yellow gold rings you’ll want to get this year are:

Inset Diamonds

Rings and bracelets with inset diamonds will be a big trend this year. The inset diamonds really shine next to the gold, and having the diamonds inset protects the diamonds from falling out. Inset diamond rings and bracelets are perfect for stacking with other rings or bracelets for a more modern look.

East-West Set Diamonds

East-west set diamonds refers to sideways set diamonds so that the diamonds run with the grain of the ring and have a fluidity to them that is pleasing to the eye. Set in a yellow-gold band will add to the diamond’s sparkle and elegance. 

Floating Diamond

Floating diamond refers to a ring style where a single shared prong connects two diamonds, giving the diamonds the appearance of floating in the setting. The floating diamond setting allows the diamonds to shine and show their shape. But this setting is also less secure, so this style isn’t for everyday wear.

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History of Yellow Gold

Yellow gold has been used in jewelry since 4000 BC. Worn by both men and women, yellow gold has always been a symbol of power and wealth because it is the purest form of gold. Since its discovery, yellow gold has continued to hold high value and prestige.

While other golds were introduced in the 19th century to make gold stronger such as white gold and platinum, yellow gold still held its value because it is the most malleable for setting jewelry. With the introduction of these other gold metals, yellow gold became a more vintage, classic style.

Is Yellow Gold Outdated?

No. Yellow gold is a classic metal that will never be out of style because of its purity and warmth. Being considered vintage or classic can make it less modern and may come in and out of trend for fashionistas. In the 1990s, yellow gold was less trendy than platinum or white gold.

But right now, yellow gold is definitely on trend. So embrace this warm and shiny metal, especially when you pair it with diamonds. This combination will influence jewelry design this next year. 

Is Yellow Gold Coming Back for Engagement Rings?

Yes. Considered a retro vintage style, yellow gold engagement rings are growing in popularity, and you’ll see this style offered by lots of jewelers. White gold and platinum will continue to be popular for engagement rings, but rose gold is declining in popularity.

Is Yellow Gold More Popular?

Jewelry metal choice really is a personal preference. Yellow gold is a classic metal, and it will always be in style regardless of trends. Currently, yellow gold is gaining popularity because its warm tones make diamonds brighter and more white. This means you can make a lower quality diamond appear more lux set in yellow gold.

Yellow Gold Jewelry Remains Timeless

Whether you’re following the trend or just want to purchase some classic jewelry pieces that will withstand time, you’ll want to add yellow-gold jewelry to your must-get list this year. Pair the metal with sparkling diamonds for an elegant everyday look or as a statement accessory.

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