How to Pack Jewelry For Travel

how to pack jewelry for travel

Do you ever get frustrated when you go on a trip, and you get to your destination, and your jewelry is in disarray when you get there? The most frustrating one is getting your necklaces detangled from your earrings or themselves.

Let’s face it. You’ve spent a long of money on fancy jewelry, so it's time to learn to take care of them as best as possible. In this post, we are going to look at not only various jewelry organizers you can buy, but we will also give you some tricks to do-it-yourself organization methods.

So let’s get started!

Different Jewelry Organizers To Buy

packing jewelry for traveling

There are several different jewelry organizers on the market. There isn’t one right or wrong way to organize your jewelry, but below are some other types of jewelry organizers and tips on packing jewelry for travel.

Jewelry Roll Organizer

Jewelry rolls are one of the more popular ways to organize necklaces when you are going on a vacation. These handy organizers have pockets and slots on the inside designed to hold necklaces of various sizes.

With a jewelry roll organizer, there are several snap closures and elastic holders for your necklaces. If the jewelry roll doesn’t have snaps to hold the necklaces in place, you may be disappointed. 

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Jewelry Box Organizer

The next organizer on our list is a box organizer. A box organizer is better suited for rings and earrings, although you can also put shorter necklaces here. There are several variations to choose from, so make sure you know what jewelry you are taking on your trip before purchasing one.

The box jewelry organizer fits nicely in the corner of your suitcase and will help keep all of your loose items in one place. These organizers are perfect for stud earrings that are super small and can be lost easily.

Necklace Roll Out Mats For Long Necklaces

If you have long necklaces you like to wear, you know how much of a struggle it can be to pack them. Some people find it easy to use individual jewelry sacks for their long necklaces.

Instead of this, try a rollout mat for long necklaces. Roll-out mats work wonders because they are longer in length, and it helps keep your necklaces from tangling. 

Do-It-Yourself Jewelry Organizers

how to pack jewelry for vacation

If you don’t feel like buying a jewelry organizer, you can easily make one at home. Below are some popular methods of do-it-yourself ways to organize your jewelry for travel.

Organize Jewelry in a Pill Case

We are all used to seeing the good old-fashioned pill case holding pills on an overnight trip. But have you ever thought about using a pill case to keep your small earrings, rings, and necklaces?

Pill cases work wonders for organizing jewelry. And their hard casing helps protect them from any scratching during the travel process. 

Use Straws to Pack Your Jewelry 

Straws are used to keep necklaces from tangling. All you need to do is feed them through the straw and then close the clasp, and voila! This small trick will save you from the headache of untangling them later. 

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Toilet Paper Rolls

Using empty toilet paper rolls is similar to using straws, except that they work better for heavier or thicker necklaces and bracelets. You wrap the jewelry around the toilet paper roll, and you’re all set. You can wrap the rolls in an extra towel if you want to protect them a little better. 

Use A Small Towel or Wash Cloth

You might be someone who travels with a small washcloth in their suitcase for emergencies. You can use this washcloth to protect and pack your jewelry. You simply lay your jewelry out on the towel, roll it up, then secure it at both ends with a hairband. 

Use Plastic Wrap For Necklaces

Plastic wrap is a fantastic method for keeping necklaces from tangling. Simply layout your jewelry on a sizable piece of saran wrap. Begin wrapping both ends towards the middle until they come together to form a seal.

You can use plastic wrap over and over again, so make sure not to throw it away once you get to your destination because you can use it again on the way back home.

Use An Index Card

Index cards aren’t just good for studying for an exam! Use an index card to poke holes in the paper with the earring post, then close with the earring back. You’ve just created a much larger, hard-to-get-lost set of earrings to pack in one of your suitcase pockets.

Zip Lock Baggies

Using zip lock baggies is a simple yet effective way to preserve your jewelry while in transit. You can pack each necklace individually to prevent them from getting entangled with other necklaces.

You can pack your rinks and bracelets in zip lock bags, as well as long necklaces. We wouldn’t recommend placing your small, post earring in the bag as they can easily rip a hole in the baggie and fall out.

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Tips For Keeping Jewelry In Good Shape Once You Get To Your Destination

Once you’ve arrived at your destination, you will want to keep your necklaces in good condition and keep them from getting damaged. One solution you can do is to hook each of your necklaces on the wiring of a spiral notebook or hang it from the hook on the back of the bathroom door.  


Tangled necklaces can be one of the most frustrating things about opening your suitcase after a long day of travel. It’s better to prevent them from tangling in the first place by using some of the tips mentioned in this post. 

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