7 Easy and Fun DIY Ideas for Earring Storage

Earrings are one of the most popular accessories that people wear. However, when you have many of them, it can take effort to keep track of them and organize them. 

Are you tired of constantly looking for or losing earrings?

We put together this guide of 7 easy and fun DIY ideas for earring storage that will help you keep them organized in one place so you can find them easily. 

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Our 7 DIY Earring Storage Picks

Here are our favorite 7 DIY earring storage picks. 

1. Cheese Grater Earring Holder

Cheese Grater Earring Holder is an easy and creative way to store and display your earrings. You can create a functional and visually pleasing earring holder by repurposing an old cheese grater. 

To make it, you will need an old cheese grater, spray paint (optional), and a hot glue gun. First, clean the cheese grater thoroughly, then give it a fresh coat of spray paint if desired. 

After it dries, use a hot glue gun to attach the cheese grater to a wooden block or a stand of your choice. Once the glue dries, you can start hanging your earrings on the grater. 

It's a great way to store and organize your studs and small hooks for dangly earrings. You can display it on your dresser or vanity, and it's also easy to access your earrings.

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2. Picture Frame Earring Holder

Creating a DIY framed earring holder is a simple and attractive way to organize your earrings. The materials you'll need to make this holder are an inexpensive frame, metal mesh or chicken wire, and some basic tools like scissors and glue.

You can start by attaching the metal mesh or chicken wire inside the frame. Then you can use it to hang your dangly earrings. To make it even more beautiful, you can add a picture behind the mesh as a background. For example, if you use a floral design as the backdrop for your frame, it will give it a more elegant look.

Alternatively, you can use lace instead of mesh for a different take on this project. It's a great way to show off your earrings and keep them in one place. 

3. DIY Stud Earring Box

A DIY Stud Earring Box is a great way to organize and store your stud earrings. You can make it using simple materials such as a small cardboard box, glue, and decorative paper or fabric. It's a simple, easy-to-make project that keeps your stud earrings organized and easy to find. 

To make it, you must start by measuring and cutting the decorative paper or fabric to fit the box. Then, glue to attach the paper or fabric to the box, covering all sides. Once the glue dries, you can use the box to store your stud earrings. 

You can add a foam pad or a small piece of felt to the bottom of the box to hold the earrings in place. 

The DIY Stud Earring Box will be a functional and stylish addition to your jewelry collection.

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4. Ribbon Earring Holder

A Ribbon Earring Holder is a simple and easy way to organize and store your earrings. All you need is a thick ribbon, a sewing needle, and thread. The thickness of the ribbon is crucial because it will hold the weight of your earrings and prevent it from ripping when you push them through. 

You can choose a ribbon in a color that matches your room decor or a fun pattern that adds a pop of color to your living space. 

To make it, you need to tie one end of the ribbon into a loop and sew it onto a ring. You can then hang it on your wall or inside a closet. This way, your studs will be visible and easy to access. 

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5. Fridge or Oven Rack Earring Organizer

An old Fridge Shelf or Oven Rack Earring Organizer is a great way to repurpose old kitchen appliance parts and turn them into functional and stylish earring holders.

You can hang the shelf or rack inside a closet door or on the wall. This way, your earrings will be visible and easy to access. You can also paint it your preferred color to match your room decor.

Using a Fridge Shelf or Oven Rack for your earring holder will save you space and keep your earrings organized and easy to find. In addition, the open wire design of the rack makes it perfect for hanging earrings and other jewelry items, providing a clear view of your collection.

You can also add small hooks or nails to the shelf or rack to make it more versatile and useful. 

6. Cork Earring Organizer

A Cork Earring Organizer is a creative and unique way to organize your earrings using repurposed wine corks. It is a simple and easy DIY project you can complete with just a few materials.

You can glue the corks into a frame, creating a beautiful and functional wall hanging. You can also thread them together on a string for a hanging holder to place on a wall or inside a closet.

Corks are ideal for holding studs, and small hooks for dangly earrings. It's a great way to store and display your earrings in a fun and exciting way. In addition, you can add other jewelry, like necklaces or bracelets, by poking additional hooks into the cork.

You can also paint the cork in different colors or add decoupage paper to match your room decor. 

7. Repurposed Pen Cup or Mesh Trash Can

Repurposing a metal mesh pen cup or trash basket into an earring holder is an easy and practical DIY solution for organizing your earrings. The little holes in the mesh provide the perfect place for storing your stud earrings.

Use a small metal mesh pen cup for your studs and other small jewelry, and place it on your dresser or vanity. You can use a mesh trash basket if you have a more extensive collection. It can be hung on a wall or placed on a lazy susan for easy access and better display.

You can also add your touch of style by spray painting or adding decoupage paper in your favorite color or pattern.

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Get Creative With DIY Earring Storage

If you have a lot of earrings, you know how difficult it can be to keep them organized and have easy access to them. 

You can do many DIY projects by repurposing everyday household items to make fun and functional earring storage.

You can use the seven DIY ideas we've put above or find other creative ones you like and create something uniquely yours!

Not only will you have created your work of art, but you'll also be able to keep your earrings in one place, so you won't have to search for them when you want to find that perfect pair that matches your outfit. 

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