15 Gorgeous Emerald Earrings To Check Out

The word “emerald” simply means “green” in ancient Greek. The first emerald mines were probably excavated in 330 B.C.E.

Emeralds have long been the symbol of choice in legends and myths. The birthstone of May is emerald. Emeralds have been used as a creative shortcut to symbolize financial wealth, enduring love, and renewal.

Emeralds are also woefully underrated when it comes to fashionable gemstones.

No one is questioning the culture and fashion prominence of diamonds. But many people don’t appreciate how much a precisely hued emerald brings out the vibrant contrast in other jewelry and fashion.

We present the ten most gorgeous emerald earrings on the market for you to checkout. We have listed organic emeralds instead of carbon-vaccinated or lab-grown precious gems.

And after you peruse this list, we will explain why you should consider buying handcrafted jewelry made according to your specifications and design from LaCkore Couture.

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1. Emerald Earrings With Miniature Diamond Halos

These elegant Emerald Leverback Earrings were crafted from organically created and conflict-free gemstones and diamonds. 

The casing is made from genuine 14K white gold. White gold is an alloy precious metal comprised of 75% gold and other metals like rhodium, zinc, or nickel.

These emerald earrings are aesthetically arranged in an eye-popping style. Each earring features an oval-shaped emerald gem surrounded by a halo of miniature diamonds.

The earrings come with a free DGLA certification document. You also get a money-back or replacement guarantee for 30-days. 

And you get a 180-day warranty as a courtesy.

You can buy these organically created emerald earrings with miniature diamond halos for $750 at Amazon.

2. Zambian Emerald Earrings Set in 14K Yellow Gold Studs

These Zambian emerald earrings feature a striking and deceptively unfinished-looking natural rustic look that will grab attention.

These mesmerizingly beautiful organic Zambian emerald earrings are in an oval-cut shape and set in a 14K yellow gold prong stud. And they are placed in an open crown stud and attached via a butterfly-style clasp. 

You can see sunlight shining through this dark-green-hued natural gem when you hold it up and look at it.

The Zambian emeralds used in these earrings are of AAA gem quality. These high-quality luxury emerald earrings come with a one-year jewelry warranty.

You can buy these Zambian emerald earrings for $254 at Amazon.

3. Harp-Shaped Emerald Earrings With Miniature Diamond Accents Set in 10K White Gold

These earrings are harp-shaped and feature six emeralds and four miniature diamonds in a 10K white gold prong setting.

The emerald stones are set in these harp-shaped earrings sea-green-hued and strikingly eye-catching.

The harp shape of these earrings is appropriate since the 10K white gold setting, emeralds, and miniature diamonds harmoniously unite to create an aesthetically stunning and vibrant style.

All of the organic emeralds and diamonds used in these earrings are conflict-free, ethically sourced, and certified by the Certified Responsible Jewelry Council.

These harp-shaped emerald earrings with miniature diamond accents set in 10K white gold cost about $143 at Amazon.

4. Emerald Huggies Earrings Set in 14K White Gold

These emerald lever-back earrings feature seven organic and certified conflict-free emerald gemstones set in 14K white gold.

All seven emerald gemstones are arranged vertically in an aesthetic hoop style. They look strikingly extravagant and elegant looking on the ear and when matched evening wear and matching fashion.

These emerald earrings come with a DGLA certificate of authenticity.

The emerald Huggies earrings set in 14K white gold cost $417 at Amazon.

5. Circular Emerald Earrings Set 14K White Gold

These circular emerald earrings are traditionally set in a push-back prong casing made of 14K white gold.

The style aesthetics of these emerald earrings look deceptively simplistic. However, they were strategically designed to show that sometimes less is a whole lot more when it comes to luxury design.

Each candy-green-hued circular emerald is set in an ultra-thin pronged push-back butterfly clasp casing made of 14K white gold. And each candy-green-hued emerald is conflict-free and ethically sourced.

These emerald earrings come with a certificate of authenticity and replacement or a money-back guarantee of 30 days. And these emerald earrings come with a complimentary 180-day warranty.

These circular emerald earrings set in 14K white gold cost $397 on Amazon.

Emerald gems of various sizes spread out on a table.

6. Emerald Earrings Set in a 14K White Gold Infinity Knot

The infinity knot symbol is an ancient symbol that represents eternity. And the symbol was also co-opted to represent the endurance of love between fated loves.

Even if you don’t believe in fated love, one look at these emerald earrings might make you change your mind. These emerald gemstones are dramatically, beatifically, and centrally set in a 14K white gold casing molded to look like a rope knotted infinity symbol.

The artisanal craftwork of these handmade earrings is sure to turn heads.

These emeralds are organically natural and sourced ethically and conflict-free methods. They also come with a 30-day replacement or money-back guarantee. Additionally, you also get a certificate of authenticity.

You can get these emerald earrings set in a 14K white gold infinity knot at Amazon for $643.

7. Two-Tone Oval Shaped Zambian Emerald Earrings Set in 14K Yellow Gold

These oval-shaped, two-tone hue Zambian emerald earrings are simplistically but strikingly set in a butterfly clasp push-back and pronged stud casing made of 14K yellow gold.

The center of the Zambian emerald is a pale-colored emerald tint enveloped by a darker but light seaweed-green emerald-green halo. And the double hue color effect of this emerald is stunningly attention-grabbing.

The Zambian emeralds used in these earrings are conflict-free, organic, and were sourced ethically.

These two-tone oval-shaped Zambian emerald earrings set in 14K Yellow Gold will set you back $300 on Amazon.

8. Contrasting Emerald and Diamond Huggies Earrings Set in 14K White Gold

These earrings feature three emeralds and two diamonds lined in contrast vertically on a 14K white gold hoop casing and prong setting. The vertical contrast of emeralds and diamonds on the front of the hoops is aesthetically luxurious and invites attentive glances

All six emeralds and four diamonds set in both earrings are organic, conflict-free, and ethically sourced.

These emerald earrings come with a certificate of authenticity, a 30-day replacement or refund guarantee, and a complimentary 180-day jewelry warranty.

You can get these emerald and diamond Huggies earrings set in 14k white gold at Amazon for $1,069.

9. Princess Cut Emerald Stud Earrings Set in 14K Solid Gold

The “Princess Cut” is a method of strategically cutting a diamond in a square shape while also retaining its luminous and light-refracting brilliance. Legend has it that a South African diamond cutter coined the name in honor of his wife in the early 1970s. But the princess cut technique existed long before that.

Each earring features four princess-cut emeralds arranged in a larger square formation. And the princess cut emeralds are encased in a 14K solid gold stud casing.

All of the emeralds are conflict-free, organic, and were ethically sourced, and come with a certificate of authenticity. These emerald earrings also come with a 30-day replacement or refund guarantee and a 180-day jewelry warranty.

You can get the Princess Cut emerald stud earrings set in 14K solid gold for $500 on Amazon.

10. Marquise Cut Oval Emerald Earrings With Diamond Accents set in 10K Yellow Gold

The Marquise Cut is a way of cutting precious gems to make them aesthetically appear elliptically oval-shaped; Marquise cuts precious gems that are more expensive and grab more attention when seen.

This aesthetically brilliant emerald gemstone features that Marquise cut that makes it resemble the shape of a sunflower seed. Each Marquise cut emerald is accented with four smaller diamonds.

And all of the stones are set in a 10K yellow gold casing. You can buy these earrings for $322 at Amazon.



Your energy will vibrate onto a new level with these naturally designed raw emerald earrings. These gorgeous raw emeralds are held in hypoallergenic sterling silver that perfectly accentuates their unique feel. 

Since no two raw gems are the same, every pair of earrings is unique. This is the perfect piece of jewelry for someone who wants to make a statement and enjoys individualized earrings.

These gems are made with deep healing vibrations to help you feel confident and cozy with your new earrings. They’re a steal too! You can get these earrings for only $72 at Amazon.

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These gorgeous earrings contain 18 100% conflict-free emeralds. These earrings are push back and set on real, solid 14k white gold. 

The earrings are presented in the shape of the trinity knot, which is an ancient Celtic symbol representing the three life cycles of a woman’s life in relation to the phases of the moon.

All jewelry made by this company is DGLA certified, and you’ll receive a certification with your purchase. These gorgeous and unique earrings crafted in a timeless symbol will match perfectly with any outfit and will make you stand out at any event.

You can find these beautiful earrings for $446 at Amazon.


These gorgeous earrings are set in 18k gold and backed by sterling silver. These earrings feature square cushion-cut and teardrop-shaped emeralds. This unique design is sure to turn heads and is perfect for any event.

Each set of earrings has a polished finish and has a 1-inch hanging length, along with a ½-inch width. You can’t go wrong with these stylish yet affordable emerald earrings, and they’re guaranteed to be a perfect fit for any occasion.

You can find a pair of these stunning Ross-Simons Emerald Drop Earrings at Amazon for $112.


These conflict-free gems are situated in a prong style. These elegant earrings are push back and set in real, solid 14k white gold. You’re guaranteed high-quality and gorgeous craftsmanship with these earrings.

Made with 8 total gemstones, each earring features two emeralds and two diamonds in a beautiful pairing. These earrings are DGLA certified, and you’ll receive a free certificate with your purchase.

You can find these gorgeous, custom-made earrings for $931 at Amazon.


These elegant earrings feature round-cut genuine natural green emeralds set in 14K yellow gold. The friction-back secure closure is guaranteed to keep these earrings secure all day and all night.

You can proudly show off these made-in-the-USA earrings at any occasion or event. These gemstones are conflict-free, and you’ll be sent a certification with your purchase. 

Shop with confidence when you purchase these earrings because they come with a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 90-day repair warranty.

These gorgeous studs are available for $300 on Amazon.

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