How to Clean Diamond Bracelet: Step-By-Step

A diamond bracelet is known for its sparkle. This is one of the reasons why it’s one of those classically elegant pieces most people love. But dirt and grime can cause your bracelet to lose its sparkle over time. How do you keep this from happening?

We’ll walk you through the steps to clean your diamond bracelet and let you in on some tips and tricks that will keep your bracelet sparkling.

How to Clean a Diamond Bracelet

Luckily, cleaning a diamond bracelet is pretty straightforward and similar to how you would clean other gemstone jewelry pieces. With some simple household goods, you can clean your diamonds. This method is particularly helpful because you can do it relatively frequently and easily to keep your bracelet in top shape.

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What You Need

Before you start, gather the following items:

  • Warm water
  • Fragrance-free liquid soap
  • A small, shallow bowl
  • A mesh colander
  • A clean microfiber cloth
  • A jewelry cleaning brush or a new soft toothbrush

Steps to Clean Your Bracelet

  1. Fill the bowl with clean, lukewarm water. You should have enough water to cover the bracelet completely. Then add a few drops of the liquid soap and stir until you create bubbles.
  2. Put the bracelet in the soap water. Move it around a bit with your finger. This will help remove some of the residue that has built up. 
  3. Let the bracelet soak in the mixture for 10 to 15 minutes. This will help loosen more stubborn residue and stains.
  4. Take the bracelet out and hold it above the bowl. Wipe the diamonds with the toothbrush. Make sure to be alert for any loose diamonds. While the brush won’t damage your jewelry, it could knock out already loose diamonds.
  5. Rinse the bracelet under running water to remove the soap and grime. Either do this over the mesh colander or plug your sink before starting.
  6. Pat your bracelet dry with the microfiber cloth. Make sure to be very careful and don’t rub the bracelet. This could get the cloth stuck on the prongs.
  7. Pour the soap solution out through the colander. This will allow you to catch any diamonds that may have popped out. Make sure to catch them and get them re-set by a professional jeweler.

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Other Ways to Clean a Diamond Tennis Bracelet

While this is an easy and affordable method to clean your diamond bracelet at home, there are other ways to clean it. 

Ultrasonic Cleaning

Ultrasonic cleaners use high-frequency sound waves to clean jewelry. This technique is usually used for fine jewelry like diamonds. The technology allows you to get deep into those unreachable parts of your bracelet that can be difficult when manually scrubbing it.

Diamonds are one of the hardest minerals on earth, so they can stand up to ultrasonic waves. However, certain types of diamonds are more prone to severe damage if an ultrasonic cleaner is used. Don’t use ultrasonic cleaners on treated diamonds or if your stones have inclusions. If you’re unsure, talk to a professional and get their advice.


A person’s hand holding bubbles


Steam Cleaning

The durability of diamonds also allows them to withstand pressure and heat from a steam cleaner. This method doesn’t use any harsh chemicals or solutions, making it a safe way to clean your jewelry. Instead, it uses high-pressure steam to remove dirt and grime quickly. In the end, your piece will be very clean and sparkly.

If your bracelet or stones are not very sturdy or your diamonds are artificially treated, avoid steam cleaning. As before, get advice from a professional if you are unsure.

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Tips and Tricks to Know

Diamond bracelets require attentive care to keep them safe. This means you need to pay attention to how you wear, store, and clean these pieces. Here are some tips to make it easier to protect your beloved jewelry.

Cleaning Tips

Keeping your jewelry clean and in good shape starts with how you treat it on a daily basis. By taking simple steps to keep it safe, your jewelry will stay beautiful.

When washing your jewelry, avoid using soap with fragrance. The perfume can tarnish jewelry, so it’s best to avoid it. 

When you dry your bracelet, always use a soft, lint-free cloth. Never use paper towels, tissues, or similar materials. While these may feel soft, they can scratch the metal of your bracelet.

Wearing Your Bracelet

Similarly, avoid contact with lotions, perfumes, or other scented products. In particular, heavy moisturizers can create a build-up of grime. If you need to apply lotions, perfumes, or cosmetics, do so before you put on your bracelet. Then let the products dry before putting on any jewelry.

Any number of chemical products and other substances can damage jewelry. These can wear down the metal and can lead to tarnish and grime. Make sure to remove your jewelry before showering or cleaning your home.

We know the term tennis bracelet stems from the story of a player that wore her bracelet to the U.S. Open. But it’s not worth it for you to do this. Even your sweat can degrade your jewelry, causing it to build up grime and even break down the metal. Take your bracelet off before you work out or do any other physical activity.

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Storage and More

Storage is also important when it comes to your bracelet. Make sure to store it separately from other pieces, preferably in a velvet pouch or box. You want to avoid scratching it.

If you happen to spot a loose diamond or setting, take your bracelet to a jeweler immediately. The stone could pop out, and you could lose it. A professional will be able to re-set it. Similar to a ring, it’s best to have it professionally inspected periodically as well. A jeweler can spot loose prongs and prevent a problem before it pops up.



An unclasped diamond bracelet on a white background


Keep Your Diamond Bracelet Clean

A simple cleaning with soap and a toothbrush can make your diamond bracelet shine like new. By doing this every so often and following our other tips and tricks, your bracelet will be shining for decades to come.

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