A Guide to Anniversary Jewelry Etiquette

A silver anniversary ring with diamonds.

People generally expect to exchange heartfelt gifts to celebrate their anniversary, especially when it comes to significant anniversary milestones! Giving anniversary gifts is so important, in fact, that there are entire systems designed to help people select the perfect gift for every year of marriage that goes by! And while some people like to offer their loved ones a wide range of potential gifts made of specific materials, it’s no secret that people love receiving jewelry in particular. That said, did you know that there are various traditional rules regarding anniversary jewelry etiquette? 

In the following guide, our professional jewelry artisans from LaCkore Couture will cover the essential points to remember regarding anniversary jewelry etiquette that you should keep in mind going forward. Sticking to these critical details will help you select the perfect gift for your partner without accidentally leaving your special someone disappointed.

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Anniversary Rings: A Continuous Symbol of Love

You can present your significant other with any jewelry as an anniversary gift- especially if they have a specific preference for different jewelry types. However, anniversary rings arguably hold the most significance for many people, primarily since new rings are often used to mark truly significant relationship milestones. 

For example, it’s a relatively common tradition to offer your partner a new ring for every five years or decade you’ve been together- so for fifth, 10-year, 15-year, and 20-year anniversaries. However, it’s also common to offer a new ring for 25-year anniversaries even if you don’t follow the five-year gift pattern since a quarter-century of love is a pretty big deal! Another relatively common tradition is to give your spouse a new ring every year that you add a new member to your family.

That said, there isn’t truly a hard and fast rule for giving anniversary rings. Some people choose to provide one after only a single year of marriage. At the same time, other people wait until their 10th anniversary to celebrate their first decade of love while also renewing their vows. It just depends on what you and your partner feel comfortable with!

The Traditional Metals & Gemstones of Anniversary Rings

An anniversary ring with a large teardrop sapphire.

As noted above, there are many guides that detail the specific elements of anniversary gifts based on the number of years that a couple has been together. And when it comes to jewelry, there are some specific metal and gemstone traditions that people may want to keep in mind when selecting their gifts, especially if it’s a milestone anniversary ring. According to some of the most popular anniversary jewelry-giving guides;

  • First anniversaries typically involve gifts of gold jewelry to symbolize the preciousness of a couple’s first year together. 
  • Fifth-anniversary jewelry typically features sapphires, representing the truth and loyalty that forms a relationship’s foundation.
  • 10-year anniversaries are celebrated with diamonds to symbolize the strength involved in a decade of love.
  • 15th-anniversary gifts often feature rubies as a nod towards the steady yet still-burning passion between you and your special someone.
  • Emerald gemstones often represent 20-year anniversaries to symbolize your ever-growing love with your spouse.
  • 25-year anniversaries are also called the “silver jubilee,” so silver jewelry is often exchanged in celebration of the occasion. 

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Anniversary Ring Styles

There isn’t a significant set of traditions or rules for anniversary ring styles. While it’s not uncommon to go for an antique or vintage ring- especially if it’s a significant family heirloom- many people also choose a more modern option. Anniversary rings tend to come in a wide array of settings and styles. That said, there is one common trend that people should consider; most anniversary rings don’t feature a single center stone like engagement rings. This is often an intentional choice made by couples who want to avoid overshadowing the appearance of an engagement ring.

Instead, most people give their partner a pretty metallic band that features multiple stones arranged in unique patterns or designs. Another popular anniversary ring design is three-stone rings, which typically represent the past, present, and future of the couple and their life together. Eternity bands are another popular choice, and they symbolize the unbreakable bond of everlasting love and commitment.

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Wearing an Anniversary Ring

Two people holding hands with one wearing multiple rings.

There are multiple ways to wear an anniversary ring. Many people choose to pair it with their wedding band and engagement ring, while others may wear it instead of their engagement ring to demonstrate the evolution of their relationship. Some people also wear their anniversary ring on their other hand while keeping their wedding band and engagement ring together. This is especially popular if the wedding and engagement rings match well.

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Know Your Metals

While you can focus on those traditional anniversary stones, think about a unique present for your loved one. Gifts given for those milestone anniversaries have a deep symbolic meaning, and some of these metals are just as symbolic as those stones

Rose Gold 

When you think of "everything coming up roses," you can treat your partner to an anniversary gift of rose gold jewelry. Rose gold is the ideal combination of white gold, copper, and yellow gold. Along with that, the rosy hue is a beautiful embodiment of enduring love and everlasting devotion. What types of stones can you pair with rose gold metals? Rose gold has blush tones, which a stunning diamond's brilliance would greatly complement. This type of metal can make any type of jewelry an instant classic. 

Yellow Gold 

Over the centuries, any gift with yellow gold symbolized extravagance and wealth. When you give the gift of gold, you can show that your partner is worth more than this precious metal. Yellow gold can be paired with virtually any type of gemstone. It will make diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, and rubies stand out. Plus, gold is considered a valuable metal and the value will increase over the years. With the proper care, those anniversary jewelry pieces will last for decades. 


Platinum is a stunning metal and would be a great addition to any anniversary gift. This metal is associated with beauty, elegance, and purity - all of which can make a relationship stronger and better. This metal is the perfect choice if you have a partner who is not interested in following trends but still wants something timeless and classic. Platinum is just the metal option for them. Plus, platinum never goes out of style. You can use platinum for a low-profile band, which will get the piece clean lines and a shiny surface. 

Alternative Anniversary Gift Ideas

While rings are the primary gifts for an anniversary, you can think outside the box. Many spouses celebrate their love with other types of jewelry pieces. Necklaces are an excellent option, especially when celebrating significant milestone anniversaries. You can have a special stone added to any metal to create a unique and loving gift. Some people will even add an engraved locket with their anniversary date to commemorate the special event. 

Bracelets are perfect gifts for an anniversary. Once again, these gifts can be personalized and engraved with names, dates, or even a special quote. Plus, you can add any type of gemstone to the pieces to give them a special meaning. Consider placing your birthstones in the settings or adding the stones associated with your special anniversary. 

Don't forget about those watches. While a watch might not seem like a traditional anniversary gift, it can be a unique way to celebrate your wedding anniversary. Also, you can get the band in one of the metals mentioned above and set gemstones into them. You can even find a watchface and add it to a custom band. Both men and women can be gifted a luxury watch with an engraving on the back. With that, you can have pieces that are reminders of your enduring love and commitment. 

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Selecting the perfect anniversary gift for your special someone can be challenging. Still, our artisan jewelry experts at LaCkore Couture sincerely hope that the above guide will help make the process more straightforward. To learn even more about fascinating jewelry know-how, history, and care, please consider exploring our selection of other educational articles. Also, don’t forget to look through our shop and check out our wide selection of hand-crafted necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and more!

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