Keep Your Diamond Earrings Sparkling with Our 5-Step Cleaning Process

If you have a piece of diamond jewelry that you wear every day, you may notice that it might have lost a bit of its luster over the years. Diamond earrings are sophisticated and elegant pieces of jewelry that give a touch of class to any outfit. However, keeping them as sparking as they were the day that you got them will take a little bit of work.

Fortunately, with the right tools and cleaning methods, cleaning your diamond earrings is a snap. Let’s talk about diamond earrings and how to keep them clean!

What Makes My Diamond Earrings Dirty?

Diamond earrings are a special piece of jewelry that can add sparkle to a wearer’s face or even signify a special occasion. However, as with all things that are valuable and delicate, it is important to take care of them so that we can keep their brilliance and look new. If we don’t take care of diamond earrings, they will develop dirt and grime over time and lose that shine that diamonds are renowned for.

The main and most obvious sources of dirt and grime that can accumulate on your diamond earrings are oil and sweat from your skin. The sweat and oil from your skin contain dirt, bacteria, and other debris that can gunk up on your formerly pristine diamond earrings. This can cause your cherished diamonds to start to appear dull and lackluster. 

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The sweat can also ooze and seep into the settings around the diamonds, leaving a residue that will take away from your diamond’s shine. This residue also attracts airborne dirt and dust, which can quickly make your diamonds look dirty.

Another reason why diamond earrings can get dirty is improper storage. If the diamonds are not stored properly, they can accumulate dust and dirt, especially if they are left to sit for a long period of time. This can cause the diamond earrings to become dull and discolored.

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a pair of gold and diamond earrings

How to Clean Your Diamond Earrings in 5 Easy Steps

Now that you know what gets your diamond earrings dirty, it's time to learn how to clean them. Here is how to clean your precious diamond earrings in five easy steps!

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Put the Diamond Earrings into a Bowl of Warm Water

Carefully placing your diamond earrings into a shallow bowl of warm water is the first step to cleaning them. Do not place the bowl of water on an uneven surface or close to a ledge where it can fall and cause you to lose your earrings. Make sure you find a flat, smooth surface that is stable so that you don’t risk any spills.

The warm water will start to loosen any oil, dirt, sweat, debris, or other residues that may have gathered and gunked up on the earring. Giving it a good soak will also help to loosen up any soap residue that may have been left over from the last cleaning, which attracts dirt and oil from sweat


woman pumping soap onto her hand


Add some Gentle Soap

Now that the warm water has loosened the grime and dirt that was stuck on your diamonds, adding some gentle soap will help remove any oil or residues from the surface of your gem. Make sure that you only use soaps that do not have any fragrance, dyes, or abrasive chemicals so you do not risk permanently damaging or discoloring your diamonds.

When you add the soap, make sure you only use a few drops since adding too much can cause a soap residue to form on the surface of the diamond, making it look clouding and lose its brilliance. After you add the soap, carefully stir up the water to create a light lather.

Mix and Wait

After you mix up the soap and create a light lather, carefully stir the earrings around in the soap and warm water solution. Take care not to agitate the water too much since the earrings can easily fly out and end up lost. 

You should start noticing dirt start to come off the surface of the earring and float on top of the water. Leave the diamond earrings to soak inside the solution for around thirty minutes, stirring the solution up every ten minutes or so.

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Rinse and Dry

Rinse your diamond earrings using a bowl of clean, warm water. Do not hold them with your hands and try to rinse them off with a faucet because you can lose them down the sink drain! After they have been rinsed clean, use a clean cloth to pat them dry but do not rub the towel into the gem as this could transfer any lingering dirt or scents from the towel into the diamond. 

Toothbrush Detailing

Use a soft toothbrush, like a children’s toothbrush, to give the diamond a quick once-over and brush away any leftover dirt or lingering residue. Make sure you are gentle so you do not dislodge the gems in the setting.

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Final Thoughts

Diamond earrings are jewelry that can become family heirlooms if they are well taken care of. Make sure you clean your diamond earrings regularly to keep them shining brilliantly. 

The next time you notice a bit of dirt or grime or just notice your diamond earrings are not shining like they used to, give our five-step method a try!