Diamond Certification: Everything You Should Know

If you have been shopping for diamond jewelry in the past, you may have heard of diamond certifications. Diamond certification is an important process that ensures that the diamond you are purchasing is the quality the jeweler says it is and ensures its authenticity.

If you do not have any experience with diamond certifications, there’s no need to worry! We’ve got your back at LaCkore Couture and we’ll get you up to speed. Let’s talk about diamond certifications, what they are, why they are important and more!

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What is a Diamond Certification?

Diamond certifications, often referred to as diamond grading reports, are official documents that attest to and verify the authenticity and quality of the diamond. These documents are issued out by independent and accredited gemological laboratories, such as the Gemological Institute of America, after they conduct a thorough examination and assessment of the diamond in question.

These certifications include a unique identification number that can be used to identify and track the diamond and also provides information on important characteristics of a diamond. This includes the 4Cs, which are color, carat weight, cut, and clarity, which are the criteria by which the value of a diamond is determined.

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In order for a diamond to be certified, the laboratory will test and assign a grade to each of the characteristics of the 4Cs. These diamonds will then be given an overall grade which is based on the average of the 4Cs grades. The higher the grade of the diamond, the higher the quality and, therefore, the value of the diamond.

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There are different grading systems that are used by laboratories as opposed to the one that the jewelry may use, so it is important that you familiarize yourself with the grading system of the laboratory that you received the diamond certification from. 

Getting a diamond graded and certified by a laboratory will certainly help an individual know the relative value of the precious stone but it is important not to forget that these are objective evaluations of the diamond’s properties and not a guarantee about a certain level of quality.

If you are making a large purchase of a diamond, it may be beneficial for you to have another third-party laboratory make an evaluation of the gem before purchasing, if possible.

Why Are Diamond Certifications Important?

There are many reasons why potential buyers will want a diamond that is certified. Here are the biggest reasons why a diamond certification is important.

It Provides Peace of Mind

Getting a diamond certified by an accredited and respected organization such as the Gemological Institute of America is incredibly important for both sellers and buyers. For buyers, it lets them know that they are getting an authentic diamond with the 4Cs characteristics that you are paying for.

A diamond certification gives you assurance from a professional that this diamond is what the seller says it is. A certification also assigns the diamond a number that is often inscribed at a microscopic level directly on the diamond. That will ensure that you are getting the diamond that you purchased back whenever you need to send a jewelry piece with diamonds to be repaired or reset.

It Levels the Playing Field

The chances are many individuals that are purchasing diamonds are going to be less knowledgeable than those that sell them. A diamond certification from a third-party gem laboratory can bridge the gap in diamond experience between the two parties to help facilitate the sale or purchase of a diamond. 

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This also levels the playing field so that both parties can be assured that they are abiding by the implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing, otherwise known as good faith. This can mean a huge difference for those that are looking to sell or purchase a high-value diamond.

It Proves the Authenticity of the Diamond

Diamond certifications are also important to prove that the diamond is an authentic diamond. Since these third-party laboratories are able to give unbiased opinions about the diamond quality without the added pressure of wanting to make a sale, so you will get the true characteristics of the diamond.

They also have much more advanced equipment that most jewelers and appraisers will not have access to. As a result, the vast majority of jewelers and appraisers will not be able to tell the difference between a lab-made diamond as opposed to a natural diamond. This can be extremely important since there is a significant difference between the value of a lab-made diamond and a naturally formed diamond.

The guidelines that these gem laboratories use can vary as well, so make sure you find a reputable diamond lab that will give you a credible diamond certification.

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Final Thoughts

Whether you are a seller of diamonds or are looking to buy one, getting your diamonds certified is an important part of the process. This ensures that both seller and buyer are on the same page and conducting business in good faith. 

If you are looking to purchase a diamond, make sure you ask for the diamond certification from a reputable third-party gem laboratory to ensure you are getting what you pay for!