Discover the Best Black Owned Jewelry Brands

Hello, fellow jewelry lovers! We're all aware that exquisite jewelry can be a wise investment. What better approach to invest than by supporting Black-owned enterprises? 

Though Black History Month has come and gone, our commitment to the gifted individuals in the community stretches far beyond those four weeks.

We're thrilled to introduce you to ten unique Black-owned jewelry brands that create heirlooms designed to be cherished and handed down through the generations.

These trailblazing designers are transforming the fine jewelry industry with their distinctive styles and meticulous attention to detail.

Regardless of your taste, we're confident you'll discover a brand on this list that resonates with you.

So, go ahead and pour yourself a cup of tea (or perhaps a glass of wine—no judgments here), and let's explore the realm of Black-owned jewelry brands together.

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Fancy a journey around the globe via your jewelry collection? Almasika, a London-based brand established by Catherine Sarr, is your ticket to a world of inspiration drawn from international customs and universal symbols.

From sinuous pieces adorning celebrities like Lizzo and Alicia Keys to striking creations celebrating African heritage, Almasika's collections are artistic and deeply meaningful.

Fashioned with premium materials and purposeful design, Almasika's jewelry will surely be a conversation starter in any ensemble.

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Ben Oni

If minimalism is your mantra and you're searching for jewelry that flawlessly blends into your daily style, look no further than Ben Oni. Ashley Newman founded this brand, which offers understated pieces that can be combined and recombined to your heart's desire.

Ben Oni is dedicated to exceptional craftsmanship and materials, ensuring that each item endures the test of time. Ben Oni's jewelry is versatile and ageless, from simple studs to dainty necklaces.

Prepare to be smitten by their minimalist designs that create a powerful impression.

Omi Woods

Embodying sustainability and social consciousness, Omi Woods is a brand with a purpose. Ashley Alexis McFarlane established this label, offering heirloom items intended to be treasured and handed down through the generations.

The brand's dedication to fair wages and eco-friendly production methods is evident in every piece crafted from solid gold from small-scale artisanal mines.

From elegant necklaces to eye-catching rings, Omi Woods' creations are not only stunning but also make a positive impact on the world.

Made by Malyia

In the Natural Diamond Council's campaign, you may have spotted Made by Malyia's intricate designs on Ana de Armas. Still, the brand is equally famous for its versatile spiral earrings, perfect for daily wear.

Malyia McNaughton's creations are contemporary yet timeless, featuring standout collections such as matching spiral rings and a collaboration with the NDC.

Whether you prefer elegant studs or bold hoops, Made by Malyia has something for everyone.

White Space

Are you seeking jewelry that strikes a balance between classic and modern? White Space, established by Khadijah Fulton, offers a fresh take on traditional pieces.

Whether shopping for a dainty pendant or a daring statement ring, White Space has you covered. Their accessible yet unique designs are meant to be treasured for years, adding value to any collection.

From everyday wear to unique occasion pieces, White Space has it all.


Sleek lines, sharp design, and contemporary art define Mateo's minimalist jewelry. Mateo De La Harris, a Jamaican-born designer, founded this brand that offers approachable yet sophisticated pieces.

Mateo's collections are crafted from precious metals, diamonds, and other gemstones and cater to various styles perfect for any event. Mateo's jewelry is fashionable and chic, from delicate studs to striking statement pieces.

Discover the flawless fusion of simplicity and elegance this brand offers.

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Talley & Twine

Defying the conventional watch industry, Talley & Twine, founded by Randolph W. Barns, offers accessible yet competitive wearable designs for daily use.

But Talley & Twine is more than watches; it's about inspiring communities and honoring its origins. Named after a crossroads in the founder's Virginia hometown, Talley & Twine watches blend style and significance.

Get set to flaunt your wrist in style with Talley & Twine.

Ten Wilde

If you adore jewelry that evokes the essence of luxury collections while remaining everyday wearable, Ten Wilde is your perfect match. Established in 2016 by Tenisha Wilde, this brand features pieces that allow you to test current trends before committing fully.

The collection's consistent use of classic yellow gold caters to those who cherish a timeless look.

Worn by celebrities like Emily Ratajkowski and Bella Hadid, Ten Wilde's creations strike a balance between accessible and chic.

Harwell Godfrey

The eponymous brand of Lauren Harwell Godfrey focuses on exquisite pieces imbued with sentimental value. These creations are crafted from precious metals, vibrant enamel, and geometric engravings, drawing inspiration from the designer's assortment of vintage African textiles.

Highlighted Harwell Godfrey pieces include beaded stone necklaces with gold pendants, perfect for layering. With meticulous attention to detail and craftsmanship, Harwell Godfrey's jewelry is breathtaking and meaningful.

Infuse your jewelry collection with a touch of culture from Harwell Godfrey.

Bernard James

Brooklyn-based designer Bernard James creates contemporary heirlooms for future generations. Each piece is handcrafted locally in New York City, ensuring uniqueness.

James' designs exude luxury, making them everyday accessories and artistic treasures. 

Bernard James is about crafting beautiful, wearable jewelry from the nature-inspired 'Flora' collection to chain-link items that could become signature staples.

Don't miss this standout brand.

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There's No Shortage of Amazing Black Owned Jewelry Brands

With such a diverse selection of exceptional jewelry brands, you won't be short on choices. Opt for any Black-owned jewelry brands on this list if you seek gorgeous and meaningful pieces.

From eco-friendly and socially conscious Omi Woods to modern-yet-classic White Space, each brand showcases a distinct flair that sets you apart.

Whether you prefer minimalist Ben Oni designs or artistic Almasika creations, these Black-owned brands are revolutionizing the jewelry industry and warrant your consideration.

So, indulge yourself with a piece (or more) from one of these remarkable designers. Then, wear it proudly, knowing you're supporting talented artisans making a difference in the world.

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