Lab-Grown Diamonds vs. Natural: What is Best?

Diamonds will always shine bright and beautiful. They will never lose their value and are of the earth's most precious stones. In terms of jewelry and attire, they will most definitely never go out of style and will be forever fashionable. But what is the best option for sourcing diamonds in 2022? What is affordable and most sustainable? Are lab-grown diamonds a better option than naturally mined diamonds?

Let's dig deep!

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Naturally Mined Diamonds vs. Lab Grown

It is hard not to fall in love with a flawless sparkling natural diamond when you see one, but lab-grown diamonds are still diamonds! In fact, they are just as natural as the ones mined from the earth. Identical in almost every way, except one is manufactured by synthesized pressure and developed in a lab. They actually have the same physical, optical, and chemical properties as mined diamonds. 

The minor differences between natural and lab-grown diamonds cannot be seen with the human eye. Mined natural diamonds have tiny amounts of nitrogen, while lab-grown gems have none of this element at all. This slight difference is one of the primary signifiers gemologists use to identify if a diamond is natural or not. 

Natural diamonds are created by the pressure of the earth's crust over millions of years. Then they are mined, cut, and polished. A lab-grown diamond is placed through the same circumstances, only in a lab setting. Then on to the same treatment for cut and polish.

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So let's dig even deeper.

Why is Mining Free a better option?

Lab-grown diamonds, also known as cultured diamonds, are a responsible choice given that no mining is required to procure these precious gems. Diamond mining has been found to have a massive detrimental environmental impact. Furthermore, being responsible for occurrences like deforestation, soil erosion, ecosystem interference, and even social injustices. 

So it is best when shopping for the perfect diamond or piece of fine diamond jewelry that you make sure you consider lab-grown diamonds as an alternative. These mining-free diamonds are just as stunning, way more sustainable, and might even save a ton of money at checkout. 

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Why Lab-Grown Diamonds Make The Cut?


The sustainability of a product, even that of a natural diamond, is so important. It comes down to environmental quality. To promote cleaner air, save natural resources, and create a non-destructive environment. It is the idea of making a product or buying ones that use less energy, water, and space to produce it. 

The bottom line in diamond sustainability lab-grown diamonds is the only diamonds to be conflict-free and protects against social injustices like child labor. Mining conditions of these stones can be hazardous, and sometimes workers are given a meager wage for work. 

Approximately 250 tons of earth must be moved and sifted to mine a natural diamond. This massive process involves heavy machinery and the burning of fossil fuels to accomplish. The energy required to mine these stones is immense, whereas the energy to make these identical diamonds in the lab would be vastly less. Especially considering what these mining gaps do to the surrounding areas and communities. Giant mining holes are usually left abandoned and then become hazard areas. 

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No words can begin to describe the beauty of a diamond. Lab-created diamonds are just as real and just as dazzling as diamonds that are mined. Lab-grown diamonds have shape, size, color, and clarity, just like natural diamonds. Both natural and lab-grown diamonds have the same physical and chemical properties, and both come with certifications.

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Lab-grown stones have the same quality as natural diamonds and are exactly the same hardness level and durability. The difference in the quality of the gem cannot be detected with the naked eye compared to a manufactured diamond. Both have similar characteristics of the 4 C's of diamond grading–Cut, Color, Carat, and Clarity


Price is a massive factor in jewelry shopping. Cultured diamonds are up to 50% less than natural diamonds, which means you can purchase a significantly larger diamond for an equal price. Or save money and still receive a quality product you are happy with. The radiant sparkle and illuminating gleam of the diamond do not depend on whether or not the gem is of a natural origin. Having an ethically sourced diamond, in a different way, adds value to the piece. 

Furthermore, the actual value of engineered diamonds has dropped over the last few years. That doesn't necessarily mean there isn't a resale value for your diamond. It just means the resale value will not match that of natural diamonds. However, you will get all the scintillation for half the price without guilt. 

Downsides of Buying a Lab-Grown Diamond

It comes down to what you want in a diamond, what you want to spend, and where you want them sourced from? Mined diamonds are unique and incredibly special, but manufactured diamonds are excellent too. So there isn't any pressure in deciding which one is best for you or your loved one. 

However, there is a possible downside to buying a lab-grown diamond. A naturally sourced diamond involves a rarity factor. Generally speaking, a natural diamond will hold its value better than a lab-grown diamond because there is a finite supply. The laws of supply and demand maintain that the value goes up as demand grows, especially with limited supply. Lab-grown diamonds can be produced easily, and in less time, so they may not retain their value over time. Furthermore, this usually means the resale prices could continue to depreciate as the market is flooded with manufactured stones.

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Shop Ethically

Lab-grown diamonds are becoming increasingly popular as an ethical and sustainable alternative to naturally sourced diamonds. At LaCkore Couture, we only offer lab-grown diamonds that have been certified by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). Our stones are ethically produced in a controlled environment without harming people or the environment. We believe everyone deserves a beautiful diamond, regardless of their budget, so we offer our lab-grown diamonds at a fraction of the cost of natural diamonds. 

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