Learn How to Clean Your Diamond Ring at Home

Diamond rings are a luxurious and beautiful accessory that requires special care and attention in order to keep it looking its best. Fortunately, it just takes a little bit of time and a few common household items that you probably already have at home to keep your diamond ring clean.

Let’s talk about how to clean your diamond ring at home to keep it looking its best.

Why Does My Diamond Ring Get Dirty?

Unfortunately, even the most treasured diamond rings can get dirty over time and start to lose their shine. There are a lot of reasons why your diamond rings can get dirty, but here are the most common ones.

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The most common reason why a diamond ring gets dirty is that it is worn every day. For many people, diamond rings are worn as a symbol of love and commitment and are rarely removed. However, wearing any ring every day and rarely removing it can cause a build-up of gunk that forms from accumulated sweat, oil, soap, dirt, and other residues.

Another common reason why your diamond ring can get dirty is through the everyday use of certain household products. Keeping your diamond ring on while you are performing everyday activities, such as cleaning, can cause your ring to become dirty due to staining caused by chemicals in dish soap, laundry detergent, and bleach that can stain and dull your diamond.

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Even jewelry cleaners can be responsible for the loss of brilliance in your diamond. Many of these jewelry cleaners have harsh chemicals that can slowly erode away at the diamond and damage the metal settings of the ring. Before you use a store-bought jewelry cleaner, make sure that you take the time to read the label to make sure it is safe for your diamond ring.

Chemicals like chlorine, bleach, and ammonia can damage the metal of the diamond ring. If you know you are going to be exposed to any of these for a prolonged period of time, like if you are going to go swim in a pool or if you are going to be using bleach to clean laundry, consider taking your diamond ring off if you have a safe place to store it.

Your ring can also get dirty while you are washing your hands. Many people keep their rings on while they wash their hands, and this leads to soap residue accumulating on the ring and on the diamond itself, which attracts dust and other debris to stick to the ring. Applying lotions or perfume can leave a residue on the ring even if you remove it before applying them.

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a gold diamond ring on a hand



How to Clean a Diamond Ring at Home

If you’ve got a diamond ring that has been losing its luster, here is what you can do to clean that dirty ring up safely and quickly at home.

Inspect Your Ring Before You Begin

Before you start cleaning your diamond ring, it is very important that you closely inspect it. Inspecting your ring, especially the setting and the diamond, can prevent you from making an expensive mistake. 

Check the diamond itself for any cracks or chips in the stone so that you do not cause any further damage. This kind of damage can occur from the use of jewelry cleaners that use harsh chemicals as cleaning agents. Take this time to identify any areas that need special attention while cleaning and to take note of any fragile settings that could be damaged while cleaning.

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Mix Together Warm Water and Dish Detergent

Grab a shallow bowl and mix water that is warm but close to hot with unscented dish detergent that does not have bleach or ammonia. Do not overdo it with the dish detergent, you only need a few drops, and adding too much could damage the diamond or the ring. Mix this solution up until you develop a light lather on the surface of the water.

Let it Soak

Carefully place your ring into the bowl of water and gently mix the warm, soapy solution up. This will make sure that any easily removed dust and residue is washed away but we will need to allow the ring to soak for about thirty minutes to let the solution loosen up the stubborn grime.


a soft-bristled toothbrush


Use a Soft-Bristle Toothbrush

Using a soft-bristled toothbrush, like a children’s toothbrush, gently brush the diamond with the warm, soapy solution. Using circular motions to brush the ring, make sure that you spend extra time cleaning the diamond and the settings.

Rinse and Dry

After you’ve gotten your diamond ring all cleaned up, carefully rinse it in a bowl of clean, warm water. Avoid washing it under a running faucet since the ring can easily fall into the drain and it may be lost.

Using a clean and dry linen cloth, carefully dry the ring off. Do not use a paper towel or tissue paper since it can scratch the surface of the ring or disintegrate and gunk right back up into those hard-to-clean areas.

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Final Thoughts

The next time you notice your ring starts to dull and look a little dirty, use our method so you can safely clean your diamond rings from the comfort of your own home. Make sure to keep a regular cleaning routine for your diamond rings to keep them as brilliant as the day you got them.